How to Fix MMR in League of Legends

December 12th, 2023

How to Fix MMR in League of Legends

Ranked System in League of Legends is a very accurate system compared to other games systems. You gain LP when you win games, and you lose them when you lose games. The amount of LP you gain or lose depends on your MMR (Match Making Rating). The higher your MMR is, the more LP you get per win, the less you lose per loss.


Ranked System in League of Legends is a very accurate system compared to other games systems. You gain LP when you win games, and you lose them when you lose games. The amount of points you gain or lose depends on your MMR (Match Making Rating). The higher your MMR is, the more points you get per win, the less you lose per loss. change a few words

Build a winning streak

Building a winning streak is imperative for advancing your MMR, given that the more victories you get, the higher your MMR will be. It's suggested to persist in gaming if you're enjoying a favorable day and your matches unfold smoothly. Nevertheless, if a losing streak ensues, it's time to wrap up the gaming sessions for the day. Maintain the mindset that each game is a potential win, and don't succumb to frustration if your teammates encounter difficulties. Consistently choose your optimal roles and champions to ensure peak performance.

Dodge lost games. 
Opting to dodge games can be a strategic move to enhance your MMR. There are instances where dodging becomes necessary, specifically in games that seem nearly unwinnable. It's not about dodging every game, but rather identifying those with potential trolls or situations where victory appears highly improbable. Evaluating your team's proficiency can be done by checking their statistics. Dodging games, especially when your team is engaging in pre-game conflict during champion selection, is highly advisable. While there's a slight loss in LP, the silver lining is that your MMR remains unscathed.

Duo with higher MMR Account
Suppose you find yourself in Platinum IV but consistently facing off against Gold players; it's a clear indicator of a subpar MMR. Engaging in Duo Queue with a partner boasting a superior MMR can elevate the overall team average, resulting in more substantial LP gains for victories and LP losses for defeats.

Buy coaching services
To improve your MMR and enhance your chances of consistent victories, consider exploring platforms that offer coaching services. Utilizing such services can contribute to your growth as a player, as seasoned experts guide you in rectifying mistakes and pinpoint areas where things might be going awry, resulting in losses.

Learn from the pros.
Watching skilled players navigate the game at a high level offers valuable insights that you can integrate into your own matches. Numerous League of Legends streamers, including Beifeng, TFBlade, and Faker, provide a wealth of content. Make it a point to cultivate a desire for learning and improvement as you watch these streams; the wealth of knowledge and experience you can absorb just from observing is truly remarkable.

Quality Over Quantity: Why Playing Fewer Games Can Improve Your Performance

Have good communication. 
Given that League of Legends is a collaborative team sport, effective communication stands as a pivotal factor in securing victories. The team possessing superior communication skills is often poised for success. Enhance your communicative prowess by indicating your preferred position before the game commences. Additionally, sharing valuable information with your team can significantly contribute to their overall performance.

Master a champion.
nvest time in mastering a specific champion to unlock its full potential. Some players hop between various champions, often resulting in subpar performance. This stems from a lack of familiarity with the specific champion, as these players are merely experimenting with it. Dedicate yourself to one-tricking a champion, gaining a comprehensive understanding of every facet. This focused approach not only improves your in-game performance but also contributes to building an effective champion pool.

Watch your own VODs.
Continuous learning is integral to progress. After a defeat, resist the urge to immediately queue for another game. Instead, take the time to review your VODs and glean insights from your own errors. Ask yourself, "What led to my demise?" and "How could I have played better to secure victory?" Answering these questions personally can pave the way for improvement in your subsequent games, so ensure you reflect before diving into the next match.

Be greedy with resources
Being the MVP of your game should be your number one. This means that you should farm as much as you can, take as many camps as possible, and as many resources as your team can give you. You only have one factor you can truly control, yourself, so that means you should make yourself as strong as possible, because you know you can carry but you can't be so sure about your teammates, your teammates can be a gamble sometimes, so your best bet is on yourself.

Gain confidence in yourself.
Have faith in your abilities. Cultivate a mindset geared toward victory, steering clear of any thoughts that lean towards defeat. Propel yourself and your team forward with a positive and motivating attitude to secure wins. Confidence plays a pivotal role, even in gaming, so consistently give your best. Reinforce within yourself the belief that you possess the skills necessary to emerge victorious, and observe the positive impact it has on your overall performance.

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