Top 6 Best Easiest Support Champions for Beginners in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Easiest Support Champions for Beginners in League of Legends

Navigating the vast roster of champions in League of Legends can be daunting for newcomers. Among the various roles available, support champions offer a unique way to contribute to your team's success without the intense focus on eliminating opponents. Some champions in this category are particularly well-suited for those just starting their journey in the game.

Key support champions ideal for beginners include the likes of Soraka, renowned for her global healing capabilities, and Sona, with her straightforward yet impactful aura abilities. Janna and Nami are also excellent choices, offering a mix of utility and defensive skills that are invaluable in team fights. However, Yuumi stands out as possibly the most accessible support champion, allowing players to focus on aiding allies while learning the game's dynamics.

In this guide, we'll explore five support champions, ranked by their ease of play, to help you choose the best match for your entry into the support role.

#6: Soraka

Soraka earns her spot as a favored champion among newcomers and casual players for several compelling reasons. Her kit is designed for ease of use, with abilities that focus on area effects rather than pinpoint accuracy. Her Q ability, while targeting a smaller area, replenishes some of her mana upon hitting an opponent, making it forgiving for beginners.

Her E skill quickly creates a large purple zone, dealing damage and silencing any enemy champions caught within it, and eventually rooting those who linger too long. Soraka’s W is a simple yet vital ability, allowing her to transfer some of her own health to heal an ally.

The crown jewel of Soraka's abilities is her ultimate, which globally restores health to all allied champions. This powerful game-changer can be activated from any location on the map, instantly shifting the momentum of team fights. The healing amount varies with Soraka’s level and ability power, highlighting her role as a pivotal support capable of clutch saves and dramatic turns in battles.

#5: Nami

Nami shines as a beginner-friendly support champion, with her kit entirely dedicated to aiding allies, making her an ideal choice for those new to the support role.

Her Q ability offers a tactical advantage by creating a bubble that stuns enemies, setting them up for easy targeting by the ADC. Nami's W ability launches a healing and damaging water stream, which smartly alternates between friend and foe, providing both support and offensive capabilities. The decision of who benefits or suffers from this dual-purpose spell adds an interesting dynamic to her gameplay.

Her E skill is remarkably user-friendly, enhancing an ally's attacks with extra damage and a slowing effect on enemies, making it easier for her team to secure kills.

Nami's ultimate ability is a game-changer: a vast tidal wave that disrupts, slows, and damages opponents over a wide and long range. This ability's impressive scope ensures it will impact multiple enemies, making Nami's presence in team fights significantly impactful.

#4: Janna

Janna, often referred to as the harbinger of storms, is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her primary tool for disruption, the Q ability, generates a whirlwind that can be released immediately or charged for a surprise attack, sweeping up enemies in its path for damage and a knock-up effect. A strategic tip is to prepare the whirlwind from the seclusion of a bush, making it difficult for adversaries to anticipate its arrival.

Her W ability receives mixed reviews among the League community. It guarantees damage and slows down the target, enhancing Janna's mobility with a ghosting effect and increased speed when not on cooldown. This contrast in utility makes it a versatile yet divisive tool among her arsenal.

The E skill offers a straightforward yet effective shield that can protect Janna, an ally, or even a turret, incorporating a passive boost that increases her shield and healing effectiveness by 15% for four seconds after applying a slow or knock-up.

Janna's ultimate is her pièce de résistance, creating a tempestuous area that repels enemies while simultaneously healing allies in its vicinity for a duration. This dual-purpose ability underscores Janna's role as a quintessential support, capable of turning the tide of team fights with her protective gusts and tempests.

#3: Sona

Sona stands out as a remarkably beginner-friendly champion in League of Legends, largely thanks to her intuitive, aim-free abilities. Her Q unleashes a duo of magical melodies, targeting the nearest enemies with magic damage. Following this, Sona creates an aura that buffs her allies, enhancing their next attack with additional damage.

Sona's W mirrors this pattern but instead dispatches a harmonious bolt that heals her and the most injured nearby ally. This is accompanied by an aura that bestows a protective shield on allies within its influence.

Contrary to expectations, Sona's E doesn't launch bolts but rather envelops her and nearby allies in a musical field, boosting their movement speed—a handy tool for both advancing and retreating.

Diverging from her other abilities, Sona's ultimate, Crescendo, requires directional input, casting a broad wave of sound that damages and stuns enemies in its path. This ability not only disrupts the enemy line but also reduces the cooldown of Sona's other skills, highlighting her pivotal role in team fights with her symphony of buffs, heals, and crowd control.

#2: Milio

Milio secures the runner-up spot for the easiest support champions to master, especially notable for those new to League of Legends. As a recent addition to the game's support lineup, Milio impresses with his straightforward and accessible skillset, a refreshing direction taken by Riot in the latter part of 2023 into 2024.

Milio shines due to the simplicity of his abilities, making him an ideal pick for newcomers. His kit centers around a sole skill shot (Q), with the remainder of his abilities being straightforward, often requiring just a simple click to effectively support allies. Beyond the ease of use, Milio's auto-attacks stand out for their fluidity, contrasting with the sometimes clunky mechanics of other champions. This blend of simple gameplay mechanics and an enjoyable playstyle makes Milio a standout choice for players looking to ease into the support role.

#1: Yuumi

Yuumi tops the chart as the quintessential pick for beginners seeking the simplest gameplay experience in League of Legends. Dubbed the most user-friendly champion, Yuumi's notorious ease of play often sparks jokes about being operable with just one hand. This ease is largely attributed to her unique W ability, which allows her to latch onto an ally and become untargetable by everything except turrets, essentially turning her into a mobile support that follows her partner's lead.

Yuumi's kit, while simple, is effective. Her Q sends out a guided missile that damages the first enemy hit, with potential for additional slow and damage if it travels for more than a second. This ability exemplifies Yuumi's playstyle: minimal effort for maximum impact.

Her E ability boosts her own or her ally's attack and movement speed with a simple press of a button, further emphasizing her role as a passive enhancer rather than an active participant.

The source of Yuumi's notoriety, however, lies in her ultimate. This powerful ability sends out seven waves of magic, rooting enemies caught in three or more waves. The true frustration for opponents comes from Yuumi's ability to attach, move, and cast her other abilities while unleashing her ultimate, making her an elusive and persistent threat.

For new players looking for a straightforward yet effective support champion, Yuumi is unparalleled in her beginner-friendliness and capacity to influence games with minimal mechanical demand.


In summary, the realm of League of Legends support champions offers a range of options tailored for beginners eager to explore this pivotal role without being overwhelmed. Starting with Soraka's effortless area-of-effect abilities and healing prowess, to Nami's versatile kit that combines crowd control with healing, and advancing through Janna's protective whirlwinds, Sona's no-aim-needed musical harmony, Milio's straightforward gameplay, and culminating in Yuumi's unparalleled simplicity, there's a champion for every newcomer's comfort level. Each of these champions not only introduces fundamental aspects of the support role but also enables new players to contribute meaningfully to their team's success. By starting with these accessible champions, beginners can lay a solid foundation for their League of Legends journey, eventually mastering the intricacies of the support role and beyond.

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