Valorant Frenzy or Ghost: Which One is Better?


Valorant Frenzy or Ghost: Which One is Better?

Valorant offers a variety of sidearms, each with unique attributes that cater to different play styles. Among these, the Frenzy and Ghost stand out as top choices, but deciding which one reigns supreme can be challenging.

The Frenzy, with its automatic firing mechanism, is designed for players who favor aggressive, close-quarters combat. Its rapid-fire capability combined with a budget-friendly price makes it particularly appealing during the early game stages when conserving credits is crucial.

Conversely, the Ghost, a semi-automatic pistol, excels in precision and range. Its superior accuracy makes it the preferred choice for players who engage in long-distance shootouts and value precision over spray-and-pray tactics.

In this comparison, we will delve into each sidearm's pros and cons, providing a detailed analysis to help you decide which pistol best enhances your strategic approach in Valorant.

The Frenzy

The Frenzy is a dynamic, automatic sidearm characterized by its full auto firing mode. This feature enables players to deliver a rapid barrage of bullets, making it highly effective in close-range skirmishes. Although it might sacrifice some accuracy, the Frenzy compensates with its sheer firepower, giving users the ability to quickly subdue opponents within a short distance. This makes the Frenzy an excellent choice for aggressive players who thrive in fast-paced combat scenarios.

High Fire Rate and Burst Potential

The standout attribute of the Frenzy is its exceptional fire rate. As a fully automatic pistol, it has the capability to rapidly discharge a flurry of bullets, making it especially deadly in close-quarters combat. This rapid-fire ability enables players to quickly neutralize opponents before they can effectively respond.

For players who excel in aggressive tactics, the Frenzy serves as a formidable weapon. Its rapid bullet spray is ideal for breaching compact areas such as narrow hallways or crowded bomb sites. Utilizing the Frenzy during aggressive entries can effectively disrupt enemy formations and tilt the scales in favor of the assailant, providing a critical edge during fast-paced encounters.

Excellent at Close Range

The Frenzy excels in close-range combat, making it an outstanding choice for surprise attacks and rapid engagements. Its capabilities shine in scenarios where quick action is required, such as defending a bomb site or maintaining control over confined spaces. The Frenzy's swift rate of fire and substantial damage output make it particularly effective for quick peeks and sudden confrontations, allowing players to catch their opponents off-guard and secure fast kills. This makes it an invaluable tool for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle and need to react swiftly in tight situations.

Not Too Expensive

At just 400 credits, the Frenzy stands out as an economically viable option among Valorant's sidearms. This affordability allows players to allocate their funds more strategically—whether that's towards purchasing abilities, armor, or saving for critical future rounds where higher-cost rifles or utilities might be necessary.

During eco or force buy rounds, when financial constraints are tight, the Frenzy offers a cost-effective solution without compromising combat effectiveness. Its low price tag makes it an appealing choice for players looking to make a significant impact in the game while adhering to a strict budget. This financial flexibility can be pivotal in maintaining a competitive edge throughout the match.

Too Much Recoil?

While the Frenzy offers numerous advantages, it's not without its drawbacks, particularly when it comes to recoil. Its rapid-fire capability, though a boon in close-quarters combat, generates considerable recoil that can be difficult to manage. This can lead to a decrease in accuracy over sustained fire, causing shots to deviate from the target, particularly in medium to long-range encounters.

Unlike the Ghost, which is renowned for its precision, the Frenzy does not support accurate tap firing or meticulous shooting techniques. Players must be aware of these constraints and strategize accordingly, leveraging the Frenzy primarily for short-range confrontations and steering clear of extended firefights at greater distances where its performance tends to falter.

The Ghost

Moving on to the Ghost, it's important to note that it is actually a semi-automatic pistol, not a fully automatic one as previously described. This precision tool is known for its controlled rate of fire and accuracy. The Ghost allows players to deliver quick, accurate shots with less recoil compared to other sidearms, making it an ideal choice for those who value precision over spray-and-pray tactics.

The Ghost excels in both close and medium-range engagements, offering a balance of power and control. Its high accuracy and moderate damage output allow for effective headshots, which can be crucial in pistol rounds or eco rounds. The Ghost’s capabilities make it a favored choice for players who require reliability and finesse in their sidearm.

Accurate and Deadly

The Ghost is meticulously designed for precision, equipped with a 15-round magazine of 9mm rounds and a semi-automatic firing system that demands a deliberate trigger pull for each shot. This setup highlights the Ghost’s exceptional accuracy, which is its standout feature.

Known for its pinpoint shooting accuracy, the Ghost excels when players adopt a methodical approach, taking the time to aim or firing in short, controlled bursts. This level of precision enables effective engagement at medium to long distances, making the Ghost an invaluable asset for players who need to hold angles or cautiously peek around corners. With the Ghost, players can reliably execute crucial headshots and secure kills, enhancing their team's chances of victory.

A Weapon of Choice for Pistol Rounds

The Ghost stands out as an ideal companion during pistol rounds in Valorant, which are pivotal in establishing the momentum for the game. These initial rounds are critical, and choosing the right sidearm can significantly influence the subsequent flow of the match.

The Ghost is a popular choice in these early skirmishes, not just for its precision and damage, but also for its economic efficiency. It offers a judicious blend of cost-effectiveness and combat effectiveness, allowing players to manage their credits wisely while still maintaining a strong presence in the game. Opting for the Ghost can be a strategic move, enabling players to conserve funds for later rounds or invest in crucial abilities, all while remaining competitive in firepower.

Versatility in Spades

The Ghost's adaptability is a key factor in its widespread use across various playstyles in Valorant. It serves as an effective secondary weapon for players of all roles, enhancing its appeal as a universal sidearm. Whether you're an aggressive duelist looking for precise follow-up shots after an initial engagement, a sentinel tasked with steadfastly defending key points, or a controller focusing on team support, the Ghost provides reliable firepower in a pinch.

This versatility ensures that the Ghost fits seamlessly into any agent's arsenal, making it a go-to choice for players who value flexibility and efficacy in their sidearm selection.

High Reward Higher Risk

While the Ghost is lauded for its precision, harnessing its full potential requires skillful handling and sharpshooting prowess. Unlike fully automatic sidearms that might forgive a less-than-perfect aim due to their spray capacity, the Ghost demands careful aim and disciplined trigger management. This necessity for precision makes it a rewarding choice for those who have honed their shooting skills, allowing them to capitalize on its accuracy to outperform even more costly weapons in strategic situations.

Moreover, the requirement for accuracy means that every shot must count. The semi-automatic nature of the Ghost means that missed shots not only waste precious ammunition but also expose the player to retaliatory strikes from alert opponents. Thus, while the Ghost can be a formidable weapon in capable hands, it also introduces a higher risk factor, as any misstep in aim can lead to vulnerability and potential defeat.

Which One is Better?

After delving into the attributes of both the Frenzy and the Ghost, choosing the superior weapon boils down to personal preference and situational requirements, much like our previous comparisons between the Ares and Odin or the Bucky and Judge.

If your strategy involves aggressive, close-quarters combat, the Frenzy may be the ideal choice. Its rapid-fire ability and cost-effectiveness make it particularly valuable in the early rounds when budget constraints are tight. However, keep in mind its drawbacks such as significant recoil and reduced effectiveness at longer ranges.

Conversely, if you prioritize precision and have a knack for aiming, the Ghost could be the better option. It excels in providing accurate shots that can dominate long-range encounters. Though it comes at a slightly higher cost, the investment can be justified by its high reliability and adaptability to various playstyles.

Before making your decision, weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon against how you play. This tailored approach will help you select the sidearm that best enhances your gameplay in Valorant.


Deciding between the Frenzy and the Ghost in Valorant depends heavily on your individual play style and the specific demands of each match. The Frenzy offers a high-octane, close-quarters combat experience suitable for aggressive players on a budget, while the Ghost caters to those who value precision and control, excelling in medium to long-range engagements. Both sidearms have distinct advantages and limitations, making them unique in their utility across various game scenarios. By understanding these differences and aligning them with your tactical approach, you can make an informed choice that optimizes your performance and enhances your overall experience in the game.

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