The Best 12 Phantom Skins in VALORANT


The Best 12 Phantom Skins in VALORANT

The Phantom remains one of the most popular and effective weapons, beloved for its precision and suppressive firing capability. With its popularity, a myriad of skins have been released to customize and enhance its aesthetic appeal. In 2024, the selection has grown even more impressive, showcasing everything from sleek futuristic designs to intricate artistic expressions. In this blog, we'll dive into the top 10 Phantom skins in Valorant for 2024, ranking them based on design, popularity, and how they resonate with the community.

Whether you're a collector seeking the next eye-catching piece or a competitive player aiming to stand out in style, these skins represent the pinnacle of Valorant's artistry. And if you're looking to elevate your gameplay to match your new skin, our professional Radiant players are here to guide you to your desired rank and help you finish the act flawlessly. Don't forget to use code "1v9er" at checkout for 20% off all our Valorant services. Join us as we explore these stunning Phantom skins that are sure to turn heads in every match!

What are the best Phantom skins in VALORANT?

If you're searching for the best Phantom skins in VALORANT, there are many amazing choices. This popular weapon comes with skins that feature cool animations—from black holes that swallow enemies to bulls that knock them into the air. With so many skins available, some definitely stand out as the favorites. Let's explore which Phantom skins rise above the rest and how they can spice up your gameplay.

#12: Recon

Price: 1,775 VP
Bundle: Recon Collection

The Recon Phantom stands out with its four color variants, including a sought-after black and red military camouflage. Ideal for players who sport the rare Riot gun buddy, this skin also resonates with fans of teams like 100 Thieves and Sentinels, thanks to its team colors. Unique to the Recon series, the skin features dynamic weapon attachments that change with each in-game purchase, rotating among a flashlight, a laser sight, and foregrips, adding a touch of realism and variety to your arsenal.

#11: Oni

Price: 1,775 VP
Bundle: Oni Collection
The Oni Phantom skin is a masterpiece that combines rich thematic elements with dynamic animations. Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore, the skin features the iconic imagery of a horned ogre, infusing a mythical essence into the gameplay. When upgraded, the skin unveils a mesmerizing spiritual aura and a striking finisher where swords descend from the sky to entrap opponents amid a swirl of cherry blossoms.

The Oni skin not only offers captivating visuals but also includes an eye-catching variant known as Arizona Green Tea, which pairs mint green with vibrant pink accents. As one of the earliest skins introduced for the Phantom, the Oni continues to be a benchmark for quality and aesthetic appeal in VALORANT’s arsenal.

#10: Radiant Entertainment System

Price: 2,975 VP
Bundle: Radiant Entertainment System

Introduced during Episode Six, Act Three of VALORANT, the Radiant Entertainment System bundle quickly earned acclaim as one of the top collections in the game. This bundle features not just the Phantom, but also includes skins for the Ghost, Operator, and Bulldog. The standout Radiant Phantom skin boasts cutting-edge audio and animation design, making it a favorite for players who value both precision and style.

This ultra-type bundle, the most expensive released to date, draws inspiration from classic arcade games like Bazooka Badger, Dance Fever, and K.nock O.ut!!, offering three distinct variants for each weapon, including the melee. Its unique finisher animation captures the last enemy in a vibrant, arcade-style effect that varies with the weapon variant.

Originally priced at 11,400 VP for the entire bundle, these skins now appear individually in the daily offers section, providing a nostalgic yet futuristic flair to your arsenal.

#9: Prime 2.0

Price: 1,775 VP
Bundle: Prime 2.0 Collection

The Prime 2.0 collection revives the beloved theme of its predecessor while introducing the Phantom into its lineup, making a striking addition. Designed with the sleekness of a hypercar in mind, the Prime Phantom exudes a modern and polished aesthetic, described by senior weapon artist Chris Stone.

The skin retains the iconic reload animation of the original Prime series but adds new flair with exhaust ports that allow light to escape, enhancing its visual appeal. The finisher is particularly dramatic, conjuring a bull that launches your opponent into the air, culminating in a dazzling neon explosion. This skin stands out as a modern classic in the VALORANT arsenal.

#8: Spectrum