Teamfight Tactics: How to fast 9
Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics: How to fast 9

Teamfight Tactics offers a unique strategic landscape compared to its MOBA counterpart, League of Legends, introducing distinctive goals, characters, and terms that define its gameplay. One crucial concept in TFT is "fast 9," a tactic every player aims to master.

In this guide, we'll explore the essentials of "fast 9" in Teamfight Tactics, detailing its significance, and providing strategies to effectively reach this level swiftly. Plus, we'll share additional tips to consistently achieve fast 9 in your matches, enhancing your gameplay and decision-making skills.

Get ready to elevate your TFT strategy as we dive into how to fast 9 and dominate the board.

What is a Fast 9 in TFT?

In Teamfight Tactics, "fast 9" is a strategy where players aggressively level up to 9 to access and roll for powerful 5-cost units. This tactic leverages the immense offensive and defensive capabilities of these high-cost champions, which often turn the tide of the game, especially in mid to lower-ranked play.

Historically, this approach was humorously dubbed the "Jeff Bezos comp" or "Bill Gates comp" due to the substantial gold reserves required to execute it effectively. Initially, this strategy was less common as players were still navigating the complexities of TFT. However, as understanding of the game deepened, more players began adopting and perfecting this aggressive leveling tactic to dominate their matches.

How to Fast 9 in TFT

To execute the "fast 9" strategy in Teamfight Tactics effectively, here’s a step-by-step guide to maximizing your gold accumulation and efficiently leveling up.

Establish Your Strategy Early

The initial rounds are crucial for setting the tone of your game. Decide early whether to pursue a win streak or a loss streak based on the initial champions and items you acquire. Win streaks generate more gold and keep your health high but require a strong early board. Loss streaks can also be beneficial by conserving money and gaining more gold over time, though they come at the cost of reduced health.

Choose the Right Augments

Select Augments that enhance your economy in the early game. Augments that generate additional gold or reduce the cost of leveling can significantly accelerate your progress towards level 9.

Manage Your Health and Economy

Balance your health with your gold reserves. It’s essential to know when to save gold and when to spend it on leveling up. By the mid-game (around stage 3-2), evaluate your health and decide if you need to push for levels or can afford to roll down for better units.

Strategic Leveling

Aim to reach level 7 by stage 4-1 or 4-2. This positions you well to push for level 8 quickly and sets you up for a final push to level 9 at stage 5-1. Ensuring you’re at least level 8 by the late-mid game allows you to start finding those crucial 5-cost units more frequently.

Final Push and Execution

Upon reaching stage 5-1, level up to 9. Immediately start rolling down your gold to find and upgrade your 5-cost units. This is the time to strengthen your board with top-tier units and prepare for the final battles.

Optimize Your Board

As you roll down your gold and acquire high-cost units, quickly reposition and optimize your board for the final stages of the game. This may involve replacing earlier units with more powerful options or adjusting your positioning to counter late-game compositions.

By following these steps and adjusting based on the flow of your particular game, you can master the "fast 9" strategy and significantly improve your chances of winning in Teamfight Tactics.

Some tips for getting to Fast 9

Mastering the Fast 9 strategy in Teamfight Tactics requires awareness and flexibility. Here are refined tips to help you decide when and how to pursue this high-risk, high-reward tactic:

Assess and Adapt

Always monitor your health and the strength of your board. If your health drops too low too quickly, reconsider your strategy. The goal of Fast 9 is to seize a powerful late-game position, but not at the cost of getting knocked out early. Be prepared to pivot if necessary.

Speed is Key

The essence of the Fast 9 strategy is in its name—speed. You need to level up swiftly to gain access to high-cost champions before your opponents do. However, this doesn't mean reckless spending; it’s about smart, timely investments in your levels to ensure your board remains competitive.

Economic Balance

Manage your gold carefully. While the temptation to push levels can be strong, ensure you're not sacrificing too much economy. A good rule of thumb is to maintain enough gold to earn interest, especially in the early to mid-game phases, unless you're committing to an aggressive push.

Strategic Decisions

If you're falling behind, sometimes it's better to stabilize your board with stronger units at a lower level rather than blindly pushing for level 9. Adding a couple of 2-star units can be more beneficial for survival than rushing to add another 5-cost unit that you can't afford to upgrade.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can more effectively gauge when to pursue Fast 9 and when to adapt your strategy to the evolving game dynamics. This balance between risk and reward is crucial for mastering Fast 9 and achieving consistent success in Teamfight Tactics.


Mastering the Fast 9 strategy in Teamfight Tactics is about balancing ambition with prudence. While racing to level 9 can unlock the potential for powerful late-game compositions, it requires careful management of resources, a keen sense of timing, and the ability to adapt based on your in-game situation. Whether you choose to push for an early advantage with high-cost units or adapt your strategy to stabilize your board, the key is to remain flexible and responsive to the flow of the game. Remember, success in TFT isn't just about how fast you can level up, but how smartly you can manage your transitions and preserve your health for the final stages of the game.

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