League of Legends Season 14: When Does Skarner’s Rework Comes out? Release Date Revealed
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League of Legends Season 14: When Does Skarner’s Rework Comes out? Release Date Revealed

The much-anticipated rework of League of Legends' Skarner is finally drawing near, ending the prolonged period of eager anticipation. Riot Games has officially disclosed the expected timeline for the reinvigorated version of this storied scorpion champion.

In a surprising twist revealed on Reddit by Brightmoon, the launch of Skarner's rework on the PBE server is slated for either the 8th or 20th March updates. Meanwhile, the live servers are poised to welcome the revamped Skarner by either the 20th of March or the 3rd of April.

The journey to this announcement has been fraught with suspense and speculation, marked by an enduring wait and scattered teasers, creating a saga of its own for the dedicated Skarner fanbase.

Skarner reworked abilities in League of Legends

As Skarner's rework progresses through development, his entire skill set has been previewed, albeit with the possibility of future adjustments. With the unveiling of Skarner’s abilities, here’s an insight into what his reimagined kit will offer:

Skarner's Q Ability

The revamped Q ability will empower Skarner to grasp a sizeable rock and hurl it at his foes. This attack is designed to inflict area of effect (AoE) damage and apply a slowing effect on the enemies it hits. Moreover, it introduces an element of strategy, as Skarner will have the capability to hold onto the rock, deciding the optimal moment for its release. The exact duration Skarner can maintain his grip on the boulder remains to be clarified.

Skarner's W Ability

The reimagined W for Skarner introduces a formidable damage field that not only inflicts harm on surrounding enemies but also fortifies Skarner with a protective shield. This new iteration bears resemblance to his current W ability, yet it remains uncertain whether it will retain the attack speed enhancement found in the original version. Additionally, details about potential crowd control (CC) effects within this ability are still under wraps, leaving room for speculation on its full range of capabilities.

Skarner's E Ability

Marking a significant departure from his previous kit, Skarner's updated E ability introduces an innovative mechanic that enhances his mobility and engagement potential. This ability enables Skarner to navigate through terrain, moving directly through walls to approach and seize an opponent. Upon successful contact, if the target collides with a wall, they are subjected to crowd control (CC) effects. The specifics of how this ability interacts with other champions remain ambiguous, including whether Skarner can bypass multiple champions or if the ability is halted upon encountering the first champion.

Skarner's Ultimate Ability (R)

iot Games had previously assured fans that Skarner's signature move, Impale, would retain its essence in the rework. The updated version of this ultimate now boasts the ability to latch onto multiple adversaries, enhancing its utility beyond the singular target focus of its original incarnation.

The revamped Impale introduces a layer of complexity, as it now requires precision aiming and can be missed. In cases where an opponent manages to cleanse the effect, the ability will inflict only half its intended damage, structured around a two-stage damage process. This modification presents both advantages and challenges compared to the original version, significantly amplifying Skarner's strategic presence and impact within the game.

However, it's important to note that this information might be outdated, as recent gameplay footage has not showcased Skarner's ultimate, and details about his passive are still pending.

A Shift in Theme

Riot has decisively moved away from Skarner's crystal-centric aesthetic, embracing a more literal interpretation of his scorpion inspiration — notably featuring three stingers. Early concept art introduced this tri-stinger design, a creative direction that has evidently influenced the final model, albeit with some adjustments from the initial concepts.

The concept art for Skarner's revamped skins also unveils Riot's vision for his redesign. The Guardian of the Sands skin, in particular, aligns Skarner more closely with the Shuriman theme of the skin line.

With the latest insights shared at the beginning of Season 2024, fans have been treated to a preview of Skarner's updated in-game model, showcasing refined textures and confirming the direction of his rework.

After a considerable wait, Skarner's highly anticipated rework is on the horizon, promising to reintroduce the champion with renewed vigor and a fresh thematic approach.

Skarner rework skins in League of Legends

Skarner's eagerly awaited rework is set to bring a comprehensive transformation not only to the champion himself but also to his entire skin collection. Given that Skarner's current visuals feel archaic when compared to the more recent additions to the League of Legends champion pool, and considering some skins have remained untouched since his debut in 2011, a visual upgrade is well overdue.

Each of Skarner's existing skins will undergo significant revisions as part of his rework, ensuring they match the updated aesthetic and thematic depth of his new design:

  • Earthrune Skarner: Priced at 520 RP, this skin will receive a thematic enhancement to reflect its rune-infused design more vividly.
  • Sandscourge Skarner: For 975 RP, players can anticipate a more detailed and immersive representation of Skarner's desert dominion.
  • Guardian of the Sands Skarner: Also at 975 RP, this skin will align more closely with the rich lore and visuals of Shurima, embracing the skin line's thematic essence.
  • Cosmic Sting Skarner: At 1350 RP, this skin is expected to showcase Skarner in a more majestic and cosmic light, with detailed textures and effects.
  • Battlecast Alpha Skarner: The pinnacle of Skarner's skins, priced at 1820 RP, will likely see the most dramatic transformation, offering a deeper dive into the Battlecast universe with enhanced visuals and effects.

These updates aim to rejuvenate Skarner's appearance across all his skins, ensuring they stand on par with the quality and immersion expected in the current era of League of Legends.

Community Frustrations with Skarner Rework

The prolonged wait for Skarner's rework has been a source of exasperation within the League of Legends community, with many fans feeling left in the dark for too long. Expectations were reignited following a development update video from Riot, which many hoped would shed light on Skarner's rework among other anticipated updates.

However, the omission of Skarner from the update led to a wave of disappointment across the fanbase. A notable Reddit discussion emerged around the video's content, highlighting the frustration over the absence of any news on Skarner. Responding to the community's concerns, Riot Brightmoon stepped in with a comment on the thread. He acknowledged the community's eagerness for updates and provided a glimmer of hope by confirming that Skarner's rework was on the verge of being introduced to the Public Beta Environment (PBE), signaling that progress was indeed being made.

When is the Skarner rework coming out?

Following Riot Brightmoon's announcement regarding Skarner's forthcoming debut on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), the League of Legends community has been abuzz with speculation concerning the precise timing of the rework's release. The latest PBE patch, featuring Skarner's updated icon and border, has fueled players' optimism, leading to widespread conjecture that the rework could be unveiled in the upcoming March 6 or March 20 PBE updates. Additionally, there's growing anticipation that Skarner's revamped iteration might grace the live servers by March 20 or, at the latest, April 3, marking a significant milestone in the champion's long-awaited overhaul.

Player Expectations

The build-up to Skarner's rework has been a journey of anticipation and patience for the League of Legends community, spanning over two years of speculation and hope. The excitement is particularly intense among Skarner enthusiasts, who are on the edge of their seats, keen to discover the transformative changes Riot Games has implemented for their favorite scorpion champion.

As the potential release dates draw near, the fervor within the community is reaching new heights. Players are keenly awaiting the chance to dive into the Rift with the updated Skarner, curious about how his alterations will reshape his gameplay and influence the broader dynamics of the game. With the rework's introduction on the horizon, the League of Legends community is united in its eagerness to embrace Skarner's return, fully reimagined and ready to leave his mark on the battlefield once again.


Skarner's rework journey in League of Legends has been a tale of anticipation, marked by delays but ultimately leading to a promising horizon in the first half of 2024. This rework promises not only a complete overhaul of Skarner’s abilities, making him more formidable and engaging on the Rift, but also a visual and thematic update to bring him in line with the evolving standards of the game. With updated skins and a fresh lore, Skarner is set to re-emerge as a captivating character for both long-time enthusiasts and new players. As we edge closer to the release window, the excitement within the community is palpable, eagerly awaiting the resurgence of this iconic champion with a new lease on life in the League of Legends universe.

Posted On: March 3rd, 2024

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