How to Use the Outlaw Weapon in Valorant


How to Use the Outlaw Weapon in Valorant

Riot Games has introduced the Outlaw, a fresh sniper rifle addition to Valorant's arsenal, marking the game's first new weapon release in several years. Adapting to a new weapon can be challenging, especially when players have grown accustomed to a standard set of firearms.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Outlaw, including its characteristics, optimal usage, and situations where it might outshine other choices in your weapon lineup.

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What is the Outlaw?

Introducing the Outlaw, Valorant's latest sniper rifle designed to shake up the prevailing gameplay dynamics, particularly targeting the light-shield meta.
The Outlaw, priced at 2,400 credits, finds its niche between the less expensive Marshal and the higher-end rifles like Phantom and Vandal. It offers substantial damage with high wall penetration capabilities, making it a strategic choice for those balancing firepower with budget constraints.

Given its effectiveness and versatility, the Outlaw has quickly become a favorite in higher ranks, with its rapid-fire ability and significant damage output leading to speculation about potential future nerfs. This sniper rifle challenges conventional play styles, providing a fresh tactical option for sharpshooters.

The Outlaw Stats

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the Outlaw, Valorant's latest sniper rifle addition:

Price: 2,400 credits
Fire Rate: 2.75 shots per second
Movement Speed While Running: 5.4 meters per second
Equip Speed: 1.25 seconds

Reload Times:

  • Single bullet: 2.3 seconds
  • Full reload: 3.8 seconds
  • Magazine Capacity: 2 bullets
  • Ammunition Reserve: 10 bullets
  • Damage Output:
  • Headshot: 238 damage
  • Body shot: 140 damage
  • Leg shot: 119 damage
  • Scope Zoom: 3.5x magnification
  • Movement Speed While Scoped: 4.32 meters per second

The Outlaw balances a swift rate of fire with significant impact, capable of firing two quick shots before a reload, making it a tactical choice for sharpshooters who value precision and efficiency.

Ideal Maps for the Outlaw

The Outlaw shines brightest on maps featuring long sightlines and expansive areas, where its sniper capabilities can be fully leveraged. The effectiveness of this weapon also heavily depends on the synergy within your team, as even the most skilled sharpshooter can struggle with multiple close-quarter combatants without adequate support.

Here are three maps where the Outlaw is particularly effective, along with reasons for each map's suitability:


As one of the most expansive maps in Valorant, Breeze is a haven for Outlaw users. Its sprawling layout and lengthy sightlines across both bomb sites and connecting areas offer prime opportunities for impactful sniping. This makes the Outlaw a powerful tool for denying area control and securing early picks in rounds.


Known for its pivotal mid control that influences the entire map's dynamics, Ascent's long corridors and sightlines at A and B mains are ideal for the Outlaw. The weapon’s range and precision can help lock down these crucial areas, supporting both offensive pushes and defensive setups.


Lotus, with its unique three-bombsite design, provides several long sightlines that are perfect for the Outlaw, especially along A-Main and C-Long. Utilizing the Outlaw here allows players to command large swaths of the map, making it exceedingly difficult for opponents to advance or retake sites without facing significant risks.

Optimal Agents for Utilizing the Outlaw in Valorant:


Jett's exceptional agility makes her an outstanding choice for wielding the Outlaw. Her Updraft skill lets her reach elevated positions quickly, providing unique sniping angles that are hard for enemies to predict. Following a shot, her Tailwind dash is perfect for a swift retreat, ensuring she can reposition or avoid counterattacks effectively. This hit-and-run style is amplified when teamed up with skilled players, which you can easily find by utilizing discounts on professional coaching services.


Chamber's unique toolkit complements the Outlaw sniper rifle excellently. His Rendezvous teleportation ability not only provides a rapid escape mechanism but also allows for aggressive play, similar to using his ultimate but without the high resource cost. Combined with his Trademark ability, Chamber can secure critical chokepoints and retreat before the enemy can close the distance.


Omen is a tactician’s dream when paired with the Outlaw. His Paranoia ability offers a means to disorient close-range attackers, while Shrouded Step allows for repositioning to unexpected angles, keeping opponents guessing. His smokes can also cover sightlines, providing safe avenues for retreat or repositioning. Omen’s ability to manipulate the battlefield makes him an intriguing choice for strategic snipers.

These agents not only enhance the effectiveness of the Outlaw with their abilities but also mesh well with the playstyle required to maximize the sniper rifle’s potential, offering both tactical depth and escape capabilities.


Is the Outlaw a cost-effective choice for players on a budget?

Certainly, the Outlaw is an economically sound choice for players managing their in-game finances. Priced at 2,400 credits, it sits in a sweet spot below the costlier rifles like the Vandal and Phantom. Given its high damage capability and efficiency in taking down opponents equipped with light shields through a single headshot, the Outlaw offers significant value. It’s especially useful during eco or force-buy rounds, where cost-effectiveness is crucial. This makes it an appealing option for those looking to maximize impact while minimizing expenditure.

Which Maps Are Best for the Outlaw in Valorant?

The Outlaw shines on maps that offer long sightlines and expansive open areas. Breeze, with its wide and long corridors, is perfect for leveraging the Outlaw’s range. Ascent and Lotus also provide strategic advantages with their extended pathways and crucial choke points. These maps enable players wielding the Outlaw to effectively manage and control significant portions of the terrain, making them valuable choices for any sniper aiming to influence the game’s outcome from a distance.


The Outlaw has quickly established itself as a formidable sniper rifle in Valorant, blending affordability with lethal precision. Whether you're on a budget or looking to optimize your strategic play during half-buys, the Outlaw offers a competitive edge with its significant damage output and long-range capabilities. Ideal for maps like Breeze, Ascent, and Lotus, and synergistic with agents such as Jett, Chamber, and Omen, this weapon can be a game-changer in the right hands. Mastering the Outlaw could very well elevate your gameplay, helping you control the battlefield and outsnipe your opponents in Valorant's dynamic combat environment.

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