League of Legends Season 14: The Best ADCs Champions
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League of Legends Season 14: The Best ADCs Champions

League of Legends Season 14 ushers in a new era of exciting gameplay, following the conclusion of the 2023 season. The new season brings a whirlwind of changes, including champion adjustments, a mix of buffs and nerfs, the introduction of innovative items, and significant alterations to the game's map.
In this insightful article presented by 1v9, we shift our focus to the sharpshooters of the Rift, highlighting the top 5 ADC (Attack Damage Carry) champions that are primed to dominate in Patch 14.1. These champions are not only poised to excel in the current meta but also offer an excellent starting point for players looking to make an impact in the new season. For deeper insights, including specific matchup strategies and additional tips, be sure to visit our blog post page.

1) Vayne

Vayne secures her spot as a premier ADC in League of Legends, especially in Season 14. Known for her exceptional scaling, she becomes an unrivaled force in the later stages of the game, capable of winning virtually any 1v1 against other ADCs in LoL.
The essence of Vayne's power lies in her prowess during extended trades. Her W ability allows her to inflict significant damage to single targets, making her especially deadly in prolonged engagements. This ability not only makes her a threat in lane but also a formidable opponent in late-game scenarios.
In team fights, Vayne's agility and tactical positioning are key. Her Q ability is not just an offensive tool but also a means of repositioning and evading enemy frontliners. This mobility, combined with her damage output, makes her a critical asset during skirmishes.
Additionally, Vayne is renowned as a "tank buster." Her ability to rapidly shred through the defenses of tanky champions makes her invaluable in games where the enemy team relies heavily on such characters. This unique trait sets her apart in the ADC role, where dealing with tanks can often be challenging for other champions. Vayne's combination of late-game dominance, tank-busting capabilities, and repositioning skills solidifies her status as a top-tier ADC for players looking to make a significant impact in Season 14.

2) Ashe

Ashe, already a formidable presence in Season 13, is poised to become even stronger in Season 14 of League of Legends, benefiting greatly from the recent item and map changes. These updates, particularly favorable to her playstyle, are expected to amplify her effectiveness in the game.
A significant aspect of Ashe's strength manifests after she reaches level 6, where her Ultimate becomes a game-changing tool. This ability not only enhances her dueling potential but also provides substantial utility for her team, allowing her to initiate or turn around fights from a distance.
During the laning phase, Ashe's prowess is evident in her ability to win extended trades. Her Q and W abilities enable her to effectively chip away at her opponents' health, exerting constant pressure in the lane. This sustained damage output, combined with her range, allows her to maintain control and potentially dominate her lane.
Post-level 6, Ashe's Ultimate becomes a key asset in setting up ganks for her Jungler and creating playmaking opportunities across the map. The global range of her Ultimate adds a strategic layer to her gameplay, making her a constant threat to consider for the enemy team.
However, players must be mindful of Ashe's lack of mobility. While she possesses crowd control capabilities within her kit, her immobility can make her vulnerable to ganks and aggressive enemy engages. Proper positioning is crucial when playing Ashe, as overextending without adequate vision or support can lead to being easily caught out. With strategic positioning and effective use of her Ultimate, Ashe stands out as a strong ADC choice in Season 14, offering both lane dominance and significant global impact.

3) Ezreal

Ezreal remains a consistently popular and powerful choice in the ADC role for League of Legends, particularly shining in Season 14's Patch 14.1. His longstanding position at the top of the ADC tier list, combined with his user-friendly mechanics, makes him an excellent pick for both new and experienced players.
One of Ezreal's key strengths is his ability to dominate the laning phase. He excels at poking and harassing the enemy with his Q, steadily whittling down their health. This constant pressure can force opponents to play defensively, giving Ezreal and his support control of the lane. Once the enemy is sufficiently weakened, Ezreal can capitalize on this advantage by using his E for an aggressive all-in, often resulting in a kill or forcing the enemy to retreat.
Ezreal's safety as an ADC cannot be overstated. His E ability, Arcane Shift, provides him with a reliable escape mechanism, making him one of the safer picks in the game. This safety is a significant advantage as it allows his support the flexibility to roam and create plays elsewhere on the map without leaving Ezreal overly vulnerable. His ability to stay safe while also applying pressure makes him a balanced yet potent pick, capable of both self-sufficiency and team contribution.
For players seeking a versatile, impactful, and relatively straightforward ADC to master, Ezreal is a standout choice in the current meta. His blend of lane dominance, poke potential, and safety makes him a formidable opponent in the right hands, perfectly suited for the dynamic gameplay of Season 14.

4) Karthus

Karthus stands out as the lone AP (Ability Power) champion on our list for the ADC role in League of Legends Season 14. While there are several viable AP options for the bottom lane, Karthus distinguishes himself with his straightforward yet highly effective playstyle, making him a potent force throughout all stages of the game.
In lane, Karthus's primary strength lies in his Q ability, Lay Waste, which allows him to match and even surpass most champions in terms of damage output. His gameplay revolves around skillfully landing these Qs to poke and harass the enemy, steadily chipping away at their health. Karthus players should aim to avoid auto-attack trades, as his strength is not in direct, sustained fights but rather in his ability to deal damage from a distance.
Once Karthus reaches level 6 and unlocks his Ultimate, Requiem, his global presence becomes a significant factor. This ability allows him to impact fights and skirmishes across the entire map. The key to maximizing the effectiveness of his Ultimate is timing and positioning – using it when out of range of enemy support's crowd control to secure kills or assist in team fights. This global pressure makes Karthus a unique and valuable ADC, offering a playstyle that combines lane poking with cross-map influence.
Karthus's ability to consistently deal damage, combined with his global ultimate, makes him an excellent choice for players who prefer a more strategic, ability-focused approach to the ADC role. His presence in the bottom lane adds a layer of complexity to the team's composition, allowing for diverse strategies and playstyles in Season 14.

5) Twitch

Twitch rounds out our selection as a formidable ADC in League of Legends Season 14. Known for his prowess in the later stages of the laning phase and his exceptional performance in team fights, Twitch brings a unique set of skills to the table, especially with his impactful Ultimate.
In team fights, Twitch's strength is magnified. His kit allows him to accumulate a high attack speed, enabling him to unleash a barrage of damage rapidly. This aspect, combined with his Ultimate, Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat, enables Twitch to dish out substantial damage across multiple targets. His Ultimate's ability to extend his attack range and pierce through enemies makes him particularly lethal when opponents are clustered together, as he can hit multiple champions with each shot.
However, playing Twitch comes with its challenges. To truly capitalize on his potential to "melt" enemy teams, it's crucial for Twitch to gain an early advantage. Securing early kills or farm leads is essential to snowball into the mid and late game effectively. Without this early lead, Twitch may struggle to reach the level of dominance needed to sway team fights in his favor.
Twitch's reliance on positioning and timing, along with the need to secure an early lead, makes him a high-risk, high-reward champion. For players who can navigate these challenges and exploit Twitch's late-game scaling and team fight effectiveness, he can be an incredibly rewarding ADC, capable of turning the tide of battles with well-timed ambushes and devastating volleys in Season 14.


as we venture into Season 14 of League of Legends, the ADC role continues to evolve with a diverse array of champions leading the charge. Vayne, Ashe, Ezreal, Karthus, and Twitch each offer unique strengths and playstyles, catering to different preferences and strategies. Vayne excels in late-game duels, Ashe brings global utility and lane control, Ezreal offers poke and safety, Karthus dominates with AP damage and global presence, and Twitch can turn team fights with his high-impact Ultimate.
This variety ensures that ADC players have multiple avenues to impact the game, whether through lane dominance, strategic playmaking, or team fight execution. Understanding each champion's strengths and how to capitalize on them is key to mastering the ADC role in this season. Whether you prefer the precision of Vayne, the strategic play of Ashe, the versatility of Ezreal, the unique approach of Karthus, or the team fight prowess of Twitch, there's a champion for every ADC player looking to make their mark in Season 14. Happy climbing, and may your arrows, bullets, and spells find their mark!

Posted On: January 17th, 2024

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