Is Valorant ELO Boosting Safe?


Is Valorant ELO Boosting Safe?

Many players hesitate to use Valorant ELO boosting services due to concerns about account security and the risk of bans. While there is always a potential risk when altering your account through boosting, working with a reputable and trustworthy boosting company can greatly mitigate these concerns.

Valorant boosting can be safe when you choose a reliable service provider. Among the safest options available, 1v9 stands out for its commitment to customer security and satisfaction, ensuring your account remains secure while helping you achieve your desired ranks.

Is Valorant Boosting Bannable?

Valorant boosting is technically a bannable offense under Riot Games’ terms of service, as the company views it as a form of cheating that compromises the fairness of the competitive ladder. Despite this, the actual risk of facing a ban can be extremely low if you choose a reputable boosting service.

Reputable boosting providers, such as those with a track record of safety and confidentiality, dramatically reduce the likelihood of penalties, with less than 0.1% of boosted accounts facing restrictions or bans. Practically, the incidence of bans for boosted accounts is exceedingly rare, with only about one in a thousand accounts facing punitive action from Riot.

Moreover, by following specific methods and precautions recommended during the boosting process, you can further minimize any risk of your account being penalized, ensuring a safe and effective boost to your desired rank.

How to get elo boosted safely

Purchase from a reputable company

When considering an elo boost, many players mistakenly entrust their accounts to unverified individuals online, risking both their money and account security. To avoid these pitfalls, it is crucial to opt for professional elo boosting services that guarantee the safety of your funds and personal information through secure transaction methods.

Professional boosting companies employ highly skilled boosters and protect your login credentials with advanced security measures, such as third-party applications and hashing systems. These precautions ensure that your username and password are never directly accessed by the booster.

To determine whether a Valorant boosting service is reputable, look for several key features: round-the-clock live customer support, a robust Discord community, legal operation status, secure payment options, and a track record of positive customer reviews. These elements collectively signify a trustworthy and reliable service that prioritizes your account’s security and your overall satisfaction.

Get duo boosted

Duo boosting is a popular and secure method to improve your game ranking because it completely eliminates the risk of account bans or penalties from Riot Games. Unlike traditional boosting, where someone else plays on your account, duo boosting involves you playing your own account. You’ll team up in the game with a booster who uses a smurf account.

The main benefit of duo boosting is that it doesn’t involve sharing your account details, which keeps your account safe from any suspicious activity. It’s a great choice for players who want to be actively involved in their own boosting process.

That’s why we offer duo boosting and the option to directly hire a professional teammate through our website, ensuring minimal wait time. This allows you to enhance your gameplay experience while maintaining complete control over your account.

How Riot detects boosting

Account sharing

Riot Games often identifies boosting by noticing unusual IP activity on an account. Typically, if you buy a boost, the booster will sign into your account from a new location and network, which differs from your regular playing environment. This can alert Riot to potential account sharing.

However, not all IP changes lead to bans, as players may legitimately access their account from various locations, such as when traveling internationally.

Large MMR/win rate increase

Riot Games may look into accounts that suddenly have a string of wins and a sharp increase in MMR. This is because when boosting starts, the booster often wins a lot more games than the account owner usually does, signaling unusual activity.

In-game behavior

When investigating potential boosting, Riot Games closely examines in-game behavior. They assess the champions selected, items bought, and other actions during gameplay, comparing these with the account’s typical activity patterns. This helps them identify discrepancies that may suggest a booster is operating the account.

How we protect you from a ban


To safeguard your account from bans, we utilize Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). VPNs are essential in masking the IP address of the booster who plays on your account. This strategy is crucial because the most common way Riot Games detects boosting is through account sharing and unexpected IP changes.

Additionally, many VPNs provide extra security measures, including full encryption, making them a vital part of our protective measures to ensure your account remains secure and undetected.

Duo boosting with account swaps

For players seeking an extra layer of security with duo boosting, we provide an exclusive service where our booster can frequently switch between accounts. This strategy significantly reduces the likelihood of your account being detected and penalized for boosting, ensuring an even safer and more discreet boosting experience.

Offline mode

Our offline mode feature ensures that during the boosting process, boosters appear offline on your friends list. This means they won’t receive any notifications, messages, or game invites while playing on your account. This functionality is crucial to maintain discretion, preventing friends from noticing unusual activity, which could lead them to report suspected boosting to Riot Games out of jealousy or spite.

Playing at off-peak hours

Playing during off-peak hours can greatly decrease the likelihood of your account being flagged for boosting in League of Legends. With fewer players online, there’s a reduced chance that someone will notice and report suspicious activity. This strategy also lowers the visibility of the account to Riot’s monitoring systems, offering an additional layer of safety from potential bans.

Agent selection

To further protect your account from being detected by Riot due to unusual agent selection patterns, we offer the option to customize your boost. You can specify which agent you want our boosters to use during the boosting process. This customization helps maintain consistency with your usual gameplay style, significantly reducing the risk of your account being flagged or banned.

Friendly boosters

Our service stands out because we ensure our boosters maintain a positive attitude in-game. Unlike some other boosting services where toxic behavior from boosters can lead to your account facing penalties like bans or chat restrictions, our boosters are instructed not to engage in any in-game chat with teammates. This policy helps prevent any negative interactions that could lead to disciplinary actions against your account, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free boosting experience.


The safety of Valorant ELO boosting largely depends on the methods and providers you choose. While the process inherently carries risks, such as potential bans and account penalties, selecting reputable boosting services that employ stringent security measures like VPNs, customized agent selections, and non-communicative boosters can significantly mitigate these risks. It’s essential to prioritize services that offer features like offline modes and strategic play during off-peak hours to further reduce detection. Ultimately, by carefully selecting a professional and discreet boosting service, players can safely enhance their Valorant ranks while minimizing the likelihood of negative repercussions.

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