League of Legends Season 14: Top 5 Best Supports to Synergize with Smolder
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League of Legends Season 14: Top 5 Best Supports to Synergize with Smolder

Mastering the support role in League of Legends is an art, often going unnoticed yet pivotal in steering the game towards victory. Choosing the ideal support to complement an ADC with a penchant for Smolder's daring and aggressive tactics is crucial for turning the tides in your favor.

This guide will spotlight the top 5 support champions that synergize perfectly with Smolder, enhancing their dynamic playstyle and maximizing their impact on the game. Ranging from formidable lane dominators to guardians with exceptional peeling capabilities, these supports offer the essential crowd control, sustain, and utility needed to unleash Smolder's full potential. Join us as we delve into the champions that can elevate Smolder's performance, ensuring their high-risk maneuvers translate into rewarding victories.

5. Rakan 

Leading our list is Rakan, a standout support in Season 14 known for his commanding presence alongside numerous leading ADCs, including Smolder. Rakan's exceptional engage capabilities allow him to initiate aggressive plays early in the lane, setting the stage for Smolder to secure an early advantage.

Upon reaching level 6, their synergistic potential only escalates. Rakan can decisively initiate engagements with his Ultimate and R, providing the perfect setup for Smolder's E to reposition effectively during fights and skirmishes, ensuring optimal follow-up. In larger team battles, Rakan truly shines, capable of diving into the fray to single out key targets with his skill combo before swiftly retreating to safeguard Smolder, allowing them to unleash their full damage output and turn the tide of the confrontation.

In essence, Rakan emerges as an ideal ally for Smolder, offering the perfect blend of aggression, utility, and protection, making them a formidable duo against the current meta ADCs in the league.

4. Poppy

Poppy stands unrivaled at the pinnacle of support champions for Smolder, showcasing a formidable 53.5% win rate when paired with the audacious ADC. Her comprehensive toolkit not only complements but significantly elevates Smolder's bold and aggressive approach, making her an indispensable ally.

Through her passive, Iron Ambassador, Poppy acquires a robust temporary shield by retrieving her buckler, a crucial asset for buffering Smolder against incoming damage during their daring forays and engagements. Her Q, Hammer Shock, not only inflicts considerable magic damage to soften adversaries but also generates a zone that slows, paving the way for Smolder to capitalize on advantageous exchanges.

Steadfast Presence, Poppy's W, offers dual benefits: it passively enhances her armor and magic resistance, fortifying her resilience against attacks meant for Smolder, while its active component propels her to Smolder's side, providing swift protection and thwarting enemy dashes in their vicinity—a critical defense mechanism against attempts to target her charge.
The offensive prowess of Poppy's E, Heroic Charge, cannot be understated, propelling enemies into terrain for decisive lockdowns, thereby enabling Smolder to clinch kills. Furthermore, her ultimate, Keeper's Verdict, excels in disengagement and protection during team clashes, repelling would-be attackers from her carry with unmatched efficacy.

Poppy brings to the battlefield an arsenal equipped with crowd control, damage absorption, and strategic disruption, ensuring Smolder can navigate their high-stakes gameplay with confidence. The synergy between Poppy and Smolder is unparalleled, making Poppy the quintessential guardian and the preeminent support choice for Smolder enthusiasts.

3. Maokai

Maokai, the venerable guardian of the forest, claims the second spot as the ultimate support ally for Smolder, boasting a commendable 53% win rate alongside this audacious ADC. His rich suite of abilities in disruption, healing, and crowd control makes him an invaluable asset on the battlefield.

Through his passive, Sap Magic, Maokai weaves resilience into the duo's laning strategy, offering vital healing with every spell cast or when absorbing damage from enemy abilities. This trait not only aids him in recuperating from aggressive trades initiated by Smolder but also ensures sustained presence during prolonged skirmishes.
Bramble Smash, his Q, serves as a crucial tool for creating distance between Smolder and their adversaries, effectively knocking back enemies while simultaneously applying a slow to hinder their pursuit, setting the stage for potential kill opportunities.

Twisted Advance, Maokai's W, renders him untouchable as he transforms into a surge of roots, dashing to an enemy champion to root them in place. This ability is paramount for safeguarding Smolder during team confrontations, offering top-tier peel when the focus shifts aggressively towards them.

Sapling Toss, his E ability, grants unparalleled vision control, allowing Smolder the safety to navigate brushes and evade potential ambushes, a vital tactic for maintaining lane dominance and security.

Lastly, Maokai's ultimate, Nature's Grasp, unleashes a formidable barrier of thorns that sweeps forward, ensnaring and damaging foes caught in its wake. This not only serves as a potent disengage mechanism but also peels adversaries away from Smolder, especially when they're precariously positioned.

Maokai encapsulates the quintessential support archetype, equipped to mitigate Smolder's vulnerabilities while accentuating their offensive prowess. His adaptive capabilities provide comprehensive protection and enablement for Smolder from the early game into the climactic late-game battles, solidifying his position as the second most optimal support for empowering this explosive marksman.

3. Lulu

Lulu, with her enchanting array of support capabilities, perfectly complements Smolder's playstyle, earning her a distinguished place among top support choices. Her kit offers a seamless synergy with Smolder, enhancing his survivability and damage potential in the heat of battle.

Primarily, Lulu's skills, notably her E (Help, Pix!) and W (Whimsy), bestow Smolder with a crucial shield and a significant boost in attack speed, respectively. These enhancements are pivotal in sustaining him during engagements, allowing him to remain in the fray longer and output maximum damage.

Moreover, Lulu's ultimate, Wild Growth, serves as a critical lifeline for Smolder, providing him with an instant surge in health and knocking up surrounding enemies. This not only shields him from immediate threats but also creates opportunities for counterplay in team fights.

In the arena of team clashes, Lulu shines as a formidable support, her itemization choices amplifying Smolder's capabilities and ensuring his dominance on the battlefield.

While Lulu may be one of the more straightforward supports to master, her effectiveness when paired with Smolder should not be underestimated. Her ability to safeguard and enhance Smolder's aggressive tactics solidifies her status as an invaluable ally, demonstrating that simplicity does not detract from strength in the League of Legends universe.

2. Thresh

Thresh stands as a paragon of support mastery, offering unparalleled playmaking capabilities that, when fully harnessed, can significantly impact the game. His potential for initiating decisive early-game actions is immense, as a single successful Death Sentence (Q) can lead to a kill. Securing these early advantages for Smolder amplifies the lethality of Smolder's Q from the onset, setting a dominant tone for the lane.

Moreover, Thresh's versatile kit complements Smolder's aggressive playstyle impeccably. Smolder's E becomes an even more effective tool for capitalizing on opportunities Thresh creates, ensuring a seamless offensive collaboration between the duo.

In the tumult of team fights, Thresh's ability to orchestrate the battlefield shines. His Q and Flay (E) not only offer significant pick potential but also serve as crucial mechanisms for safeguarding Smolder from threats. Furthermore, Thresh's Dark Passage (W) provides a vital escape route for Smolder, rescuing him from precarious situations.

While Thresh may present a steep learning curve, being the most challenging champion on our list, the rewards of mastering his skill shots, particularly Death Sentence, are profound. Excelling with Thresh alongside Smolder can transform the bot lane into a zone of relentless pressure and opportunity, making them a formidable pairing for those skilled in the art of Thresh's Q.

1. Tahm Kench

Securing the fifth position as the optimal support for Smolder, with a win rate of 48.7%, is Tahm Kench, the River King. While his selection may seem unconventional, Tahm Kench's unparalleled ally-saving capabilities render him an excellent guardian for Smolder's ventures into aggressive territory. His passive, An Acquired Taste, not only inflicts bonus damage proportional to his own health but also applies debuffs on adversaries. Upon reaching three stacks, these debuffs allow Tahm Kench to stun his foes, perfectly setting the stage for Smolder to secure kills.

Tahm Kench's Q, Tongue Lash, strikes a dual chord by damaging and slowing opponents, while also rejuvenating Tahm, tipping the scales in favor of trades and skirmishes.

Abyssal Dive, his W, provides Tahm with the ability to submerge and reemerge at a target location, disrupting enemy lines through damage and knock-ups—a tool equally useful for initiating or disengaging from unfavorable encounters.

Thick Skin, his E, transforms received damage into a temporary shield, bolstering Tahm's durability to withstand incoming attacks meant for Smolder. However, it's his ultimate, Devour, that truly sets Tahm Kench apart; he can engulf Smolder, shielding them from all forms of harm and crowd control. This act of consumption requires judicious timing but stands as a testament to Tahm Kench's exceptional protective instincts.

Tahm Kench's kit offers a myriad of strategies to back Smolder's bold maneuvers, nurturing their aggressive playstyle while safeguarding them from the brink of peril, establishing him as a quintessential partner in high-stakes aggression.


Selecting the optimal support to complement Smolder's aggressive playstyle in League of Legends can dramatically enhance the duo's effectiveness in lane and beyond. From Rakan's engaging prowess to Thresh's unparalleled playmaking capabilities, each recommended support brings a unique set of skills that synergize perfectly with Smolder, offering everything from protection and sustain to crowd control and kill potential. Whether you're drawn to the straightforward strength of Lulu, the disruptive force of Poppy, or the tactical utility of Maokai, mastering these supports can empower Smolder to fully unleash their explosive potential on the Rift. By focusing on the synergy between support and ADC, players can not only secure a dominant lane presence but also carve a path to victory, making every match a testament to the power of collaboration and strategic harmony.

Posted On: March 5th, 2024

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