How to Get Unbanned in Rocket League?
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How to Get Unbanned in Rocket League?

Navigating a ban in Rocket League can be frustrating, especially if you feel it was unwarranted. Whether you’re caught up in a ban due to a mistake or misunderstandings, we're here to guide you on how to possibly reverse this decision and get back into the game.

Understanding the specifics behind your ban is crucial, as the appeal process can vary based on the reason. In this guide, we'll explore effective strategies to challenge and potentially overturn your ban in Rocket League. Keep reading to learn more about these steps, and if you find yourself starting fresh, consider boosting your new account with professional help from 1v9—don’t forget to snag a 20% discount with the code "1v9er".

How can you get unbanned in Rocket League?

If you find yourself banned in Rocket League, the path to potentially getting unbanned hinges significantly on the reason behind the ban. It’s important to note upfront: if the ban was due to legitimate reasons like cheating or hacking, overturning it might be challenging, if not impossible. However, if you believe your ban was a mistake or unjust, there are several steps you can take to contest it.

Here's how you can approach the situation if you think there's been an error or misunderstanding leading to your ban. We'll cover three methods that could help you make your case and possibly get back into the action. Read on to understand each step clearly and determine the best course of action to attempt to reverse your ban in Rocket League.

Appeal Your Ban to Epic

To contest an unjustified ban in Rocket League, start by appealing directly to Epic Games. Here’s how to effectively communicate your case:

1. Access your account: Log into your Epic Games account that’s linked to your Rocket League profile.

2. Navigate to support: Visit the Epic Games support section and find the option to submit a help request.

3. Submit your appeal: Click on “Contact Us” or the equivalent option for support. In your message, clearly state “Unjust Ban Appeal” as your subject.

4. Detail your case: Calmly and clearly explain why you believe the ban was a mistake. Include any relevant details or evidence, such as screenshots or video clips, that may support your claim.

5. Review and send: Before sending your appeal, review your explanation to ensure it’s clear and concise. Once ready, submit your appeal.

While Epic Games will review your appeal, keep in mind that overturning a ban isn’t guaranteed. Patience is key, as response times can vary.

Wait for the Ban to Expire:

If your ban in Rocket League is temporary, you might choose to simply let it run its course. Depending on the nature and frequency of the infractions, bans can range from a few days to several weeks. By waiting for the specified duration of your ban to conclude, you'll automatically regain access to the game without further action. This passive approach ensures compliance with the game's policies while giving you a clear timeline for when you can return to the field.


Facing a ban in Rocket League can be frustrating, especially if you feel it's unwarranted. However, by understanding the reasons behind your ban and following the appropriate steps, you have options to seek resolution. Whether it's by appealing directly to Epic Games, waiting out a temporary ban, or ensuring your account's security to prevent future issues, it's important to handle the situation calmly and methodically. Remember, maintaining fair play and respecting the game's rules will enhance your experience and that of others in the Rocket League community. If you need to start over, remember that resources like 1v9's Rocket League boosting service can help you get back on track.

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