How to Show Champion Names Instead of Summoner Names In-game in League of Legends
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How to Show Champion Names Instead of Summoner Names In-game in League of Legends

In recent updates, Riot Games rolled out an option allowing League of Legends players to display champion names in place of Summoner Names during matches. Originally, Summoner Names served as unique identifiers for players within League of Legends, chosen at the game's first launch, enabling individual recognition and searchability due to their uniqueness.

However, Riot has since transitioned to using Riot ID across its suite of games, incorporating this change into League of Legends as well. Riot ID differs from the old Summoner Names by allowing for shared names among players, differentiated only by a unique hashtag. Yet, this hashtag doesn't appear in-game, rendering it irrelevant during matches.

Given this shift, some players may prefer the clarity of seeing champion names rather than Summoner Names on the in-game overlay. For those seeking to enhance their gameplay experience with this visual adjustment, we've crafted a guide to help you toggle this setting. Follow along to learn how to display champion names over Summoner Names in your League of Legends games.

What is LoL RIOT IDs?

Riot IDs serve as the cohesive identification framework across Riot Games' entire portfolio, including League of Legends. Launched in 2023, this system marked the transition from the traditional summoner name mechanism previously used in League of Legends.

Each Riot ID is composed of two segments: a Game Name and a tagline. The Game Name, ranging from 3 to 16 characters, doesn't need to be unique among players. Conversely, the tagline spans 3 to 5 characters and eschews the inclusion of regional codes such as NA or EUW.

The introduction of Riot IDs brings a major advantage: a universal identifier for players across all Riot titles, including League of Legends, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra, as well as any forthcoming games from Riot. This universal system enhances personalization, offering players the freedom to select any Game Name that adheres to community standards.

Nonetheless, the move from distinct LoL summoner names to Riot IDs complicates player recognition during matches, as the IDs can encompass a wide range of names, making it challenging to identify players by their champion. Riot Games addressed this by implementing an option to showcase champion names in lieu of Riot IDs during gameplay, simplifying the process of recognizing which champions are in play.

How to Display Champion Names Instead of RIOT ID In-Game

Switching to display champion names instead of Riot IDs during your League of Legends matches is a simple adjustment that can significantly enhance your in-game awareness. Here's a streamlined guide to making this change within the game's interface settings:

  • Initiate this process by accessing the in-game settings menu during any matchmade game mode, such as Summoner's Rift.
  • In the settings menu, navigate to the "Interface" tab, located along the menu's left-hand column.
  • Proceed to scroll through the interface settings until you reach the "Health and Resources" segment.
  • Within the "Health and Resources" options, you'll find a dropdown menu for "Show Names Above Healthbar". Click on this to reveal the available display options.
  • From the dropdown choices, select "Champion Name" to ensure that champion names are prominently displayed instead of Riot IDs above the health bars in-game.

By applying these changes, your settings will instantly update, allowing you to see champion names over the health bars, thus providing a clearer and more focused gameplay experience. This adjustment ensures that you can swiftly identify champions in the heat of battle, streamlining communication and strategic planning with your team.


The option to display champion names over Riot IDs in League of Legends offers a straightforward yet impactful way to enhance your gameplay experience. By implementing the easy-to-follow steps to activate this feature, you can significantly reduce the need for constant tabbing to identify players, allowing you to concentrate fully on the dynamics of the match. Adopting this adjustment will not only streamline your in-game strategy but also elevate your overall awareness and performance from the very next game onward.

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