Valorant: Live Player Count and Statistics 2024


Valorant: Live Player Count and Statistics 2024

As Valorant approaches its fourth anniversary, Riot Games' flagship FPS shows no signs of slowing down. This tactical shooter has carved out a distinct niche in the competitive gaming landscape, captivating millions with its unique blend of strategic play and vibrant, character-driven narratives.

In 2024, Valorant not only continues to attract a massive global audience but also remains a benchmark for combining aesthetic appeal with deep strategic gameplay. This blog will dive into the latest statistics, exploring Valorant's player count and the dynamic community that supports its enduring popularity.

How many players play Valorant in 2024

In 2024, Valorant continues to be a major force in the competitive multiplayer scene, boasting a steady player base of 17 to 19 million monthly users. This places it among the top-tier FPS games globally, holding its own alongside industry stalwarts like CS:GO and Apex Legends. This robust engagement underscores its enduring appeal and the vibrant community it sustains.

Valorant's monthly active users (MAU) reflect the game's dynamic engagement levels since its launch. Here's a breakdown of how the player base has evolved over the years:

  • June 2020: Valorant launches with 850,000 MAUs.
  • September 2020: A massive surge to 7.9 million MAUs, marking an 830% increase as the game picks up steam.
  • December 2020 to March 2021: Steady growth continues, reaching 11.5 million MAUs by March 2021.
  • June 2021 to September 2021: Growth persists, peaking at 13.5 million MAUs by September.
  • December 2021 to June 2022: The player base expands to 18 million by mid-2022.
  • September 2022 to March 2023: The peak period, with MAUs reaching over 20 million in early 2023.
  • September 2023 to May 2024: A dip is observed, with MAUs dropping to 16.8 million by May 2024.

The biggest increases in player engagement occurred shortly after Valorant's launch, throughout late 2021 and early 2022, when the game consistently attracted new players and expanded its community. After reaching a peak in early 2023, there has been some fluctuation, but early 2024 indicates a potential rebound, signaling Riot Games' continued success in maintaining Valorant's relevance and appeal in the competitive gaming landscape.

Daily Active Users

Daily active users (DAU) are a crucial metric for assessing a game's engagement and retention, reflecting how well it keeps players coming back.

In 2024, Valorant boasts an impressive average of 4.5 million daily users, positioning it as one of the top actively played first-person shooters globally. This consistent daily engagement indicates a robust and loyal player base.

Typically, the game maintains a concurrent player count of about 700,000 to 800,000, ensuring that match queues are quick and gameplay is ongoing. This level of constant activity not only exemplifies Valorant’s popularity but also contributes to a dynamic and diverse community, drawing players back day after day and enhancing the overall game experience.

Most Popular Valorant regions in 2024

North America

In 2024, Valorant continues to command a significant following in the Americas, maintaining its status as one of the top multiplayer shooters since its debut.

The region's enthusiasm for the game has fostered the rise of powerhouse teams that have made substantial impacts on the international stage. Noteworthy teams like LOUD, Evil Geniuses, and Sentinels have been particularly dominant, with LOUD and Evil Geniuses capturing the World Championships in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

This region is home to celebrated players such as Tenz, Less, Demon1, and Saadhak, who have become icons in the Valorant competitive scene, drawing fans and aspiring gamers alike. Their prowess and popularity continue to fuel the game's vibrant community and competitive ecosystem in the Americas.

South Korea and China

Valorant's popularity in South Korea and China has soared recently, generating significant excitement around the game and reshaping the eSports landscape. Historically overshadowed by European and American teams, the Asian competitive scene is now making its mark. Notable teams like Paper Rex, Gen-G, and EDG have recently stood out. Paper Rex proudly clinched the silver medal at last year's World Championship. Moreover, a memorable highlight was Gen-G's intense five-match battle against Sentinels, setting a new record for concurrent viewership in Valorant's history.


In Valorant, Europe continues to be a powerhouse, demonstrating consistent growth and competitive prowess. The game enjoys widespread popularity across various European countries, including Western nations like Portugal, Spain, and France, as well as Eastern European regions such as Poland and the Czech Republic.

On the competitive front, European teams have been a force to reckon with. Fnatic, in particular, has emerged as one of the most successful organizations globally. Their impressive track record includes major wins at the 2023 Masters Tokyo and LOCK IN Sao Paulo tournaments, alongside a commendable fourth-place finish at the World Championship.

Valorant player base by rank

In Valorant, the distribution of players across various competitive ranks reveals a balanced and structured competitive ladder. Here's a detailed breakdown of player counts by rank:

  • Iron: The entry-level tier sees a gradual increase in population from Iron I at 85,000 players (0.5%) to Iron III with 800,000 players (4.7%).
  • Bronze: Represents a significant portion of the player base, starting from Bronze I with 935,000 players (5.5%) to Bronze III, which holds the highest count in this tier at 1,207,000 players (7.1%).
  • Silver: Silver ranks further expand with Silver I housing 1,394,000 players (8.2%), making it one of the most populated ranks alongside Silver II and III, each with over 1.3 million players.
  • Gold: This tier begins with Gold I at 1,292,000 players (7.6%) and tapers off to Gold III with 1,054,000 players (6.2%), showing a substantial concentration in the mid-tiers.
  • Platinum: With fewer players, Platinum starts at 952,000 players for Platinum I (5.6%) and decreases to 714,000 players at Platinum III (4.2%).
  • Diamond: Reflecting a more elite group, Diamond ranks have 612,000 players in Diamond I (3.6%) and fewer towards Diamond III with 408,000 players (2.4%).
  • Ascendant: An advanced rank where the player count starts to thin significantly, from Ascendant I with 323,000 players (1.9%) to Ascendant III with 136,000 players (0.8%).
  • Immortal: Among the top ranks, Immortal I holds 80,000 players (0.5%), decreasing further in the higher sub-tiers to less than 50,000.
  • Radiant: Represents the pinnacle of Valorant competitive play, limited to the top 400 players, highlighting the exclusivity and prestige of reaching this rank.

This distribution showcases a healthy competition within the game, with a large concentration of players in mid-tiers like Silver and Gold, reflecting a broad engagement across different skill levels.

Is Valorant dying in 2024?

Current Trends

After a significant surge in player activity in the years 2022 and 2023, Valorant saw a modest decline at the start of 2024, with a 15% drop in its player base. This raised concerns about the game's longevity and its standing in the competitive gaming scene.

Rebound and Recovery

Despite the early-year slump, Valorant has made a commendable recovery. By April 2024, the game had not only regained its lost ground but also showed promising signs of growth. This resurgence is reflected in the monthly active user statistics, which have stabilized and shown healthy increases as the year progressed.

Long-term Viability

As of now, the overall metrics for 2024 indicate that Valorant continues to captivate a large audience, maintaining its role as a key player in the multiplayer FPS genre. The game sustains high levels of daily and monthly engagement, underscoring its ongoing relevance and appeal.


The sustained interest and participation in Valorant suggest that rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated. The game is poised to continue its success, marked by significant player involvement and substantial revenue generation, ensuring its place in the esports landscape for the foreseeable future.

Valorant Rising Star in Esports

Growing Esports Influence

Valorant's impact on the esports industry in 2024 is undeniable, driven by a sharp increase in popularity within the competitive scene. This year, strategic adjustments to the competitive structure of Valorant, including the introduction of qualification points, have enhanced the format and broadened its appeal.

Tournament Success

The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the Masters Madrid tournament, which captivated audiences worldwide. The thrilling final match of this best-of-five series peaked at over 3.1 million concurrent viewers, making it one of the most watched esports events of the year.

Enduring Appeal

These developments are a testament to Valorant's robust health and growing influence in esports. The game has not only maintained its fan base but has expanded it, reinforcing its position as a dominant force in the competitive gaming landscape for the foreseeable future.


Valorant continues to be a powerhouse in the gaming community as it progresses through 2024. With its stable monthly active users, the excitement around its esports scene, and consistent content updates, Valorant remains far from losing its appeal. The game's ability to maintain a dedicated player base while innovating and improving the competitive experience shows Riot Games' commitment to ensuring Valorant's longevity and relevance in the esports world. Whether you're a casual player or an aspiring esports athlete, Valorant promises a dynamic and engaging experience for everyone involved.

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