Top 6 Must-Have Best League of Legends apps
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Top 6 Must-Have Best League of Legends apps

League of Legends boasts a massive global player base, with millions striving to enhance their skills and climb the ranked ladders. While the core game offers a wealth of information, the use of third-party companion apps has become increasingly popular among gamers looking to gain an extra edge.
In this article, we'll delve into the top 6 League of Legends companion apps that provide invaluable insights and tools to unlock your full gaming potential. From comprehensive performance analytics to real-time in-game guidance, these apps are designed to empower players on their journey to becoming better at League.

1.Meeko.AI - Best LoL App

Personal LoL AI

Meeko stands out as the ultimate LoL application, providing personalized AI assistance that helps you elevate your LoL gameplay.

If you’ve wanted to find answers to every LoL-related inquiry in one place, Meeko is perfect for you. Simply ask any League of Legends question and you’re going to receive personalized answers and insight into the vast knowledge this AI helper possesses.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the power of this AI as it provides you with an endless array of useful info such as matchup tips, counter-pick suggestions, optimal builds and much more!

On top of that, Meeko requires no download or setup as you can invite it to your Discord server as a functional Discord bot or you can message it with questions directly.

Personal match analysis

Consistent improvement is the key to success in ranked League of Legends, which is why it’s crucial to find ways to improve with every new game.

Meeko does a great job of helping you on this path of improvement by providing you with an in-depth analysis of your matches. By looking through your match history, Meeko is capable of giving you advice tailored to your in-game stats and gameplay.

By taking into account important factors such as KDA, damage output, and CS, Meeko can provide you with personalized tips and advice that will help you climb the ranks more effectively.

VOD library

One of the best methods of improving in League of Legends is by watching Challenger replays and learning from the best in the business.

One of Meeko’s many strengths is the ability to forward you links to high elo VODs for a specific champion of your choice. Furthermore, you can also request a VOD for a specific matchup, which is particularly useful if you find yourself frequently struggling against a certain laner. stands as an essential tool for those earnestly dedicated to climbing the ranks in League of Legends. This app offers real-time game analysis and invaluable tips to elevate your gameplay. With, you can scrutinize your opponents' playstyles, delve into detailed statistics reflecting your own performance, and receive tailored suggestions for item builds and skill orders based on your chosen champion.
A standout feature of is its automatic game data import functionality, eliminating the need for manual input of your results. This app streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on improving your skills. Additionally, boasts an extensive library of guides and videos, serving as a valuable resource to enhance your overall gaming proficiency. emerges as another indispensable tool, offering real-time analysis to enhance your League of Legends gaming experience. This app furnishes valuable insights into your opponents' champions, divulging their win rates and distinctive playstyles. Additionally, it provides strategic suggestions on champion picks and effective ways to counter your adversaries.
What sets LoLwiz apart is its live, in-game stat feature. This innovative app overlays crucial information directly onto your screen, presenting key metrics such as the gold differential between teams, the count of dragons and barons secured, and more. This real-time data empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly, enabling a more responsive and strategic approach to the dynamic changes within the game.


Facecheck, a desktop application tailored for League of Legends enthusiasts, introduces a suite of valuable features to elevate your gaming experience. This app stands out by offering real-time champion and item recommendations, accompanied by in-game overlays that furnish essential details about your adversaries.
A standout attribute of Facecheck lies in its capacity to suggest bans tailored to your region and the prevailing meta. Additionally, the app provides comprehensive insights into each champion, highlighting their strengths, vulnerabilities, and distinct playstyles. Facecheck is not just an application; it's a strategic companion empowering players with nuanced information to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the game.

5. Mobalytics

Mobalytics positions itself as the ultimate all-in-one competitive assistant. Delivering pre and post-match analyses, intelligent item build recommendations, adjustment tips, breakdowns of performance trends, jungle tracking, vision ward statistics, and more, Mobalytics aims to be the go-to tool for enhancing skills, expanding knowledge, and elevating the overall gaming experience.


Porofessor empowers you with critical insights for champion selection advantages, offering draft recommendations and counter picks. Seamlessly integrated into the client, it swiftly loads optimized runes, spells, and item builds, eliminating any hassle. Porofessor transforms the loading screen into a strategic planning opportunity, maximizing your preparation time for a victorious outcome.


In conclusion, these are must have League of Legends apps that every gamer should integrate into their ecosystem. Each application presents distinctive features crafted to elevate your gameplay and keep you in tune with the latest trends in the League of Legends landscape. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated competitor, these apps stand ready to assist you in reaching your objectives and unlock your full gaming potential in your league of legends rankeds.

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