When Will Valorant Mobile be Released?


When Will Valorant Mobile be Released?

Valorant Mobile has captured the imagination of fans around the world, building considerable excitement as they await any news on the release of this mobile version of the beloved game. The lack of detailed leaks has only fueled further speculation among players, eager to know when they can start playing Valorant on their mobile devices.

As the gaming community looks forward to this release, there is speculation that Valorant Mobile might undergo an open beta or a soft launch sometime between November and February, potentially leading to a global release soon after. Additionally, a separate version tailored exclusively for the Chinese market is expected.

Join us as we explore everything that's currently known about what promises to be one of the most eagerly anticipated mobile game launches of 2024.

Latest Leaks from LeakerBot

A recent leak from the reputable source, LeakerBot, has revealed that internal testing for Valorant Mobile has commenced in North America. This testing phase involved selected content creators who participated in private sessions, providing insights into the ongoing development of the mobile iteration. To keep abreast of the latest updates and developments, you can follow LeakerBot’s on Twitter.

Valorant Mobile Release Information

According to the latest leak from Leaker Bot, there's growing speculation that Valorant Mobile might be released sooner than anticipated. This optimism stems from positive reports about the game's polish and optimization. The gaming community is buzzing with anticipation, eagerly wondering when they will be able to enjoy Valorant on their mobile devices.

Beta Testing and Soft Launch Insights

Leaker Bot provides additional details about the beta testing and soft launch phases for Valorant Mobile. It's speculated that the open beta or soft launch might occur between November and February, setting the stage for a global release soon after. Furthermore, there are reports of a distinct version of the game being developed for the Chinese market, likely managed by Tencent, which is anticipated to have an exclusive launch in China.

Optimization and Compatibility Concerns

Reports suggest that Riot is pleased with how Valorant Mobile is shaping up, particularly in terms of optimization for high-end devices. Despite this, there are growing concerns regarding how well the game will perform on lower-end devices, as there has yet to be any footage or concrete information demonstrating its compatibility with less powerful smartphones.

First Glimpse of Official Gameplay

The gaming community has been given its first look at Valorant Mobile through new handcam footage, revealing gameplay that is both smooth and responsive. This preview highlights a gaming experience similar to the PC version but with a user interface adapted for mobile devices. Additionally, the introduction of a gyroscope feature promises to improve player interaction, particularly with turning and flicking movements.

Why Influencers aren’t talking about the game?

The lack of public discussion about Valorant Mobile by influencers can be attributed to the strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that participants of the internal tests are required to sign. These NDAs legally bind content creators, preventing them from sharing any specifics about their experiences during the testing phase.

This enforced silence has left the community on tenterhooks, deprived of detailed insights into the game's development and features. This secrecy creates an added layer of intrigue and anticipation, as fans are keen to uncover what has been so closely guarded about the mobile version of Valorant.

As the excitement builds, the gaming community remains vigilant for any leaks or official updates that could provide more information or confirm the release date. The anticipation only intensifies as players continue to speculate and look forward to the day they can play Valorant on their mobile devices.


The development and impending release of Valorant Mobile are shrouded in secrecy, fueled by stringent NDAs and a lack of public discourse from insiders. This has not only maintained a veil of mystery around the game but also heightened anticipation among the gaming community. Fans eagerly await more concrete details and the opportunity to experience Valorant on their mobile devices, with glimpses of gameplay and speculative launch dates suggesting a promising adaptation of the popular PC game. As we edge closer to potential beta tests and an official release, the excitement continues to build, promising a significant expansion of the Valorant universe into the mobile gaming sphere.

Posted On: April 28th, 2024

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