MMR in League of Legends: How It Works and How to Increase It
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MMR in League of Legends: How It Works and How to Increase It


Matchmaking Rating, commonly abbreviated as MMR, is a hidden value in "League of Legends" that determines who you play against in ranked games. While your rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) provides a general indication of your skill level, your MMR is a more accurate measure of your current performance.

How MMR Works

1: Hidden Score: Unlike your LP (League Points) and your tier/division, MMR isn't visible to you or other players. It's an internal value used by Riot Games' matchmaking system.
2: Matchmaking: When you queue for a game, the system tries to find players with similar MMR values to ensure fair matches.
3: Influence on LP Gain and Loss: The difference between your MMR and the average MMR of your rank influences your LP gains and losses. If your MMR is higher than expected for your rank, you'll gain more LP for a win and lose less for a defeat. Conversely, if your MMR is lower, you'll gain less LP and lose more.

Why MMR Matters

While achieving a higher rank and division is rewarding, it's your MMR that genuinely reflects your skill and determines your opponents. A higher MMR means you're more likely to face and be teamed with higher-skilled players.

How to Increase Your MMR

1: Consistent Winning Streaks: The most straightforward way to increase MMR is by winning games, especially against opponents with a higher MMR.
2: Play With and Against Better Players: If you're consistently matched with and against players of a higher rank, your MMR will adjust upwards to reflect this over time.
3: Limit Losses: While this sounds obvious, minimizing losing streaks can prevent your MMR from dropping rapidly. Take breaks if you're on a losing streak to avoid tilting and making rash decisions.
4: Improving Your Gameplay: Ultimately, MMR reflects skill. Regularly reviewing and analyzing your games, learning from higher-ranked players, and adapting to the meta can increase your overall performance.
5: Stay Updated: The game continually evolves. New patches can change the meta, buff or nerf champions, and introduce new game mechanics. Staying updated ensures you're always playing at your best.

How to Reset your MMR?

1: Seasonal Resets: Many competitive games have seasons, and at the beginning of a new season, there's often a soft reset. This means that your MMR is slightly adjusted towards the average, but not entirely reset. You'll then play placement matches to determine your starting rank for the new season.
2: Decay: In some games, if you don't play ranked matches for an extended period, your rank (and sometimes MMR) might decay. However, decay mechanisms vary between games, and in many games, MMR decay isn't a feature.
3: New Account: This is the most drastic measure. If you truly want to start from scratch, creating a new game account will have you start from the base MMR. You can also purchase a fresh level 30 account, allowing you to dive straight into ranked without spending time leveling up
4: Improving Your Gameplay: If you feel your MMR doesn't represent your current skill, the most legitimate way to change it is to improve your gameplay. Over time, consistently winning against players of higher MMR will raise your own MMR.


MMR in "League of Legends" is more than just a hidden number. It's a reflection of your current skill and performance in the game. By focusing on improvement, adapting to changes, and maintaining a positive win rate, you can steadily increase your MMR and climb the ranks. Whether you're aiming for Gold, Platinum, or even Challenger, understanding and optimizing your MMR is crucial to your journey.

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