Top 5 Best Featured Game Modes in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best Featured Game Modes in League of Legends

Occasionally, League of Legends introduces whimsical yet thrilling game modes that promise an additional layer of enjoyment. Among the plethora of entertaining game modes in LoL, some truly shine others… kinda flop.

Top featured game modes in League of Legends

1) Legend of the Poro King

Kicking off our list is the captivating Legend of the Poro King game mode. Many of you may be acquainted with this mode – it offers a highly enjoyable gameplay experience. In this particular mode, two teams, each comprising five players, aim to vanquish one another by assaulting the Nexus. While this premise might sound familiar, there's an intriguing twist to it. What sets this game mode apart is the introduction of the Poro King. If you've delved into this mode previously, you're likely aware that it replaces your standard summoner spells with two exclusive ones – namely, Poro Toss/Poro Dash and To the King.
Originally introduced during the Snowdown Showdown event in 2014, Legend of the Poro King unfolds on the Howling Abyss, featuring Blind Draft for champion selection.
The Poro King adds a fascinating dynamic to the gameplay, providing substantial support to the team that successfully summons him. Additionally, you can enhance his capabilities by feeding him Snax.
Check out the new items exclusive to this mode:

  • Super Spicy Snax – These are too hot for Poros, causing the Poro King to spew fire upon consumption.
  • Frosted Snax – Providing a cooldown from the super spicy variant, Frosted Snax allows the Poro King to unleash a barrage of ice missiles.
  • Rainbow Snax Party Pack – A delightful treat for all Poros, triggering a stampede that pulls in any champions obstructing their path.
  • Espresso Snax – Overflowing with caffeine, these Snax make the king bounce around, knocking back any enemies and gaining a substantial shield.

In the midst of the Legend of the Poro King game mode, each champion is accompanied by two adorable poros.

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2) Hunt of the Blood Moon

Moving down our list of standout game modes in League of Legends, we arrive at Hunt of the Blood Moon. For those aspiring assassins among you, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills. Aligned with The Blood Moon Festival, this game mode features two teams of Assassins vying for the Blood Moon's blessing, granting them temporary demonic powers.
The primary goal in Hunt of the Blood Moon is to reach 350 points. Played on Summoner’s Rift, the mode follows a Blind Pick format with champion restrictions.
This game mode boasts a limited champion pool, featuring iconic characters such as:

  • Elise
  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Ekko
  • Camille
  • Evelynn
  • Diana
  • Kassadin
  • Fixx
  • Kayn
  • Katrina
  • Kennen
  • Zed
  • Rengar
  • Talon
  • Yasuo
  • Shaco
  • Kha’Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • LeBlanc
  • Pantheon

Regardless of your champion choice, you begin at level 3 with the Blood Pact affecting you. This grants a 50% cooldown reduction on summoner spells and active items, increased mana regeneration, boosted movement speed, and faster ultimate cooldowns.
At the game's outset, outer turrets are absent, and after the six-minute mark, inner turrets crumble. Lane minions are disabled, respawn timers are reduced, and gold and experience are fixed. Passive experience begins at the game's start at around 18 experience per second, while passive gold begins at 1:00, yielding approximately 221 gold per second. Killing a champion won't provide additional experience, and many defensive items are unavailable in the shop.
The game concludes when a team reaches 350 points, and points can be earned through three methods:

  • Killing an Enemy Spirit – Grants 3 points.
  • Killing an enemy champion – Grants 5 points.
  • Killing a Demon Herald – Grants a substantial 25 points.

In this game mode, Summoner’s Rift undergoes a captivating reskin, providing a visually appealing experience.

3) Ultra-Rapid Fire Game Mode (URF)

If you've ever delved into the Ultra-Rapid Fire Game mode, you understand the sheer intensity it brings to the table. Esteemed by many LoL players, this game mode unquestionably deserves a spot on our list of the finest featured game modes in League of Legends. Players particularly appreciate the ability to kick things off with an impressive 80% cooldown reduction. Originally unleashed as an April Fools’ Day treat, this mode unfolds on Summoner’s Rift, featuring an All Random Draft. Participants can utilize any of their owned champions along with those from the last three Free Rotations.
Adjacent to each team's fountain, a cannon awaits friendly champions. Hopping into the cannon renders the unit invisible, and exceeding a 10-second stay compels them to reappear.
When the Ultra-Rapid Fire game mode makes its return, it's an experience you simply mustn't miss.

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4) Doom Bots

The Doom Bots game mode made its debut in 2015, marking one of the initial instances of featured game modes incorporating bots. Operating under Co-Op vs. AI, each bot undergoes mutations, endowed with unique abilities.
As the match progresses, the Doom Bots undergo further mutations, not only retaining their original abilities but also gaining the capabilities of other champions.
In 2016, during the Halloween events, the Evil Overlord of the Doom Bots emerged, featuring the infamous Devil Teemo.
Immersed in an eerily transformed Summoner’s Rift, this game mode adopts a survival-style approach. Prepare yourself as Doom Bots swarm your lanes from every conceivable direction. Your mission is to endure for 15 minutes, and once the Evil Overlord of the Doom Bots is summoned, defeating him becomes the key to victory.
Doom Bots lack the ability to heal or return to the shop, but their respawn time is remarkably swift. Summoner’s Rift is divided in half, and the enemy towers are impervious. Be ready for a chilling challenge!

5) Ascension

Highlighting another exceptional game mode deserving recognition among the best-featured options is Ascension. This recurring temporary game mode was originally crafted for the Shuriman event in September 2014.
Ascension unfolds on the Crystal Scar, and players are unable to traverse on foot from the fountain. Instead, they utilize the Golden Transcendence for teleportation.
To clinch victory, the first team to amass 200 points claims the game. Here's a breakdown of point-earning methods in Ascension:

  • If a killer is Ascended – earn 2 points.
  • Killing enemy champions – each kill yields 1 point.
  • Claiming a Relic of Shurima – earn 3 points.
  • Killing the Ancient Ascendant – earn 5 points.
  • Killing an Ascended Champion – earn 5 points.

A standout feature of Ascension mode is the interaction with the Ancient Ascendant Xerath. When all ten players engage in a dance around Xerath, he reciprocates by joining in. If a player ceases to dance, Xerath follows suit and stops dancing.

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It's always a thrilling moment when a featured game mode spices things up in League of Legends. This marks a refreshing departure from the intensity of ranked games, offering a chance to dive into some lighthearted and often humorous gameplay. These modes provide a welcome break from the stress of optimizing builds, potential team conflicts, or concerns about feeding. In essence, these game modes are crafted for players to unwind and simply have fun. When your team is hurling Poros at the enemy or engaging in similarly whimsical antics, it's tough not to enjoy the moment.

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