League of Legends: Top 6 Easiest Adcs Champions
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League of Legends: Top 6 Easiest Adcs Champions

The ADC (Attack Damage Carry) role in League of Legends might seem limited with its smaller selection of champions, but mastering it is no small feat. As a beginner, choosing the right champion can significantly smooth your learning curve. In this guide, we highlight five of the easiest and most effective ADC champions that are not only strong in the current meta but also ideal for those just starting out in this role.

Each of these champions offers straightforward gameplay, allowing you to grasp the basics of positioning, farming, and team fighting more effectively. By starting with these user-friendly picks, you can build a solid foundation and gradually explore more complex strategies and playstyles.

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#1: Ashe

Ashe stands out as an excellent choice for beginners in League of Legends, excelling as both a support and ADC. She is not only straightforward to play but also remains a strong pick in the current meta, adeptly handling even challenging matchups.

During the laning phase, Ashe can effectively harass her opponents with her enhanced auto-attacks and her W ability, which also helps in wave control. Once she reaches level 6, her ultimate becomes a powerful tool for initiating plays, setting up ganks, and securing picks. In the mid to late game, her ultimate has a relatively short cooldown, allowing frequent opportunities to engage fights or catch out opponents, making her an asset in team strategies and skirmishes.

#2: Sivir

Sivir claims the second spot on our list of easiest ADCs to master in Season 14, thanks to her blend of forgiveness and utility. One of her standout features is her spell shield, which allows her to block incoming damage and crowd control, offering a safety net that forgives positioning errors. Additionally, Sivir boasts excellent poke and wave-clear capabilities with her Q and W abilities, making her effective at controlling lane dynamics.

Upon reaching level 6, Sivir gains the ability to aggressively pursue opponents with her ultimate, which significantly boosts her and her allies' movement speed. This makes her exceptional not just in chasing down enemies but also in maneuvering during team fights. Her ultimate's utility extends beyond the laning phase, as it can be used to rapidly engage or disengage, enhancing her team's overall mobility and tactical flexibility. Sivir's unique set of skills makes her arguably the most utility-oriented ADC in the game, ideal for players who value both offensive and supportive playstyles.

#3: Caitlyn

Caitlyn ranks as the third ideal ADC for beginners in League of Legends, consistently remaining a solid choice in the meta much like Ashe. Her standout feature is her exceptional range, which allows you to safely harass and pressure opponents from a distance. This not only helps in lane control but also provides a practical, low-risk environment to learn the essentials of the ADC role.

Caitlyn isn't just a foundational pick for newcomers; she also offers a lot of enjoyment due to her dynamic playstyle. Engaging with Caitlyn allows you to explore and push your limits, an essential aspect of "limit testing" that teaches you the extents of what you can achieve with your champion. Understanding these limits through Caitlyn's gameplay can be incredibly valuable, providing lessons that will aid significantly as you progress and aim higher in your League of Legends career.

#4: Ziggs

Ziggs stands out as the only AP champion on our list and is recognized as one of the easiest ADC champions to master. His versatility shines through as he can be effectively played in both the ADC and Mid lane roles. Learning Ziggs can open up opportunities to flexibly switch between these positions, enhancing your adaptability in the game.

Ziggs' ease of use largely stems from his potent poke and superior wave-clear capabilities. His skill set comprises abilities that are straightforward to execute, which means you don't have to rely heavily on auto-attacks as with traditional ADCs. This aspect makes him particularly beginner-friendly. Once you acquire your first major item, you can utilize Ziggs' abilities to efficiently last-hit minions while simultaneously harassing the enemy ADC or support, making him a formidable presence in lane.

#5: Tristana

Tristana is an excellent choice for those new to the ADC role, combining ease of use with aggressive playstyle potential. One of Tristana's key advantages is her explosive growth in power as the game progresses, thanks to her passive, Draw a Bead, which increases her attack range with each level. This growing range allows her to stay safer in skirmishes and team fights while still outputting significant damage.

Tristana's kit also supports an aggressive playstyle, especially useful for beginners looking to make impactful plays. Her Rocket Jump (W) is not only a great tool for repositioning—either aggressively jumping into the fray or escaping danger—but it also resets on kills and assists, which encourages an assertive, dynamic approach to engagements. Additionally, her Explosive Charge (E) can be used to apply serious pressure on enemy champions and turrets, promoting an aggressive lane presence that can lead to early advantages.

Moreover, Tristana's Buster Shot (R) provides a powerful disengage tool or a finisher for low-health enemies, adding to her versatility and ability to control her lane. Overall, Tristana's combination of safety due to range, built-in escape mechanisms, and high burst potential make her an ideal pick for new players eager to learn the ropes of an aggressive ADC.

#6: Miss Fortune

Rounding out our list of beginner-friendly ADCs is Miss Fortune, a champion well-suited for those just starting out in the role. Miss Fortune stands out as a forgiving choice, primarily because her passive, Love Tap, enhances her basic attacks to deal extra damage to new targets. This trait simplifies the task of last-hitting minions, a fundamental skill for any ADC, by ensuring that her shots pack a more substantial punch.

This additional damage proves particularly useful under your tower, where the rhythm of last-hitting can often be disrupted by the tower's damage. With Miss Fortune, you can comfortably secure minion kills by timing your attacks right after the tower hits them, thus maximizing your gold intake without needing intricate wave management.

During the laning phase, Miss Fortune also excels at poking and harassing her opponents with her Double Up (Q) and Make It Rain (E). These abilities allow her to maintain pressure on her lane opponents, control the pace of the lane, and set up potential kills or force the enemy to retreat. Her combination of powerful basic attacks and effective harassment tools makes her an excellent choice for new players looking to make a strong impact in the ADC role.


The ADC role stands as one of the more intricate positions in League of Legends, largely due to the dynamic and crowded nature of the bottom lane. Navigating this role can be daunting for newcomers, with the need to manage multiple threats and responsibilities simultaneously. By starting with simpler champions, beginners can ease this learning curve, allowing them to concentrate more on broader lane dynamics and game strategy rather than intricate champion mechanics. This approach not only builds foundational skills more effectively but also enhances overall confidence and competence in the role.

Posted On: April 11th, 2024

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