League of Legends Season 14: Best Mages in Arena Mode
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League of Legends Season 14: Best Mages in Arena Mode

In the latest update of League of Legends Arena Mode, mages stand out with their exceptional spellcasting and tactical influence on the game. The introduction of the augment system and the dynamic nature of team compositions allow mages to fully unleash their destructive and controlling capabilities.

This article delves into the five most formidable mages in Arena Mode: Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Syndra, Brand, and Hwei. These champions are celebrated for their devastating damage outputs, extensive crowd control options, and nuanced strategic roles. Additionally, we will explore optimal augments that further amplify their magical dominance on the battlefield, ensuring they are a force to be reckoned with.

Join us as we break down the abilities of these top-tier mages and recommend powerful augments to maximize their effectiveness in Arena Mode.

#1: Malzahar

Malzahar stands as a formidable mage in Arena Mode, renowned for his ability to immobilize opponents and unleash voidlings to amplify his damage output. His proficiency in crowd control and area denial transforms him into a strategic asset during matches. Particularly in 2v2 scenarios, Malzahar's ultimate can decisively shift the balance of power by incapacitating one opponent, effectively turning the tide of battle to a 2v1 situation.

Optimal Augments for Malzahar:

  • Infernal Conduit: Each of Malzahar’s abilities ignites a stacking burn on enemies, which can stack infinitely, enhancing his sustained damage output significantly.
  • Spellwake: When Malzahar hits enemies with his abilities, a reactive blast is triggered from his position to the location of the enemy, adding an explosive impact to his attacks.
  • Phenomenal Evil: This augment rewards aggressive gameplay, granting Malzahar 1 permanent Ability Power (AP) for each hit on an enemy champion, progressively increasing his magical strength.
  • Vulnerability: Amplifying his damage over time, this augment allows Malzahar’s spells to critically strike, dealing 45% additional damage and also grants him a 20% chance to critically hit, boosting his overall damage potential.

These augments are designed to maximize Malzahar's control and damage in Arena Mode, making him a powerhouse capable of dominating the battlefield.

#2: Hwei

Hwei emerges as a uniquely versatile and powerful mage in Arena Mode, distinguished by his expansive spell kit and superior zoning abilities. His strategic placement can dominate choke points and disrupt enemy movements, making him an invaluable asset on any team. Beyond sheer damage, Hwei offers substantial utility and crowd control, making him a multifaceted threat in any match.

Optimal Augments for Hwei:

  • Quest: Wooglet’s Witchcap: Achieving this quest by acquiring a Needlessly Large Rod, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Zhonya’s Hourglass upgrades Hwei with Wooglet’s Witchcap, enhancing his defensive and offensive capabilities.
  • Jeweled Gauntlet: This augment allows Hwei’s abilities to critically strike, dealing 140% damage. Additionally, for every point of Ability Power, Hwei gains 1.5% critical strike chance, dramatically boosting his burst potential.
  • Skilled Sniper: Precision from afar pays off; hitting an enemy with a long-range non-ultimate ability (over 700 range) refreshes its cooldown to just 0.50 seconds, allowing for rapid re-engagement.
  • Bread & Cheese: Grants Hwei a massive increase in ability haste specifically for his E ability, enabling more frequent use and greater flexibility in combat.

These augments significantly enhance Hwei's effectiveness in Arena Mode by bolstering his damage output and control capabilities, ensuring he can hold his ground and contribute decisively to his team's success.

#3: Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is a powerhouse in Arena Mode, celebrated for her relentless damage output and robust crowd control capabilities. Her proficiency in poisoning opponents coupled with her ability to command the battlefield with her miasma and petrifying gaze positions her as a pivotal player in shifting the dynamics of any encounter.

Optimal Augments for Cassiopeia:

  • Spellwake: When Cassiopeia lands an ability on an enemy, it triggers an explosive blast from her location to the target, enhancing her area effect damage and crowd control capabilities.
  • Jeweled Gauntlet: This augment empowers Cassiopeia's abilities to critically strike, dealing 140% damage. Furthermore, it enhances her critical strike chance by 1.5% for every point of Ability Power she possesses, significantly increasing her burst potential.
  • Rabble Rousing: Every time Cassiopeia casts an ability, she heals for 1% of her total health, providing her with sustainability in prolonged fights.
  • Big Brain: At the beginning of each round, Cassiopeia gains a shield equivalent to 3 points for every 1 point of Ability Power she has, bolstering her resilience and enabling her to withstand more damage as she controls the arena.

These augments magnify Cassiopeia’s strategic importance in Arena Mode, allowing her to dominate through sustained damage, strategic crowd control, and improved survivability.

#4: Brand

Brand stands out in Arena Mode as a devastating force, thanks to his ability to inflict significant damage over time and his capability to ignite the battlefield with his fiery passive. His potent area-of-effect spells can decisively influence the flow of combat, making him a key player in any team's lineup.

Optimal Augments for Brand:

  • Jeweled Gauntlet: Enhances Brand’s abilities to critically strike, delivering 140% damage. Additionally, for each point of Ability Power, Brand gains a 1.5% increase in critical strike chance, amplifying his burst damage capacity.
  • Infernal Conduit: Brand’s abilities ignite enemies with a stacking burn effect that can accumulate indefinitely, intensifying his damage over time and making him increasingly dangerous as engagements persist.
  • Phenomenal Evil: This augment rewards Brand for his aggression; each time he hits an enemy champion, he gains 1 permanent Ability Power, steadily increasing his damage output throughout the game.
  • Big Brain: At the beginning of each round, Brand receives a shield amounting to 3 points for every 1 point of Ability Power he has, significantly boosting his durability and allowing him to withstand incoming damage more effectively.

These augments leverage Brand’s natural strengths, making him a formidable contender in Arena Mode by enhancing his explosive damage potential and survivability on the battlefield.

#5: Syndra

Syndra stands as a formidable presence in Arena Mode, known for her exceptional burst damage and crowd control capabilities. With her ability to manipulate and unleash orbs at will, she excels in both targeting individual foes and controlling areas with her devastating attacks.

Optimal Augments for Syndra:

  • Jeweled Gauntlet: Enhances Syndra’s spells to critically strike, dealing 140% damage. This augment also increases her critical strike chance by 1.5% for each point of Ability Power, significantly boosting her burst potential during engagements.
  • Eureka: This augment provides Syndra with ability haste equivalent to 25% of her Ability Power, allowing her to cast spells more frequently and maintain pressure on her adversaries.
  • Combo Master: Syndra gains access to both the Electrocute and Phase Rush Runes, enhancing her offensive and mobility capabilities. Electrocute bolsters her burst damage following rapid spell combinations, while Phase Rush increases her movement speed, allowing for agile repositioning.
  • Bread & Butter: Specifically targeting Syndra’s Q, this augment grants a massive 200 ability haste, drastically reducing its cooldown and enabling more frequent use. This makes her Q an even more critical tool in her arsenal for both initiating fights and delivering sustained damage.

These augments are tailored to amplify Syndra’s natural strengths, making her an even more lethal and versatile mage in Arena Mode. With these enhancements, Syndra is poised to control the battlefield and decisively influence the outcome of matches through her powerful sorcery and strategic dominance.


Arena Mode in League of Legends provides a spectacular stage for mages to truly excel, thanks to a diverse array of augments that can dramatically enhance their powers. From Cassiopeia's relentless damage output to Brand's explosive area control, each mage benefits from specific augments that maximize their inherent strengths, ensuring they can be formidable forces during matches. By strategically experimenting with different augment combinations, players can unlock potent synergies that elevate their gameplay, allowing them to outmaneuver and overpower the competition with skill and precision. Embrace these enhancements and tailor your mage's abilities to dominate the Arena.

Posted On: June 6th, 2024

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