How to earn free RP in League of Legends 2024
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How to earn free RP in League of Legends 2024

Riot recently unveiled an exciting opportunity for League of Legends players to acquire unlimited Riot Points (RP) through Microsoft Rewards. This innovative method offers an additional avenue for earning in-game currency, complementing existing options such as Twitch Prime Capsules, in-game purchases, and the enticing 1v9 Lootboxes. These Lootboxes not only provide Riot Points but can also secure you a free League of Legends account.
Amid the diverse range of ways to earn RP, the collaboration between League of Legends and Microsoft Rewards stands out. It promises players an "unlimited" means of accumulating the coveted in-game currency. Delve into the details of this partnership and discover how it can significantly enhance your RP collection.

How to earn free RP in League of Legends

1) Microsoft rewards

In late March, Riot pleasantly surprised the community by announcing an opportunity to earn free RP through active participation in the Microsoft Rewards program. This marked a departure from their usual distribution of cosmetics, as they actively handed out RP cards to the community. The Microsoft Rewards system operates by rewarding users with points upon completing a series of challenges, trivia questions, and hot takes. Accumulating these points over time allows users to claim free RP cards, especially when tasks are diligently completed each day. A noteworthy feature is the bonus awarded for consecutive daily completion, making the rewards even more accessible. The process is seemingly boundless, allowing users to repeat it as many times as they desire—an advantageous approach for those aiming to accumulate points for high-value skins. However, it's important to note a downside to this system: it's region-specific and currently only supported in a select number of countries.

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To use Microsoft Rewards, you need to sign up or log in to your Microsoft account and visit the Microsoft Rewards website. There you can earn points by completing various activities, such as trivia, hot takes, and challenges. You can then redeem your points for League of Legends or Valorant gift cards, which will give you riot points or valorant points respectively. However, the amount of points you get may vary depending on the game and the region

2) 1v9 Lootboxes

1v9 is among the rare platforms actively contributing to its community and clientele, notably through its unique lootbox system. The platform boasts two distinct lootbox categories: standard lootboxes and premium lootboxes. The standard lootboxes offer prizes like discount codes for smurf accounts and the ultimate reward of a complimentary smurf account loaded with ample BE. These lootboxes are free to open, allowing anyone to do so once every 24 hours. The real excitement, however, unfolds with the premium lootboxes, which demand 750 1v9 Credits for activation. These credits can be earned by making purchases on the website, opening free lootboxes, referring friends, or actively engaging in the 1v9 Discord community. The premium lootboxes stand out as one of the scarce methods to secure free RP, featuring prizes such as RP cards and smurf accounts bundled with a 1350 RP skin of your preference. 1v9 remains a standout platform that consistently gives back to its community through this innovative lootbox system.

3) Twitch Prime Gaming

As a replacement for the previous assortment of free skins obtainable through supporting League of Legends on social media, Riot opted to show appreciation to the community through the Twitch Prime system. Eligibility for League's Twitch Prime rewards comes with an Amazon Prime monthly subscription. Riot introduces a fresh Prime capsule every month, packed with loot that includes free RP cards, skin shards, champion shards, orange essence, mythic essence, and blue essence. These capsules, in general, offer remarkable value, often exceeding the subscription cost itself. While this method may not be entirely free, you might find yourself eligible for these complimentary Prime capsules if a member of your household uses Amazon Prime—perhaps even without your awareness.

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To use Twitch Prime, you need to have an Amazon Prime account and link it to your Twitch account. You also need to link your Riot Games account to your Twitch account. You can do this by visiting the Connections page on Twitch and authorizing Twitch to access your Riot Games account info. Once you have done that, you can go to the Valorant rewards page and claim your loot, which may include skins, sprays, or other items. You can also check the League of Legends rewards page for any available offers


 the landscape of acquiring in-game rewards, such as Riot Points and exclusive skins in League of Legends, has evolved with diverse opportunities and methods. Whether through innovative platforms like 1v9 Smurfs and their unique lootbox system, or the broadening horizons brought about by Microsoft Rewards, players now have multiple avenues to enrich their gaming experience without solely relying on direct purchases. The integration of Twitch Prime into the reward ecosystem further underscores Riot's commitment to giving back to its dedicated community. While each method may have its own set of conditions and limitations, the overarching theme is one of accessibility and inclusivity, providing players with diverse options to enhance their League of Legends journey. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, these dynamic approaches to rewarding players not only showcase the industry's adaptability but also foster a sense of community engagement and appreciation.

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