How to Gift A Battle Pass In Valorant


How to Gift A Battle Pass In Valorant

Gifting in Valorant can be a bit tricky since the game currently doesn't support a direct gifting feature for its battle pass. If you're looking to surprise a friend with the Valorant battle pass, the most effective method right now is to purchase a Riot Points gift card. You can then share the gift card code with your friend, allowing them to redeem it for the battle pass themselves.

Riot Games has hinted at the possibility of introducing a gifting feature within Valorant, as discussions about this addition have been ongoing for some time. Until then, using a gift card remains your best bet for sharing the excitement of a new battle pass with a fellow Valorant player.

In this guide, we'll cover all you need to know to gift a battle pass in Valorant, ensuring you can still make that special gesture to enhance your friend's gaming experience.

How to Gift Battle Pass in Valorant

Gifting the Valorant battle pass isn't as straightforward as it is in other games like League of Legends, since Valorant doesn't currently offer a direct gifting option. However, you can still surprise a friend with a battle pass by purchasing a Riot Points gift card.

Here’s how to gift a battle pass indirectly in Valorant:

1. Purchase a Riot Points gift card from a retailer. You can buy a physical card or order online to receive a digital code.

2. If you have a physical card, gently scratch off the covering on the back to reveal the code. If it's a digital purchase, simply copy the code provided in the email confirmation.

3. Share the code with your friend who will use it in Valorant. They should follow these steps:

  • Open Valorant and navigate to the store section.
  • Click on ‘Purchase RP’.
  • Choose ‘Prepaid Cards and Codes’ as the payment method.
  • Enter the code you provided.
  • Click the blue ‘Submit’ button to add the Riot Points to their account.

Once your friend has the Riot Points, they can use them to buy the battle pass on their own. This method lets you gift the battle pass even without a direct gifting feature in the game. Make sure your friend knows how to redeem the points and is ready to dive into the new season with their new battle pass!

How Much Does Valorant Battle Pass Cost

When gifting a Valorant battle pass through Riot Points, it's essential to know how much to spend. Each battle pass in Valorant requires 1000 Riot Points to unlock, which typically aligns with the cost of a $10 gift card. This makes it a straightforward purchase if you're looking to gift the pass.

However, keep in mind that prices can vary slightly based on your location due to taxes or fees. It's wise to double-check the exact cost of the gift card in your area to ensure you're providing enough Riot Points. Shop around or check online retailers to find the best deal on a $10 Riot Points gift card, ensuring it covers the full cost of the battle pass without any additional expenses.

Will Riot Add a Gift Feature in Valorant

Is Riot Games planning to introduce a gifting feature in Valorant? There's been ongoing discussion about this since 2020, when Riot expressed intentions to enable players to gift skins and battle passes to each other, similar to the existing feature in League of Legends. A spokesperson mentioned, "We're planning to enable gifting for skins and battle passes. It might take some time, but it's definitely on our agenda."

Despite these assurances, there has been no concrete update on when this feature will be implemented. It could potentially arrive in the near future or may still be some years off. Given this uncertainty, if you're looking to gift a battle pass or skin now, the best approach remains purchasing and sharing Riot Points with your friend. This method ensures that your friend can still acquire their desired items in-game without having to wait for the official gifting feature.


Valorant currently lacks an official gifting feature for battle passes and skins, there's still a workaround through purchasing Riot Points gift cards. This method allows you to share the excitement of new game content with friends, even in the absence of direct gifting options. As Riot Games has expressed intentions to introduce such a feature, we can remain hopeful that future updates will enhance the game's community and sharing capabilities. For now, gifting Riot Points remains a thoughtful and effective way to support your friends' Valorant adventures.

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