Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Seraphine in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Seraphine in League of Legends

Seraphine, often dubbed "Sona 2.0" due to her musical and ability similarities, brings a unique and powerful presence to the bot lane in League of Legends. Known for her ability to spam spells and provide significant lane harass, Seraphine can be a formidable force when paired with the right ADC. Her early game poke and utility make her an asset in pushing lane advantages and controlling the pace of the laning phase.

Her passive allows for spell echo, enabling double casts that can decisively impact skirmishes—be it through her burst-enhancing Q, her W which provides shields and healing, or her E which can slow and then root if the target is already movement-impaired. This makes her particularly synergistic with ADCs who can capitalize on her crowd control and area-of-effect capabilities.

In this blog, we'll explore the top five ADC champions whose abilities and playstyles are perfectly augmented by Seraphine's supportive prowess, ensuring a harmonious and dominating duo in the bot lane. Whether you're aiming to enhance your game strategy or climb the ranks, pairing these ADCs with Seraphine could be your ticket to success.

#1: Ashe

Ashe's ability to impair movement with her frost shots perfectly complements Seraphine's enchanting kit. When Ashe slows an enemy with her arrows, Seraphine can effortlessly follow up with her double-cast E, ensuring a root and maximizing their crowd control effectiveness.

This duo excels in the early game with their long-range abilities, allowing them to poke and harass their opponents from a safe distance. Upon reaching level 6, their synergy blooms with the potential to chain their ultimate abilities. Ashe can initiate with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun a target from afar, while Seraphine can follow up with her Encore, extending the CC and setting up a devastating combo.

Their ultimates not only have incredible range but also the flexibility to initiate or follow up engagements. Together, Ashe and Seraphine form a duo capable of whittling down enemies' health before securing kills with a well-timed all-in assault, making them a formidable pair in the bot lane.

#2: Draven

Draven and Seraphine create a formidable lane with their aggressive playstyles, making them ideal for securing early kills. Draven's dominating early-game presence, powered by his Q and W, pairs seamlessly with Seraphine’s ability to wear down opponents with her relentless spellcasting.

This pairing excels when they synchronize their E abilities. Draven’s Stand Aside slows opponents, setting up Seraphine for a surefire root with her double-cast E, trapping enemies in place. Once immobilized, Draven can capitalize on this with his formidable axes, swiftly taking down his target.

The duo's synergy peaks during their ultimate abilities; Seraphine’s Encore can charm and align enemies perfectly for Draven's Whirling Death. This devastating combination can slice through the entire enemy team, making this duo not just a threat in lane but also in team fights, where their coordinated assault can swiftly turn the tides of battle.

#3: Jhin

When paired with Seraphine, Jhin transforms into a formidable force on the battlefield. Seraphine's double-cast E guarantees a root, perfectly setting up Jhin's deadly W, Deadly Flourish, ensuring a seamless combo that can severely cripple opponents.

Together, they excel in the laning phase through coordinated poke attacks. Seraphine’s Q whittles down health bars, allowing Jhin to capitalize with his Dancing Grenade and follow-up shots. This relentless harassment can pressure opponents out of lane or set them up for a fatal blow.

As the game progresses, Jhin’s scaling allows him to finish off targets from a distance, particularly after he acquires his core damage items. Seraphine enhances this lethality with her crowd control suite. Her ultimate, Encore, followed by a layered E and amplified Q, can immobilize enemies long enough for Jhin to land his critical fourth shot. This duo excels not just in punishing missteps but also in dictating the pace and control of team fights, making them a terror in both laning and late-game scenarios.

#4: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune's powerful early game poke makes her an excellent match for Seraphine's supportive capabilities. With her ability to select the Comet rune, Miss Fortune can leverage her Make it Rain (E) to slow opponents, making it nearly impossible for them to evade the incoming comet strike. This same slow ensures that Seraphine’s Beat Drop (E) effectively roots targets, setting the stage for aggressive early game plays.

Miss Fortune thrives on snowballing from early kills, and her high damage output is complemented by Seraphine’s ability to set up and secure these opportunities. However, Miss Fortune lacks strong 1v1 capabilities, relying heavily on Seraphine’s presence to create kill opportunities and provide safety.

The ultimate synergy between Seraphine and Miss Fortune can turn team fights decisively. Picture a late-game scenario where Seraphine lands her Encore (R) on the entire enemy team, followed by a root from Beat Drop. With no escape, the enemy team is perfectly positioned for Miss Fortune to unleash her Bullet Time (R), potentially securing a game-changing pentakill. This duo’s combined abilities not only dominate lane phases but also excel in orchestrating high-impact team fight scenarios.

#5: Sivir

Sivir, renowned for her exceptional poking abilities, becomes a formidable force when paired with Seraphine. While Sivir's Boomerang Blade (Q) may be slow and somewhat predictable, its impact is devastating when she opts for a Lethality and Dark Harvest build. A single strike can significantly reduce an opponent’s health.

Together with Seraphine, this duo becomes a powerhouse of poke and burst potential. When Seraphine successfully lands a double-cast of her Beat Drop (E), it sets up a perfect scenario for Sivir to unleash her Boomerang Blade. This potent combination can strip away up to 70% of an enemy’s health in the early game, making them formidable right from the start.

The synergy escalates once Seraphine acquires her ultimate, Encore. With both champions combining their extensive range and disruptive abilities, they can control the lane and dictate engagements, making them a nightmare for opposing laners. This duo excels not just in whittling down opponents from afar but also in securing kills with their well-timed ability synchronization.


When pairing Seraphine with the right ADC, her potential to influence the bot lane and overall game increases significantly. Champions like Ashe, Draven, Jhin, Miss Fortune, and Sivir not only complement her ability to control and sustain in lane but also elevate her effectiveness in team fights. Each ADC brings unique strengths that synergize with Seraphine's supportive capabilities, whether it's through enhanced poke, amplified crowd control, or superior team fight execution. Choosing the right ADC to pair with Seraphine can turn an already potent support into a pivotal game-changer, ensuring both lane dominance and late-game impact.

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