Top 6 Best Agents To Play On Split In Valorant


Top 6 Best Agents To Play On Split In Valorant

Split, a fan-favorite map in VALORANT, has made a triumphant return to the active queue in Episode Six, complete with enhancements that refine gameplay while preserving its classic layout. Known for its close quarters, multilevel structures, and a strategically crucial mid corridor, Split demands a nuanced approach to both attack and defense.

Recent modifications have primarily aimed to balance gameplay, removing certain defender-favored positions like the notorious A Rafters and the B Tower garbage can spot, thereby enhancing the attackers’ experience. With these changes, some agents have become more effective than others in navigating and controlling the unique aspects of Split.

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#1: Raze

Raze stands out as an exceptional choice among Duelists for playing on Split, particularly after the map’s recent updates. Despite the alterations, Split still features numerous corners and cubbies where enemies can lurk, making Raze’s kit incredibly effective for clearing these areas. Her Boom Bot excels at scouting ahead and forcing enemies out of hiding, while her Paint Shells can flush opponents from entrenched positions during site executes and retakes.

Moreover, for players adept at utilizing Raze’s mobility, Split offers a unique environment to capitalize on. Her Blast Pack allows skilled users to perform high-flying maneuvers, enabling them to surprise opponents from above and create dynamic plays. Raze’s explosive and versatile abilities make her not just a viable but a formidable pick for mastering Split’s complex layout.

#2: Sage

Sage’s strategic utility makes her an indispensable agent on Split, particularly given the map’s emphasis on controlling the mid area. Her Barrier Orb plays a crucial role in both offensive and defensive strategies. On defense, placing her Barrier in mid can effectively thwart or delay fast-paced aggressive plays, crucial for preventing attackers from seizing control. Conversely, when attacking, Sage’s Barrier serves as a reliable tool for safely entering B site, while also providing excellent post-plant protection on both sites.

Moreover, recent enhancements to Sage’s healing capabilities make her even more valuable, especially in supporting aggressive entry players like Raze or Jett. Her ability to quickly restore health to these front-line agents ensures that your team can maintain momentum and pressure without losing key players. Overall, Sage’s combination of area denial, entry support, and enhanced healing makes her a vital pick for teams looking to dominate on Split.

#3: Jett

Jett remains a top choice for Split, leveraging her agility and tactical smokes to excel in the map’s confined spaces. Her Tailwind dash is ideally suited for Split’s narrow corridors, allowing her to swiftly reposition or escape engagements, which is especially useful during fast-paced site executes. Jett’s Cloudburst smokes can quickly obscure sight lines, providing critical cover as her team advances or retreats.

Much like Raze’s utility with Blast Packs, Jett’s quick-entry capability makes her an asset for drawing attention and disrupting enemy lines during site takes. Additionally, her Updraft ability enables her to access Split’s various elevated positions, offering unique vantage points that can surprise opponents and give her team a strategic advantage. Jett’s blend of speed, vertical mobility, and vision control makes her exceptionally effective on Split, enhancing both offensive pushes and defensive holds.

#4: Omen

Omen stands out as the premier Controller for Split, thanks to his uniquely effective smokes and versatile mobility. His Dark Cover smokes are perfectly sized to obstruct crucial sightlines, making them indispensable for cutting off key angles during offensive pushes or deterring rapid advances when defending. This ability to dynamically control visibility is particularly beneficial on a compact map like Split, where controlling sightlines can drastically influence the round’s outcome.

Moreover, Omen’s ultimate, From the Shadows, gains added strategic value on Split. The map’s compact nature allows him to deploy his ultimate more effectively as a post-plant lurker, potentially repositioning to unexpected locations that can surprise the enemy and secure round wins. Additionally, his Shrouded Step teleport is incredibly useful for accessing Split’s various elevated positions, offering Omen and his team tactical advantages by exploiting high ground not easily reachable by other agents.

Overall, Omen’s combination of spatial control, repositioning abilities, and strategic smoke deployment makes him an optimal choice for navigating and controlling the unique challenges presented by Split.

#5: Killjoy

Killjoy’s role as a Sentinel on Split has been enhanced significantly due to recent buffs to her abilities, which include an increase in the health of her deployables and allied immunity to her Nanoswarm and Lockdown effects. These updates make her an even more formidable agent on Split, where the map’s structure plays to her strengths.

The myriad of hiding spots on Split provides perfect opportunities for strategic Turret placements, allowing Killjoy to maintain surveillance and control over key areas with minimal exposure. Her Nanoswarm grenades excel in controlling the map’s narrow site entries, effectively deterring enemy pushes or clearing out defenders during a take. Furthermore, given Split’s relatively compact site layouts, her Lockdown ability can be exceptionally effective in completely clearing sites during retakes or securing areas during post-plant scenarios.

With Killjoy set up on either site, she can efficiently anchor the main entry points while simultaneously monitoring alternate paths, significantly enhancing her team’s defensive setup. Her ability to fortify positions and disrupt enemy strategies makes her an essential pick for teams looking to leverage strong defensive plays on Split.

#6: Skye

Among the various Initiators suited for Split, Skye distinctly shines due to her comprehensive utility that superbly complements the map’s characteristics. While agents like Fade, KAY/O, and Breach bring potent abilities to the table, Skye’s kit offers unique advantages that edge them out, particularly on a map as complex as Split.

Skye’s ultimate, Seekers, is particularly invaluable on Split, a map riddled with numerous nooks and crannies. This ability sends out seekers that track down and nearsight opponents, providing crucial intelligence by revealing hidden enemies and informing your team’s strategic decisions. This information-gathering capability is vital for navigating Split’s dense layout and can pivot the course of rounds by preempting enemy setups or ambushes.

Additionally, Skye’s ability to heal teammates with her Regrowth is another significant asset, enhancing her team’s staying power during extended engagements and ensuring key players are battle-ready. This makes Skye not just a scout and initiator but also a sustainer, a rare combination that can fortify a team’s composition on both offense and defense. Her blend of healing and recon abilities makes her particularly effective on Split, where control over tight spaces and maintaining team health are crucial for success.

Choosing the right agent for Split in Valorant is crucial for leveraging the unique aspects of the map’s layout. Whether you prefer the explosive entry capabilities of Raze, the strategic control of Omen, or the comprehensive support of Skye, each agent on this list brings specific advantages that can enhance your team’s performance. From controlling narrow chokepoints to exploiting elevated positions and gathering essential intel, these agents are tailored to capitalize on Split’s intricate environment. Mastering these agents and their abilities will not only help you dominate on Split but also increase your overall strategic depth and flexibility in Valorant’s competitive scene.

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