League of Legends: Best Wards Skins of all time
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League of Legends: Best Wards Skins of all time

If you're a League of Legends enthusiast with an eye for diverse styles, you're likely familiar with ward skins. However, do you know which ones stand out as the best? Today, we'll unveil the top 10 ward skins in League of Legends.

What Are Ward Skins?

Before we dive into the rankings, let's clarify what ward skins are. These cosmetic items allow players to customize the appearance of Totem Wards, Stealth Wards, Farsight Wards, Control Wards, and Zombie Wards placed during the game.
In the early days of ward skins, Riot Games initially offered them as 7-day rentals, stackable up to 52 times. Some of the original ward skins could be acquired using Influence Points. However, within a year of their release, Riot Games wisely transitioned them into permanent cosmetics—a decision that resonated well with players.
Stay tuned as we explore the cream of the crop among ward skins, showcasing the finest options for those who appreciate both aesthetics and strategic gameplay.

1) Dawnbringer Ward

Among my personal favorites is the Dawnbringer Ward skin, introduced in 2017 to commemorate the Dawnbringer event—a spectacular clash of Order and Chaos featuring Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo. What sets this ward skin apart is its exclusivity; it could only be acquired by purchasing the Way Of The Order Pass for 1300 Riot Points (now converted to Orange Essence). Beyond its aesthetically pleasing design, the Dawnbringer Ward is renowned for being one of the rarest ward skins in the game.

2) Riggle

Riggle's cuteness is on another level, especially in its baby form—believably adorable. In our perspective, Riggle stands out as one of the most distinctive ward skins in the League of Legends universe. Harness its charm to vanquish foes, not with force, but with irresistible cuteness. Seriously, take a moment to gaze at this ward skin; it's hard to imagine anyone resisting its allure.

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3) Ward Of Draven

Enter the realm of our beloved ax-spinning and throwing maniac—Draven, or as he prefers to proclaim, Draaaaven. Yes, he's a tad eccentric. Despite being an egotistical glory-seeker with a penchant for hurling axes, Draaaaven has somehow secured a spot for his face on a ward, and I must say, it looks absolutely fantastic. Unleashed upon the world in 2013, this ward skin stands proudly among the finest. I wouldn't be surprised if even Tyler1 himself has a soft spot for this one.

4) Tomb Angel

Hailing from the distant past of 2012, the Tomb Angel skin emerged during the Harrowing event. This relic is not only one of the coolest but also among the rarest skins in the League of Legends universe. Available for purchase when the legacy vault reopens, its features exude a dark and gray ambiance, with a gloomy atmosphere that perfectly captures its essence. A mysterious figure, cloaked in shadows, stands vigil over a certain location, serving as a silent guardian—protecting what, or whom, remains a tantalizing mystery.

5) Armadillo Ward

Who could resist the charm of a cute little armadillo ward? Introduced during an Ascension event, the armadillo ward skin remains a fond memory for many. While Rammus may not top the popularity charts in League of Legends, his transformation into a ward is undeniably adorable. Picture this: the ward, with its golden skin and green accents, gleefully offering a sweet little thumbs-up. It's the perfect blend of charm and whimsy in the form of a ward.

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6) Slaughter Fleet

For ardent Bilgewater enthusiasts, the Slaughter Fleet ward skin is a must-have. This ward allows you to showcase your tenacity and rebel against authority with a display of grit and bared fangs. Marked by a saber entwined with a serpent and flanked by two additional sabers, it sets the standard for any self-respecting ward collector. Embrace the nautical spirit of Bilgewater with this formidable and stylish addition to your collection.

7) Victorious ward 

After putting in considerable effort, you've ascended to the prestigious Gold Elo. As a reward for your achievements, you're bestowed with a Victorious skin, and to your surprise, there's an extra treat hidden in its pocket—a Victorious ward! This ward skin boasts a crystal ball adorned with a regal crown, a symbol of your triumph and prowess in the competitive ranks. Display it proudly and let the crystal ball signify not just vision on the map but the clarity with which you navigated your journey to Gold Elo.

8) Honor Level 4

Behold this beauty—the honor level 4 ward skin, an absolute favorite of mine. The enchanting purple hue commands attention, and gazing upon this ward fills you with pride for being recognized as an honorable player. Unveiled in 2017, this ward skin was an exclusive reward for those who achieved the esteemed honor level 4—a commendable feat, to say the least. While it may not be the pinnacle of honor levels, I find its aesthetics far superior to the honor level 5 ward. The regal purple, often associated with royalty, indeed imparts a sense of nobility to those who wield it.

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9) SKT T1 KK0ma Ward Skin: A Coach's Legacy
T1, formerly known as SKT T1, boasts one of the most impressive track records in professional LoL play. While many SKT champion skins stand as a testament to their success, what about the mastermind behind it all—former SKT coach KK0ma? In a nutshell, he earned his own ward skin, and it's undeniably cool. This ward skin is more than just a desire; it's a temptation so strong you might jokingly consider selling your car and everything in between. Of course, that's just a playful exaggeration. However, the SKT T1 KK0ma Ward Skin is undeniably one of the finest ward skins available. Boasting interactive emotions and a charming exterior, it rightfully claims its place in the spotlight on this list.

10) Riot Ward

In my humble opinion, the Riot ward claims the title of the best ward skin. As the rarest ward in the game, it holds a special place in the hearts of collectors. The exclusive method of obtaining this ward was by attending Pax East in 2014, adding to its rarity and allure. What sets it apart, aside from its rarity, is the undeniable cool factor it exudes.
Every time you place this ward, it goes beyond mere functionality. It offers a virtual fist bump, acknowledging your contribution to vision—a subtle yet commendable gesture that we should all appreciate. After all, placing wards is a crucial part of the game, and we could all use a bit more vision around the map.

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Posted On: December 30th, 2023

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