How to Unlock Old Battle Pass Skins in Valorant


How to Unlock Old Battle Pass Skins in Valorant

Have you ever discovered a Valorant skin that you absolutely had to have, only to realize it was locked away in a previous battle pass? Fortunately, with the upcoming launch of Valorant's Episode 7, things are about to change. Riot Games has officially confirmed that skins from past battle passes will become accessible once again.

While specific details on the progression system to unlock these skins remain under wraps, several reliable leaks suggest promising possibilities. This development brings a wave of excitement as it opens up access to coveted designs that were previously out of reach.

In this article, we delve into everything that has been disclosed about reintroducing old battle pass content in Valorant. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, the revival of these skins is sure to add an exciting dimension to your Valorant experience. Stay tuned as we continue to update you with the latest information and ensure you're ready to jump on these opportunities as soon as Episode 7 goes live.

Can You Unlock Old Battle Pass Skins in Valorant

Currently, unlocking skins from previous battle passes in Valorant isn't possible, but that's set to change. Riot Games has announced plans to introduce a new progression system with the launch of Episode 7, which will give players the opportunity to acquire skins formerly available through old battle passes. This upcoming feature has generated considerable anticipation among the community.

While the specifics of this new system have yet to be fully detailed by Riot, anticipation is building around how it might work and the means by which players can obtain these nostalgic skins. As we approach the end of June, when Episode 7 is expected to debut, excitement grows.

An exclusive leak from a reliable source suggests the introduction of a new currency specifically designed for progressing through contracts and unlocking items from past battle passes. This proposed currency is rumored to be more costly than Valorant Points (VP), reflecting the high demand and exclusive nature of these older skins.

It's important to approach this information cautiously, as official confirmations are still pending. However, if the leak proves accurate, this new system could introduce a premium, possibly scarce means of acquiring some of the most coveted content in the game. This development would undoubtedly add a thrilling new layer to the game's dynamic, appealing both to long-time players eager to complete their collections and newcomers looking to explore the game's history.


The possibility of unlocking skins from previous Valorant battle passes in the forthcoming Episode 7 opens an exciting chapter for players. This development not only revives interest in older content but also enhances the overall player experience by making sought-after skins accessible once more. As we eagerly await further details from Riot Games about the new progression system, players can look forward to a richer, more engaging gameplay experience. Whether you're a collector of rare skins or a player looking to spice up your game with some classic designs, the changes promised with Episode 7 are sure to bring fresh excitement and opportunities to the Valorant community.

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