League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know About Eternals
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League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know About Eternals

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Eternals in League of Legends: Eternals present an innovative method to track and showcase your achievements and expertise across various champions, enriching your gameplay experience with detailed stats and personal achievements. This guide is crafted to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Eternals, whether you aim to deepen your champion mastery or are just exploring this feature. Dive into the intricacies of Eternals with us, and discover how to elevate your League of Legends experience. Plus, for those aiming to climb the ranks, 1v9 offers premier boosting services to assist you in reaching your desired tier, and don't forget to use code "1v9er" for a 20% discount on all our services.

What are Eternals in League of Legends?

Eternals in League of Legends serve as specialized stat-trackers for each champion, meticulously recording gameplay achievements such as the number of kills, objective captures, or the use of particular abilities. These trackers are tailored to display a player's prowess and depth of experience with their preferred champions, adding a personalized touch to their League of Legends journey.

Eternals are grouped into categories based on the specific aspects of gameplay they emphasize, with each champion assigned three unique missions from these main Eternal categories. Here's a brief overview of each category to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • The Warden: Mastering crowd control and dictating the pace of the battle.
  • The Protector: Ensuring longevity for yourself and your allies through effective defense.
  • The Empress: Showcasing exceptional skill during critical moments of combat.
  • The Guide: Leading the way to victory, either by charting the course or supporting allies.
  • The Warrior: Dominating opponents with relentless aggression on the battlefield.
  • The Trickster: Employing cunning strategies and causing disruption through calculated mayhem.

By engaging with Eternals, players have the opportunity to celebrate their unique achievements and contributions in every match, further enriching the League of Legends experience.

How to Get Eternals?

To obtain Eternals for your favorite League of Legends champions, you'll need to visit the in-game shop. Once there, head to the 'Champions' section and look for the 'Eternals' tab. This area features diverse Eternal sets tailored to each champion, available for purchase either with Riot Points or occasionally as rewards from specific events.

Where Can I See My Eternals?

Eternals for each champion are easily accessible and visible on the dedicated champion page within your profile. Additionally, your Eternals achievements are showcased during the loading screen of a match and highlighted in the post-game lobby. This visibility allows you to flaunt your accomplishments and mastery of champions to both your allies and adversaries.

How Can I Upgrade Eternals?

To elevate your Eternals, concentrate on hitting the distinct milestones and achievements associated with each one. Every Eternal is tailored with unique objectives tailored to your champion's gameplay. By meeting these specific conditions, you will advance the level of your Eternals, augmenting their appearance and prominently highlighting your evolving expertise.

How Can I Upgrade Mastery Emote?

The Mastery Emote evolves as you accomplish specific milestones within your Eternals collection. Upon reaching fifteen distinct milestones spread across any Eternals in a set, your Mastery Emote receives an enhancement. This process underscores your proficiency and achievements with the champion, making the emote more visually captivating.

What are Legacy Eternals?

Legacy Eternals are a special category of Eternals that have been archived and no longer track progress due to reasons such as champion reworks. Although progress is frozen and the displayed numbers remain static, they remain in the game to allow players to showcase their historical proficiency with a champion. This feature serves as a badge of honor, indicating that a player was an adept master of a champion before any significant changes were made to its kit.

Can I Turn Eternals Off?

Certainly, it's possible for players to disable the visibility of Eternals within the game. Through the game settings, individuals can choose how Eternals milestones are shown, with options including displaying them to everyone, just yourself, or only to your team. Additionally, there's an option to turn off these notifications entirely. However, it's important to note that Eternals will still be visible on the death recap screen of opponents and on the reverse side of the loading screen's champion card, even when these settings are adjusted for less visibility.


In the vibrant universe of League of Legends, every match is a new adventure, each strategy a challenge, and every victory a milestone. Eternals stand as the testament to your endeavors, marking the progress and prowess you exhibit on the fields of justice. Embrace these accomplishments, aspire for greater heights in SoloQ, and let Eternals document your epic journey. Remember, should you seek assistance to ascend to your peak rank, 1v9 is ready to guide your climb. Don't forget, you can also enjoy a 20% discount on all services with the code "1v9er". We appreciate you diving into the world of Eternals in League of Legends with us.

Posted On: March 19th, 2024

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