What is L9 in League of Legends? and Their Legacy
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What is L9 in League of Legends? and Their Legacy

L9, short for Low Nine, is a notorious EU West club comprising highly skilled players celebrated for their exceptional in-game performance. However, their reputation is also marked by a penchant for toxicity. The group gained widespread attention for their disruptive behavior, which includes trolling games, engaging in heated exchanges with fellow players, and, at times, resorting to personal threats. Over time, L9 has transitioned from their contentious origins, with some members evolving into professional high MMR players or content creators. Whether as professional players or streamers, they continue to leave a lasting impact on the League of Legends community.

Who Created L9?

L9 was founded by RATIRL and Obsess with the initial aim of trolling high elo players and gaining visibility on Twitter. The duo, however, didn't anticipate the rapid growth of their popularity on the platform. Shortly after their rise to fame, Selfmademan and Ap0calypse joined the club, bringing additional recognition due to their exceptional SoloQ skills. While it was initially speculated that the "9" in the name represented nine different members, it was later revealed that the inspiration for the name actually came from the streamer "Hail9." The evolution of L9 from its trolling roots to a club with renowned players reflects the unpredictable trajectory of their journey within the League of Legends community.

The impact of L9

In a surprisingly short span, L9 catapulted into the limelight, emerging as the most renowned club within the League of Legends community. Their notoriety was largely fueled by a distinctive trait – toxicity. Capitalizing on the game's more tumultuous early days, they employed strategies like trolling from champion select with picks like disco Nunu, creating a stir by careening down the mid lane. Their approach extended beyond the game, engaging in inflammatory remarks based on players' race or personal details. The most egregious of their actions involved sending real-life threats, triggering widespread attention on Twitter and amassing a considerable following.
As with any influential group, a cadre of fervent followers emerged. Inspired by their idols, these fanboys began emulating L9's behavior. Seizing the opportunity, Low Nine monetized their popularity by selling club spots adorned with the coveted L9 tag. After swiftly selling out the initial club spots, they multiplied them, capitalizing on the demand and rumored to be fetching prices as high as €50 each.
Given the four founding members of LoL L9, it's only fitting to delve into each one individually.


Let's delve into Ap0calypse, arguably the most contentious figure among the quartet. Better known as Ap0, he stands out as the most toxic member within the group. Renowned for his mastery of Mordekaiser in the past, he has since shifted his focus to predominantly playing Janna, an unconventional choice given her supportive role. Notably, during Season 10, he held the prestigious first spot on the EU West Challenger ladder for an impressive three-month stretch, showcasing his skill with Janna.
What sets Ap0 apart is his inclination towards the extreme when it comes to flaming other players. His threats often escalated to alarming levels, with instances of him menacingly claiming to break others' heads and even sending blades to a teammate. Perhaps the most controversial episode involves a suicide threat directed at the well-known League coach LS, indicating the intensity of his demands. Unsurprisingly, Ap0's in-game conduct led to swift and frequent permanent bans, exacerbated by Riot's accusations of account purchasing.
In an attempt to vindicate himself and secure his accounts, Ap0 took the unconventional step of recording himself leveling them. Despite his notoriety, he seldom streams, maintaining a low profile. His rare streams, however, revealed a penchant for intoxicated gameplay, with Ap0 intentionally feeding during these sessions, often concluding with him vomiting on the floor before abruptly ending the stream. Ap0's personal life remains largely undisclosed, as he has never ventured into professional play, leaving much about him shrouded in mystery.


Enter RATIRL, the uncontested titan of Twitch players in the EU West region. Renowned as a prominent elo-booster, RATIRL frequently teamed up with Ap0 in the past, their dynamic often fueled by inebriated streams that led to chaotic high-elo games. His mastery on Twitch, paired with occasional appearances on drunk streams, drew suspicion, with accusations ranging from LoL scripting to outright cheating, especially given his affinity for Xerath.
However, when RATIRL made the transition to streaming on Twitch.tv, the doubters were proven wrong. Viewers witnessed his extraordinary skill firsthand, dispelling any notions of LoL scripting or unfair play. Today, RATIRL stands as one of the most influential League of Legends streamers, boasting a massive following. His streams predominantly feature high-elo EUW games, with occasional forays into the NA server, where he achieved Challenger status despite playing with a considerable 150 MS ping.
Beyond his gaming prowess, RATIRL has undergone a significant transformation. Once prone to flaming teammates, he has since become a paragon of reformation, rarely engaging in toxic behavior during his streams. His journey from a contested figure to a reformed streamer showcases the complexity of the League of Legends community and the evolution of its prominent personalities.


Enter 0bsess, a formidable jungle talent known for his ability to single-handedly carry high-elo games. Following the waning popularity of LoL L9, 0bsess decided to shift his focus towards professional play. His journey from being a standout SoloQ talent to navigating the complexities of competitive play has been a noteworthy odyssey.
Although he hasn't yet made his mark in the LEC, 0bsess has showcased his skills in various European national leagues. His professional career has seen him don different jerseys, playing for notable teams such as Movistar Riders, Penguins, Misfits Gaming, GamersOrigin, Misfits Premier, mousesports, and presently, Schalke Evolution.
Despite the transition, 0bsess continues to dominate the Challenger ladder, consistently holding one of the top spots. His unwavering goal remains a coveted spot in the LEC, underscoring his determination to elevate his gameplay to the highest echelons of professional League of Legends.


Enter Selfmademan, widely recognized as Selfmade, and currently esteemed as one of the premier junglers in Europe. Among the members of LoL L9, he stands out as the one with the most illustrious competitive success. His journey in the professional scene began with ThunderX3 Baskonia, followed by stints with MAD Lions, SK Gaming, and Fnatic, where he made a significant impact, leading the team to the 2020 Worlds Quarterfinals.
Distinctively, Selfmade separated himself from the toxic tendencies associated with some of his L9 counterparts. His exceptional skills, arguably on par or even surpassing others, propelled him into the limelight of competitive play. Recognizing his talent, larger teams took notice, leading to a pivotal move to Fnatic. Currently donning the colors of Team Vitality, Selfmade not only excels in the professional arena but also shares his gameplay through high-elo streams. Known for his penchant for unorthodox jungle picks, like Zed or Rek'Sai with an Infinity Edge as a first item, he continues to surprise and captivate the League of Legends community.

What is L9 today?

In the present day, LoL L9 has essentially faded into obscurity. The once closely-knit club now consists of members who seldom communicate with each other, each forging their own distinct paths and cultivating individual followings. Notably, the toxicity that once defined the group has dissipated, replaced by a collective focus on personal careers, be it in streaming or professional play.
The legacy of L9 persists in a peculiar way, as enthusiastic fans, eager to emulate their idols, continue to carry the L9 name forward. However, the essence of the club has undergone a transformation, with its original members having moved beyond their controversial past, embracing new endeavors, and leaving behind the turbulent reputation that once characterized LoL L9.

Posted On: January 16th, 2024

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