Top 6 Best Champs to One Trick In LOL
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Top 6 Best Champs to One Trick In LOL

In the realm of League of Legends, "one-trick champions" refer to those that players choose to specialize in and dedicate their gameplay exclusively to. These champions usually possess unique strengths in specific areas and excel at particular strategies or playstyles. However, it's crucial to note that not every champion falls under the category of one-trick champions. Players sometimes misidentify champions that aren't exclusively focused on as one-trick wonders.

There are several one trick champions in League of Legends, but the best ones are definitely Qiyana, Katarina, Thresh, Riven, Yasuo and Lee Sin. All of these champions have abilities that make them fit for several strategies, and many players tend to master playing only one of them but still end up performing welll consistently.

What Is A One-Trick?

Before delving into the optimal mid-lane champions for one-tricking, it's essential to grasp the concept of a one-trick player in the realm of League of Legends. Often referred to as an OTP (one-trick pony), a one-trick player dedicates their focus to mastering a single champion above all others. Their commitment extends to an in-depth understanding of every nuance of their chosen champion.
Embracing a one-trick playstyle comes with several benefits. You develop an unparalleled knowledge of your champion's matchups, power spikes, mechanics, and limitations. Competence with your champion is honed across various team compositions and adversaries. By sidestepping the need to constantly adapt to new kits, your micro and macro decision-making skills witness accelerated improvement, facilitating a swift climb through the ranks.
However, the path of a one-trick isn't without its challenges. Dependence on a single champion becomes a hurdle when that champion is either picked or banned, necessitating the availability of a backup option. One-trick players may also find themselves lacking in knowledge about other champions and the broader aspects of the game. Despite these considerations, the advantages typically outweigh the drawbacks, especially for those aiming to maximize proficiency with a specific champion.

6# Lee sin

Let's start by exploring Lee Sin, a champion renowned for his exceptional mobility and playmaking prowess in the jungle. Lee Sin's synergy with the jungle role is accentuated by his passive ability, Flurry, which provides added attack speed and regeneration. This ensures he can swiftly conclude engagements and seamlessly transition to the next opponent.
One of the primary reasons Lee Sin is often regarded as a one-trick champion lies in his remarkable versatility, particularly evident in his diverse build options. Whether you opt for a tanky, bruiser, or assassin build, Lee Sin adapts seamlessly to the ever-changing dynamics of the match. The hallmark of an effective one-trick champion is adaptability, and in this regard, Lee Sin excels, possessing a wealth of options that make him a formidable force on the battlefield.

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5# Thresh

No list of the best one-trick champions would be complete without highlighting Thresh, arguably the pinnacle of one-trick support champions in the League of Legends community. Despite his primary role as a support, Thresh has captured the hearts of many one-trick enthusiasts due to his unparalleled ability to command the battlefield.
In our earlier discussion about the importance of versatility for one-trick champions, Thresh emerges as a pioneer of adaptability. His unique skill set empowers him to seamlessly transition between offensive and defensive playstyles, catering to the demands of any given situation.
Picture chaining enemies and pulling them towards you, only to unleash your ultimate ability and pin them down while your ally delivers the finishing blow—this is Thresh in his offensive glory. Conversely, envision expertly flinging a threatening opponent away from you and employing your lantern to swiftly rescue a teammate from imminent danger—that's Thresh in his defensive brilliance.
Thresh's versatility is further underscored by his passive ability, allowing him to gather souls to augment both his armor and ability power. This multifaceted approach makes Thresh a potential game-changer, solidifying his status as an exceptional one-trick champion in the support role.

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4# Riven 

Now, let's turn our attention to Riven, a champion that may not have been the first to come to mind for some of you. Beyond being a melee powerhouse capable of delivering substantial damage with each strike, Riven possesses a unique ability to string together her attacks, unleashing a relentless barrage on a single target. The synergy between her combo prowess and her passive ability, Runic Blade, which enhances her next auto attack after using an ability, makes her a formidable force on the battlefield.
While it's true that mastering Riven's mechanics takes time and dedication, many players are drawn to her as a one-trick champion precisely because of her exceptional capacity to outplay opponents. Skilled Riven enthusiasts leverage her evasive maneuvers to sidestep enemy abilities, strategically utilizing her Q and E abilities to reposition for a devastating counterattack.
In the hands of a seasoned player, Riven becomes a maestro of calculated finesse, turning each engagement into an opportunity to showcase her mastery of combat and emerge victorious through strategic outplays.

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3# Yasuo

No surprise here – Yasuo is a must-mention on our list. This melee champion not only packs a punch with high damage output but also boasts impressive mobility, thanks to his abilities that enhance his agility.
Yasuo's ultimate, Last Breath, takes his gameplay to the next level by suspending airborne enemies within a short radius. This not only inflicts damage but sets the stage for coordinated follow-up attacks from his teammates, making him a game-changer, particularly in the chaos of team fights.
Yet, what truly elevates Yasuo to one-trick stardom is his remarkable versatility. A jack-of-all-trades, he effortlessly assumes various roles within a team and adapts his build to suit the demands of the match. This adaptability makes Yasuo a cherished choice for one-trick enthusiasts, allowing them to navigate the ever-shifting dynamics of each game with finesse.

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2# Katarina

In the realm of lethal mid-lane champions ideal for one-trick aficionados, none shine brighter than the Queen of Pentakills herself – Katarina. With her mesmerizing spinning blades and acrobatic prowess, this high-energy assassin stands as the epitome of mechanical outplay potential. However, beneath the flashy moves lies a profound complexity that demands a mastery of her distinctive playstyle.
At the heart of Katarina's toolkit is Voracity, her passive that unleashes a whirlwind of resets upon dagger pickups, bestowing unrivaled snowball power. Bouncing Blade and Preparation serve as the foundation, scattering the battlefield with ominous daggers. At the opportune moment, a well-timed Shunpo to a target and the channeling of Death Lotus transform the arena into a tempest of spinning blades , shredding anyone in close proximity.
Yet, the perfect team fight demands expert precision in ability combos, strategic positioning, and swift decision-making. The delicate dance between diving in and evading, the art of setting up dagger placements, and the split-second execution of combos are lessons that require countless games to internalize. The journey to one-trick mastery may be arduous, but the gratification of delivering Pentakill after Pentakill makes every effort worthwhile.
For Katarina's snowballing success, essential items include Hextech Rocketbelt for explosive gap-closing bursts and Nashor’s Tooth to harmonize with her passive. Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff complete her arsenal, ensuring the swift annihilation of squishy adversaries.

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1# Qiyana

For mid-lane enthusiasts in pursuit of a high-skill cap assassin, look no further than Qiyana, the Empress of the Elements. Renowned as one of the premier mid-lane champions, Qiyana's mastery lies in her unique ability to manipulate the forces of grass, rock, and water, making her both versatile and intricately challenging.
Her passive, Royal Privilege, adds a layer of complexity as auto-attacking post-ability usage marks enemies with an element, unleashing additional damage potential. Elemental Wrath, her Q, executes a slashing maneuver with her ring blade, while Terrashape, her W, empowers her weapon after a dash to a chosen location. The core of her damage output, Audacity, is embodied in her E, enabling a swift dash to enemies and inflicting damage.
Unlocking success with Qiyana demands extensive game knowledge, including understanding which walls correspond to specific elements and meticulously tracking enemy marks to optimize her carry potential. For those daring enough to embrace an assassin with an exceptionally steep learning curve, Qiyana offers unparalleled outplay potential through her intricate weaving of elements.
Essential items in Qiyana's arsenal include the Duskblade mythic for intensified burst and improved target access. To enhance her roaming capabilities, Mobility boots are a strategic choice, while Elemental Drakes like the Cloud Dragon further amplify her speed. As the final champion in this exploration, Qiyana stands as a testament to the intricate dance of elements in the League of Legends arena.

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