How to Use One-Way Smokes in Valorant?


How to Use One-Way Smokes in Valorant?

One-way smokes are a tactical feature in Valorant that savvy players use to gain a strategic advantage over their opponents. This technique allows you to obscure your opponent's view while retaining visibility for yourself, creating opportunities for unexpected attacks.

To effectively use one-way smokes, a deep understanding of the game's maps is crucial. Knowing specific spots that maximize the effectiveness of these smokes can significantly alter the course of a match. These spots are usually above common entry points or in tight chokepoints where opponents are likely to pass.

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Continue reading to discover detailed tips on identifying and executing one-way smokes to outsmart your opponents in Valorant.

What Are One-Way Smokes in Valorant

One-way smokes in Valorant are a strategic gameplay element where a smoke grenade is deployed in a manner that blocks the enemy's line of sight but allows the user a clear view to see and engage opponents. This tactic exploits the asymmetrical visibility provided by smokes, effectively turning them into a one-sided visual barrier.

The effectiveness of one-way smokes depends heavily on precise placement and a thorough understanding of the game's map and smoke mechanics. This strategy involves placing smokes at specific locations where the physical properties of the environment support uneven visibility. For instance, dropping a smoke on a higher elevation that spills over an edge can obscure vision from below while allowing clear sight from above.

Mastering one-way smokes requires familiarity with each map's unique architecture and learning how to leverage environmental elements to your advantage. When executed correctly, these smokes provide a significant tactical edge, enabling players to hold key positions or make aggressive plays without being seen.

How to Use One-Way Smokes

Understanding and effectively using one-way smokes in Valorant hinges on two fundamental aspects: deep map knowledge and proficiency with your agent's abilities. Let's delve into how these elements play a pivotal role in mastering one-way smokes.

Map Knowledge is Key

Mastering one-way smokes in Valorant is fundamentally anchored in comprehensive map knowledge. Understanding the layout of each map—including key sightlines, usual player paths, and strategic choke points—is critical. Every map, from the enclosed corridors of Bind to the expansive sites of Haven and Split's vertical complexity, presents distinct opportunities for leveraging one-way smokes.

A profound grasp of typical engagement spots and heavy-traffic areas is essential. This insight allows you to pinpoint the most impactful locations for placing one-way smokes, turning routine defensive setups into tactical advantages. Dedicating time to explore maps in custom settings or practice modes to experiment with different smoke placements and angles is invaluable, transforming theoretical knowledge into practical skill that can significantly influence the outcomes of your matches.

Understanding Agent Abilities for One-Way Smokes

To effectively deploy one-way smokes in Valorant, you must be well-versed in the abilities of specific agents suited for this strategy. Each agent's unique skills can be adapted to create advantageous smoke setups that obscure enemy vision while maintaining yours. Here’s a breakdown of agents typically utilized for one-way smokes:

Omen: Omen excels with his Dark Cover, which provides high precision and control over smoke placement. Mastery of this ability allows you to obscure enemy sightlines while keeping yours clear, demanding a blend of strategic planning and skillful execution.

Viper: Her Toxic Screen offers versatility in setting up one-way smokes. The ability to shape her smoke into barriers makes her ideal for crafting sightline obstructions that enemies cannot easily bypass, thus securing key viewpoints for your team.

Brimstone: Known for his Sky Smoke grenades, Brimstone can create instant smoke barriers. While typically used to block vision broadly, with careful positioning, these can also be used for one-way smokes by exploiting specific map angles that disadvantage opponents.

Phoenix: Though primarily known for his offensive capabilities, Phoenix’s Hot Hands can serve a dual purpose. By using it to block narrow passages temporarily, you can create makeshift one-way smokes that can surprise enemies and control engagement flows effectively.

Familiarizing yourself with these agents and practicing their smoke abilities in various map scenarios will greatly enhance your tactical play, making you a formidable opponent in Valorant’s strategic environment.

How to Get Better at Using One-Way Smokes

Understanding one-way smokes in Valorant is one thing, but mastering their use requires both team collaboration and individual practice.

Communication is Key

Coordinating with your team is essential when using one-way smokes. Share your plans for where and when you'll deploy your smokes so your teammates can position themselves advantageously. This strategic coordination can significantly shift the dynamics of a game.

Refine Through Practice

To excel at using one-way smokes, invest time in custom games or practice settings to perfect your technique. Focus on the specifics like optimal agent positioning, precise crosshair settings, and the best moments to activate your smokes.

Adapt and Overcome

Be aware that your opponents might adapt to your strategies. Watch for patterns in how they counter your smokes and be ready to alter your tactics. This adaptability prevents your strategies from becoming predictable and enhances your effectiveness in matches.

By integrating these tips into your gameplay, you’ll not only improve your one-way smoke skills but also boost your overall strategic impact in Valorant.


Mastering one-way smokes in Valorant can significantly elevate your gameplay, providing you with a strategic advantage in blocking enemy sightlines while maintaining your own visibility. Understanding the mechanics behind one-way smokes, coupled with a solid grasp of map layouts and precise execution of agent abilities, is crucial. Regular practice, effective communication with your team, and the ability to adapt to your opponent's strategies are key components to effectively utilizing this advanced technique. Whether you're a beginner looking to enhance your tactical skills or an experienced player aiming to refine your strategic play, incorporating one-way smokes into your Valorant repertoire can lead to more controlled and successful engagements in your matches.

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