Banned for no reason in League of Legends? Fixed!
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Banned for no reason in League of Legends? Fixed!

Facing an unexpected ban in League of Legends, a massive and celebrated MOBA developed by Riot Games, is a frustrating ordeal that many players encounter. The game's growing popularity means that, inevitably, the number of bans also increases. However, if you or someone you know has been unfairly penalized with a ban, there's no need to despair. This guide is crafted to assist you in understanding why you might have been banned and outline the necessary steps to challenge and possibly reverse the ban.

This exploration will delve into the common reasons behind account bans and provide a strategic roadmap to appeal against an unjust ban. By following our advice, you stand a chance to reclaim your account and dive back into the action.

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Why were you banned in League of Legends?

Understanding the reasons behind a ban in League of Legends is crucial, as Riot Games enforces its Terms of Service rigorously to maintain a fair and respectful gaming environment. Both League of Legends and Valorant players have experienced the consequences of breaching these terms, with the company taking swift action to penalize misconduct.
The variety of infractions that can lead to a ban is broad, and the severity of the offense often dictates the length of the ban. Common reasons for receiving a ban include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in toxic behavior
  • Participating in account sharing
  • Employing cheats or hacks
  • Engaging in or being suspected of suspicious activities
  • Being caught in false positive security measures

These actions are taken seriously by Riot Games to preserve the integrity and enjoyment of the game for all players. Understanding these rules and adhering to them is essential for anyone looking to avoid facing a ban in League of Legends.

Contacting Riot using a support ticket

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a ban in League of Legends, your initial step towards resolution should be to reach out to Riot Support. Crafting a support ticket is your primary strategy for communication, so it's crucial to approach this with clarity and precision.

When composing your ticket, focus on providing a succinct yet thorough explanation of the situation. Avoid the temptation to express frustration or cast blame, as this can undermine your case. Instead, concentrate on presenting a factual account of why you believe the ban was mistakenly applied to your account.

Incorporate specific details such as your activities at the time of the ban, alongside any relevant screenshots or timestamps. The key is to furnish Riot Support with concrete evidence that substantiates your claim. By adhering to these guidelines, you enhance the likelihood of a favorable review of your case, paving the way for a potential overturn of the ban.

First Figure out what happened

After submitting your support ticket to Riot Games, the anticipation for a response can understandably stir a mix of anxiety and concern. During this period, it's beneficial to engage in some introspection and assess the potential reasons behind your ban from League of Legends.

Consider the possibility of unintentionally using third-party software that interfered with the game's operations. It's also wise to investigate the security of your account. Review your login history for any unusual activity that might suggest your account was compromised. This step is crucial for identifying whether your account's security was breached without your knowledge.

Reflecting on your in-game behavior is equally important. If there's a chance that your actions could have been perceived as toxic, it's a moment to acknowledge this and plan for a more constructive approach in the future. Understanding the nuances of your situation can not only aid in your appeal but also prepare you mentally for the outcome. Maintaining a balanced perspective—hopeful yet realistic—can help manage your expectations and mitigate the potential disappointment during the waiting period for Riot's reply.

When you get answer from Riot Games

When Riot Games responds to your ticket, the outcome will fall into one of two categories: either your appeal is rejected, or your ban is overturned.

Rejection: If Riot decides to uphold your ban, their response will typically include an explanation of the specific violation(s) that led to your ban, the rationale behind their decision, and the duration of your penalty. Although it may be disappointing, view this as an educational moment. Reflect on the mistake and commit to avoiding such behaviors in the future. Remember, permanent bans are relatively rare, and most penalties will eventually expire, allowing you another chance to prove yourself in the game. For those facing a permanent ban, creating a new account with a different email and ensuring you select the appropriate region is a way to start over.

Ban Lifted: If your appeal is successful and your ban is lifted, it's time for a modest celebration and rejoining the battle alongside your comrades. This second chance should be seen as an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to positive in-game conduct, sportsmanship, and respectful interaction with others. Should you find yourself on the brink of violating Riot's Terms of Service due to in-game frustration, remember that tools are at your disposal to help maintain your composure. Commands such as /fullmute, /muteself, and /deafen can significantly reduce distractions and potential provocations from others. For a more supportive playing environment, consider partnering with skilled teammates through services like 1v9, which can offer a less toxic and more enjoyable gaming experience. Plus, with the code "1v9er," you can enjoy these benefits at a discounted rate, ensuring your return to the game is both triumphant and sustainable.


Why did I get banned from League of Legends without any apparent reason?

Bans in League of Legends are generally the result of breaching the game's Terms of Service. Common reasons include engaging in cheating, exhibiting toxic behavior, or utilizing unauthorized third-party tools. If you're confident that your ban was unfounded, it's crucial to reach out to Riot Games' support team, armed with detailed information and any relevant evidence, to request a reevaluation of your case.

What steps should I take if my League of Legends ban was unjust?

To challenge an unjust ban in League of Legends, your first move should be to file a detailed support ticket to Riot Games. Ensure that you include all pertinent details related to your account and any proof that might argue against the validity of the ban. Riot Games will then examine the specifics of your situation. If they determine that the ban was mistakenly applied, they will proceed with necessary measures to revoke the ban and reinstate your account. This process emphasizes the importance of providing a comprehensive and clear submission to facilitate a favorable review of your appeal.


 navigating the process of addressing a League of Legends ban requires a blend of patience, clarity, and proactive communication. Whether your account faced a ban due to a misunderstanding, a mistake, or a violation of Riot Games' Terms of Service, understanding the reasons behind the ban and following the proper channels to contest it are your first steps towards resolution. By presenting a well-documented, concise case to Riot Support, you increase your chances of having the ban reviewed and potentially lifted.

Remember, maintaining a positive attitude, respecting other players, and adhering to the game's rules not only enhance your gaming experience but also protect you from future bans. In the event of a ban, using the situation as a learning opportunity can lead to personal growth and a more enjoyable time in League of Legends. Whether your ban is lifted or you're starting anew, let this experience guide you towards becoming a better member of the gaming community.

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