How to Use Emojis in League of Legends Chat
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How to Use Emojis in League of Legends Chat

Emojis have transformed digital communication worldwide, adding flair and emotion to messages across chat platforms, websites, and even within video games. Specifically, in the realm of League of Legends, players can bring a unique touch to their in-game chats by incorporating emojis.

These vibrant symbols serve not just as a means to express emotions but also as a tool to enrich and personalize your communication within the game. Whether it’s celebrating a victory, conveying strategy, or just sharing a moment of fun, emojis can significantly enhance the way you interact with fellow summoners. If you haven’t already embraced the world of emojis in your gaming chats, we highly encourage you to experiment with them. You might find that they add a whole new layer of enjoyment and expression to your gaming experience.

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Why Use Emojis in League of Legends?

Emojis have become a staple in digital communication, and their presence in the League of Legends community is no exception. Their versatility allows for a variety of uses within the game, making them an invaluable tool for players looking to enhance their in-game chat experiences. Here's why emojis are such a hit among League players:

Communicating Emotions

Emojis offer a vibrant way to convey a broad spectrum of emotions quickly and effectively. Whether you're celebrating a successful play with a joyous emoji or expressing disappointment with a frown, these symbols can bridge the communication gap in fast-paced matches, providing immediate emotional feedback to your team.

Injecting Personality into Messages

Your choice of emojis can add a unique flair to your chat messages, helping you to express your individuality and make your interactions more memorable. Whether it's through whimsical, playful icons or more subdued, serious ones, emojis can mirror your personality in the game.

Enhancing Message Clarity

Emojis can serve as visual cues that add depth and clarity to your messages, ensuring that your teammates grasp your intentions or state of mind quickly. A well-placed emoji can signal your plans, like indicating you need to take a break with a coffee cup emoji, or suggesting a strategy with a light bulb.

Fueling Meme Culture

Beyond their functional use, emojis are a powerful tool for crafting and sharing memes within the community. They foster a sense of camaraderie and entertainment, lightening the mood and strengthening bonds between players through shared humor.

How to Use Emojis in League of Legends?

Understanding why emojis are a popular tool for expression in League of Legends sets the stage for learning how to seamlessly integrate them into your in-game communications. Here’s a streamlined guide on how to infuse your League chats with a dash of emoji flair:

Method 1: Using the Emoji Keyboard on Windows

  • Activate the Emoji Keyboard: Simultaneously press the Windows Key + ; (semicolon) or Windows Key + . (period). This action brings up the emoji keyboard overlay on your screen.
  • Draft Your Emoji Selection: Open a notepad or any text editor as a workspace. Click to select your preferred emojis, building a collection of your favorites for easy access.
  • Copy and Implement: Once you’ve curated a list of emojis, copy the ones you wish to use and then head over to the League of Legends client. Within the chat window, paste your selected emojis into the conversation.

Method 2: Utilizing External Emoji Resources

If you encounter issues with the emoji keyboard or prefer a broader selection, there’s an alternative approach:

  • Visit an Emoji Website: Navigate to a comprehensive emoji resource like the GetEmoji website. This platform offers an extensive array of emojis covering various emotions and themes.
  • Choose and Copy Emojis: Browse through the selection and copy the emojis that best fit your message or mood.
  • Paste in the League Client: Return to your League of Legends client and paste the emojis directly into the chat window to share with your teammates or friends.

By following these methods, you can enhance your in-game chat experience in League of Legends with emojis, adding a layer of personality, emotion, and clarity to your digital communications.

League of Legends Emojis FAQs

What are League of Legends Emojis?

League of Legends emojis are vibrant, illustrative icons utilized by players within the game's chat system to convey emotions, share reactions, or commemorate key moments throughout their matches. These symbols offer a dynamic way to enhance communication, adding both visual appeal and expressive depth to interactions within the game.

Is Emojis an in-game feature in League?

As of now, League of Legends does not have an integrated emoji feature directly within the game's interface. To incorporate emojis into your League chats, you'll need to bring them in from external sources by copying and pasting your desired emojis into the game's chat window.

Can Emojis be Offensive in League?

The potential for emojis to be perceived as offensive in League of Legends hinges largely on the context of their use. When employed with the intent to provoke or upset opponents, emojis can indeed take on an offensive character.

Do Emojis Have Any Impact on your Gameplay?

Emojis in League of Legends are designed to be purely aesthetic elements that do not influence the mechanics or outcomes of gameplay. Their primary function is to enhance communication and introduce an element of enjoyment into the in-game experience, without altering the core gameplay dynamics.

Are Emojis available in custom games or practice mode?

Emojis can be used across all game modes in League of Legends, including custom games and practice mode. This allows players to bring their expressive flair into any type of game, whether they're strategizing with friends in a custom setup or honing their skills solo in practice mode.

How to Use Emotes in League of Legends?

Emojis and emotes serve similar purposes in digital communication, offering ways to express feelings and concepts, yet they operate differently within League of Legends. Emotes, unlike emojis, are fully integrated into the game, providing a visual display of emotions or messages on-screen. To utilize emotes effectively in League, follow these refined steps:

  • Activating the Emote Wheel: Press and hold the T key to bring up the emote wheel. While holding, use your mouse to hover over the desired emote.
  • Selecting Your Emote: With the emote wheel open, click on the emote you wish to display. This action will showcase your selected emote on your screen for a brief period, visible to both teammates and opponents.
  • Customizing Emote Hotkeys: For faster and more convenient access to your emotes during intense gameplay, you can assign them to specific keys. Access the game's Settings menu and navigate to the Hotkeys tab. Within the Emotes section, you’ll find the option to bind each emote to a key of your choosing.

This approach not only enriches your in-game communication but also adds a layer of personal expression and strategy, allowing you to react or celebrate in real-time without disrupting the flow of gameplay.

League of Legends Emotes FAQs

How many emotes are in League of Legends?

As of the latest update, League of Legends boasts a collection of 450 unique emotes, offering a wide range of expressions and reactions for players to utilize within the game.

How do I get emotes in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, emotes are available for purchase through the in-game shop, with the majority priced at 350 Riot Points (RP) each. This allows players to personalize their in-game expressions by acquiring their favorite emotes directly.

How do I mute emotes in League of Legends?

Should you ever feel that emotes in League of Legends are becoming a distraction or are simply not to your liking, you have the option to mute them directly from the game's settings. Simply access the Settings menu, navigate to the Audio tab, and locate the Emotes section. Here, you'll find the ability to switch the Mute Emotes option on or off, giving you control over your in-game auditory experience.

What are some of the most popular League of Legends emotes?

Among the wide array of emotes in League of Legends, several stand out for their popularity and frequent use by players. Notable favorites include the charming Poro emote, a universally recognized symbol of goodwill; the Thumbs Up emote, perfect for acknowledging a great play; the Sad Face emote, for those moments of sympathy or disappointment; and the Winking Face emote, often used to inject a bit of playful teasing or confidence into the game's banter.


Both emojis and emotes significantly enrich the player experience. Emojis, those small yet expressive icons, bring a layer of emotional depth and clarity to in-game chat interactions, allowing teammates to share their feelings, reactions, and celebratory moments with ease. They inject a dose of personality and team spirit into the competitive environment, helping to create a more positive and engaging gaming atmosphere.
Whether you lean towards the subtle art of emoji communication or prefer the dynamic expression of in-game emotes, integrating these tools into your gameplay can elevate your League experience. Remember, the key is to enjoy the journey as you climb the ranks. And for those looking to accelerate their progress or start afresh with a new account, our specialized services in account selling and boosting are designed to help you realize your League of Legends aspirations. Achieve higher ranks or embark on a new adventure with a level 30 account, all while enjoying the rich, communicative tapestry that emojis and emotes weave into the fabric of League.

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