VALORANT: Top 10 Best Agents for Pearl Map


VALORANT: Top 10 Best Agents for Pearl Map

Choosing the right agents for each map in Valorant is crucial for leveraging strategic advantages and enhancing gameplay. Each agent’s abilities can significantly impact performance based on the map’s specific characteristics.

Pearl, one of the latest maps introduced by Riot Games, is set in a captivating underwater city that offers a unique tactical experience. To maximize your effectiveness and boost your win rates on Pearl, it’s essential to select agents whose skills are particularly suited to its layout and strategic demands. Here, we’ll explore the top agents that can help you excel on Pearl, ensuring you make the most of your matches on this distinct and engaging map.

#10: Sage

Sage stands out as a valuable choice for Pearl with her versatile ability set that complements the map’s unique layout. Her healing abilities are crucial, allowing her to restore health to herself or a teammate, thus maintaining team strength during critical moments.

Her Barrier Orb and Slow Orbs become strategic assets in controlling the pace of the game. You can deploy the Barrier Orb to block pathways or secure a protected plant at key sites like B or Art. The Slow Orbs are perfect for curbing aggressive pushes by the opponents, giving your team the upper hand in holding or retaking sites.

Moreover, Sage’s ultimate, Resurrection, brings immense value by reviving a fallen teammate, potentially swinging the momentum of the round in your team’s favor. This makes her not just a healer but a pivotal player in the team’s strategy on Pearl.

#9: Cypher

Cypher excels at site control and information gathering, making him a standout choice for both defending and flanking on Pearl. Strategically placing his utilities around the A site and Art area can significantly impede enemy access and fortify your team’s defenses.

His Trapwires are essential for managing enemy movements, preventing unexpected pushes and maintaining control of crucial pathways. Meanwhile, his Spycam offers vital visual insights, enabling you to monitor key areas while securely positioned.

Furthermore, Cypher’s Cyber Cage serves a dual purpose, acting as smokes to obscure vision and as traps that allow you to capitalize on auditory cues for opportunistic kills. Additionally, Cypher’s ultimate, Neural Theft, provides crucial intelligence on the locations of remaining opponents, offering strategic clarity and aiding in tactical planning for your team’s next moves on Pearl.

#8: Neon

When navigating the dynamic terrain of Valorant’s Pearl map, Neon stands out as a potent Duelist choice, particularly when her abilities are utilized effectively. While she may not traditionally top the Duelist rankings, her agility and disruptive capabilities make her a significant threat.

Neon’s High Gear ability allows her to swiftly traverse the map, enabling rapid rushes to both bomb sites or dominating control over the Mid area, effectively restricting enemy movement and tactical options. Her wall can be strategically deployed to facilitate site entries, while her Relay Bolt is excellent for flushing out opponents from tight spots like Dugout.

Moreover, Neon’s ultimate is a game-changer, especially during eco rounds, where it can be leveraged to secure economical victories, often termed “Thrifty.” Utilizing her ultimate skillfully can lead to high-impact frags that swing rounds in your favor, making Neon a valuable asset on Pearl.

#7: Sova

Sova shines as an Initiator on Valorant’s Pearl map, where his unparalleled information-gathering abilities can decisively influence the match. His Recon Bolt is crucial for revealing hidden enemies, making it an indispensable tool when your team commits to taking a site.

Utilizing Sova’s Owl Drone is another effective strategy for scouting key areas like Art or Mid Doors. This ability allows you to safely check for opponents lurking around corners without risking a player’s position. Additionally, Sova’s offensive capabilities, including the Shock Dart and Hunter’s Fury, offer substantial damage potential. These abilities are particularly effective in post-plant scenarios, where they can deny defuses and secure round victories from a distance.

Harnessing Sova’s full suite of abilities on Pearl can significantly enhance your team’s control over the map, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead of the opposition.

#6: Fade

Fade has quickly become a staple Initiator in Valorant, renowned for her effectiveness on virtually all maps, including Pearl. For players who excel with Fade, Pearl offers numerous opportunities to leverage her unique abilities.

Deploying Fade’s Prowlers into constricted areas such as B Halls, Mid Doors, and Art can efficiently scout for enemies, clearing the way for safer advances or strategic setups. Her Haunt ability, which reveals enemies, is perfect for gaining valuable intel on site occupancies before committing to a plant or retake.

Additionally, her Seize ability is ideal for controlling key chokepoints and dislodging enemies from entrenched positions, creating openings for your team. Fade’s ultimate, Nightfall, is exceptionally versatile, allowing for aggressive site pushes or fortifying defensive plays by disorienting and debuffing opponents, making her an indispensable asset in both attacking and defending phases on Pearl.

#5: KAY/O

KAY/O emerges as an exemplary choice on Valorant’s Pearl map, especially when breaking into heavily defended sites. His utility kit is perfectly suited for aggressive entry plays and controlling enemy movements.

His Flash/Drive is crucial for clearing angles and disorienting opponents, particularly effective against Operators holding long sightlines like those found on the B site. KAY/O’s Zero/Point, when deployed onto sites, can suppress enemy abilities and reveal their presence, allowing for a more informed assault.

The Frag/Ment grenade is invaluable for dislodging opponents from entrenched positions such as Dugout, Halls, Flowers, or Heaven, forcing them into more vulnerable spots. Most critically, KAY/O’s ultimate, Null/CMD, can completely neutralize enemy abilities, giving your team a significant tactical advantage during site executions or critical retakes by ensuring opponents cannot use their utilities to defend or escape.

KAY/O’s versatile abilities make him an essential asset for teams looking to dominate Pearl with a direct and disruptive playstyle.

#4: Viper

Viper stands out as a formidable Controller on Valorant’s Pearl map, providing strategic depth and area control that can shift the dynamics of any match. Her Toxic Screen, when deployed, can effectively block vision across critical paths such as B Tower and Tunnels, supporting both aggressive rushes and defensive holds.

Strategically placed at either site, her Toxic Screen enables her team to execute or defend with a significant advantage by cutting off key sight lines and splitting enemy forces. Additionally, Viper’s Poison Cloud can be utilized to obscure important choke points like A Link, further complicating the enemy’s ability to push or hold positions.

In post-plant scenarios, her Snake Bite excels by denying access and delaying defuses, ensuring her team secures the round. Viper’s ultimate, Viper’s Pit, can decisively alter the course of a round, creating a massive toxic cloud that is particularly effective in both offensive pushes and defensive setups. This makes her an invaluable asset on Pearl, where control and area denial are paramount.

#3: Jett

In the current Valorant meta on Pearl, Jett remains the premier choice among Duelists. Her agility and disruptive potential make her abilities particularly effective on this map, supporting both aggressive plays and strategic positioning.

Jett’s Tailwind allows for bold, swift peeks into contested areas such as B Ramp, providing her team with crucial intel or opening kills while enabling her to retreat safely before the enemy can retaliate. Her Cloudburst smokes are essential for temporary coverage, creating opportunities for her team to maneuver or disengage without being spotted.

Additionally, Jett’s Updraft can elevate her to strategic positions like Generator, granting a vantage point that can be pivotal during engagements. Her ultimate, Blade Storm, offers a deadly precision tool that, in skilled hands, can decisively end skirmishes and tip the scales in her favor. Jett’s combination of mobility and lethality makes her a top-tier agent on Pearl, capable of influencing the outcome of rounds with her dynamic playstyle.

#2: Killjoy

Killjoy stands out as an exceptional Sentinel on Valorant’s Pearl map, with her toolkit perfectly suited for fortifying and controlling sites. Her Turret serves as an early-warning system and can engage enemies first, allowing her team to prepare and respond effectively.

Strategically placing her Alarmbot at critical junctures such as Art or Mid Doors can significantly disrupt enemy mid-pushes, alerting the team and dealing damage to advance groups. Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenades add another layer of defense, damaging enemies as they attempt to push into controlled areas, and proving especially useful during post-plant scenarios to secure the spike.

Furthermore, Killjoy’s ultimate, Lockdown, offers tremendous strategic value. It can dominate site takes or retakes by detaining all enemies within its radius, making it nearly impossible for them to contest the site without being captured. This makes her an indispensable asset on Pearl, where controlling space and delaying enemy advances are crucial.

#1: Astra

When tackling Valorant’s Pearl map, Astra should be at the forefront of your choice for Controllers. Her kit’s versatility is a game-changer, providing substantial tactical advantages across the battlefield. Mastering Astra can greatly enhance your team’s strategy, leveraging her stars to deploy Nebula (smokes), Gravity Well (pulls), and Nova Pulse (concussions) in crucial map locations.

Astra’s greatest strength lies in her ultimate, Cosmic Divide. This ability erects a vast wall that can bisect the entire map, offering unparalleled control over the flow of the game. With Cosmic Divide, you can dictate engagements, shield your team from enemy fire, and secure crucial objectives, fundamentally altering the dynamics of the round in your favor. Astra’s ability to reshape the battlefield makes her an invaluable asset on Pearl, helping her team capitalize on strategic positioning and secure victories.


Selecting the right agents for Valorant’s map Pearl can significantly impact your team’s performance and strategy. Each agent discussed brings unique abilities that cater to the distinct challenges and opportunities presented by Pearl. From Sage’s healing and barrier capabilities to Astra’s game-changing Cosmic Divide, understanding and utilizing these agents effectively can enhance your tactical approach and increase your chances of securing victories.

As you continue to explore and adapt to Pearl, consider these top agents to optimize your gameplay. Whether you’re defending tightly contested sites or making aggressive pushes, these agents provide the tools necessary for success. Embrace the strategic diversity they offer, and you may find your matches on Pearl not only more successful but also more enjoyable.

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