Top 6 Best Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode
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Top 6 Best Champions in League of Legends Arena Mode

Arena Mode has returned in Season 14 of League of Legends, introducing several exciting updates that have revitalized this fast-paced game mode. These enhancements ensure games are quicker, allowing players to dive in and out with great ease.

In Arena Mode, while you have the freedom to choose any champion, some stand out for their power and ability to dominate the field, making victories easier to secure. In this 1v9 guide, we'll highlight the top six champions that are exceptionally effective in Arena Mode. Selecting one of these champions and pairing them with another synergistic pick can significantly boost your chances of clinching that coveted first-place finish.

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#1: Galio

Leading off our list is Galio, who stands as the top champion in Arena Mode currently, boasting the highest win rate. Recent updates have significantly bolstered his overall strength. In Arena Mode, crowd control (CC) is a prevalent strategy, and Galio's kit is perfectly equipped to handle it, making him a formidable opponent.

Galio's ultimate ability, while impactful on Summoner’s Rift, truly shines in Arena Mode. Its large area-of-effect (AOE) and knockup capabilities can consistently be utilized to great effect, especially when coordinating with a teammate. This added disruption proves invaluable in skirmishes.

Moreover, Galio is an excellent counter to magic-heavy compositions, thanks to his magic resistance shield that significantly enhances his survivability. This makes him not only a nuisance but also a resilient force in the fast-paced clashes typical of Arena Mode.

#2: Brand

Next on our list is Brand, a champion known for his exceptional poke and area-of-effect (AOE) damage capabilities. Particularly in Arena Mode, where team coordination and proximity play pivotal roles, Brand's skills can be devastating. His ultimate is especially powerful as it bounces between enemies who are often clustered together, maximizing its disruptive and damaging potential.

Brand excels as a poke champion, which is invaluable in a game mode where immediate full-on team fights are less common. Utilizing his W (Pillar of Flame) and E (Conflagration), Brand can whittle down opponents' health from a distance. When enemies group up, his passive ensures that the damage continues to spread, amplifying the hurt with each bounce.

However, Brand does have vulnerabilities—his lack of mobility and inherent squishiness can be liabilities against teams loaded with crowd control. Successful Brand players will need to master positioning to avoid being an easy target at the beginning of each encounter. This careful spacing is crucial to surviving and thriving in the intense skirmishes of Arena Mode.

#3: Veigar

Veigar earns the third spot on our list due to his impressive performance in Arena Mode for Season 14. His strong itemization options and formidable dueling capabilities make him a standout. Particularly in this game mode, Veigar's ability to execute enemies who fall below a certain health threshold adds a lethal edge to his gameplay.

A key advantage of playing Veigar is his scaling potential. With each round, Veigar can accumulate a significant amount of additional AP through his Q (Baleful Strike), enhancing his damage output as the game progresses. Surviving the initial rounds is crucial; once achieved, Veigar becomes a powerhouse in later stages, capable of dealing devastating blows.

Despite his strengths, Veigar shares similar vulnerabilities with Brand: he is squishy and lacks mobility. However, he does possess protective measures within his kit and through strategic item choices. To maximize effectiveness and ensure longevity in matches, careful positioning is essential. Staying at a safe distance from threats and leveraging his scaling potential can greatly increase Veigar's impact and your chances of securing victories in Arena Mode.

#4: Vladimir

Vladimir is another formidable contender in Arena Mode, notable not just for his high damage output with the right build and augmentations, but also for his superior sustainability. Unlike Veigar, Vladimir doesn’t rely on crowd control; instead, he excels in enduring and dominating prolonged engagements.

His ability to last longer in fights is a significant advantage. Vladimir's kit allows him to heal from damage dealt, making him a persistent threat on the battlefield. This sustainability is crucial in Arena Mode, where survival can hinge on staying power just as much as on burst damage.

Optimizing Vladimir’s build to enhance both his damage and healing capabilities can make him exceptionally difficult to take down, turning him into a central figure in any team’s strategy to control and command the Arena.

#5: Lillia

Rounding out our top picks for Arena Mode is Lillia, a champion whose prowess in prolonged skirmishes makes her a standout. Her abilities, specifically her Q (Blooming Blows) and W (Watch Out! Eep!), synergize effectively with her ultimate, creating a formidable combination in the arena, especially when paired with another strong duelist.

Lillia excels in handling multiple opponents simultaneously. She can use her ultimate to incapacitate one enemy, allowing her and an ally to concentrate their attacks on the other. This tactical flexibility gives her team a significant edge in controlling the flow of battle.

Furthermore, Lillia benefits greatly from certain new augments that boost her AP or grant her additional stacking capabilities. As matches extend, her damage output escalates, making her increasingly lethal. This scaling threat means that the longer Lillia is in play, the more challenging she becomes for enemies to counter, solidifying her role as a critical asset in Arena Mode.

#6: Trundle

Concluding our list is Trundle, a formidable duelist and a relentless force in skirmishes. His presence in Arena Mode is so impactful that he often finds himself either picked or banned in matches. Trundle's versatility allows him to excel against virtually any champion type he encounters in the arena.

Currently, tanks dominate the gameplay, but Trundle is uniquely equipped to handle them. Despite being vulnerable to crowd control, Trundle's ultimate ability, Subjugate, allows him to sap the defensive stats of tanky foes, making him exceptionally durable and difficult to take down. Since these tanky opponents typically deal less damage, Trundle can effectively whittle them down with his persistent auto-attacks.

Moreover, Trundle's damage output is impressive, and he boasts considerable tankiness. His Q, Chomp, enhances his next auto-attack, making him a formidable opponent in sustained fights. Coupled with his E, Pillar of Ice, which disrupts enemy positioning, and his W, Frozen Domain, which increases his movement and attack speed, Trundle can relentlessly chase down and overpower enemies, securing his place as a top-tier champion in Arena Mode.


Playing the strongest champions in Arena Mode can not only boost your performance but also enhance your enjoyment of the game. Consistently losing isn't much fun, so why not leverage the current meta by choosing one of these top-tier champions in your upcoming matches? If none of these powerhouse picks appeal to you, that's perfectly fine too—after all, the essence of Arena Mode is to have fun and experiment with different strategies (at least until the competitive ladder becomes available later this year). Dive in, enjoy the gameplay, and maybe discover a new favorite champion along the way!

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