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How to Solo Carry in League of Legends - 1v9

Solo carrying in League of Legends, especially in the 2024 meta, can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. It requires not only individual skill but also strategic insight and the ability to leverage every advantage you can create. Here are some refined strategies to help you excel in carrying your team to victory:

Choosing the Ideal Champion for Solo Carrying

The cornerstone of solo carrying in League of Legends is deeply entwined with your mastery and understanding of a chosen champion. While the game's meta shifts with each update, the constant factor for success is your personal expertise and comfort level with a specific champion.
Many players often chase the current meta, hoping to leverage the power of popular picks. However, the true essence of solo carrying frequently hinges on selecting a champion that you're not just comfortable with, but one you've deeply mastered. This mastery might also involve aligning your choice with the prevailing meta at your specific rank.
Mastering a champion builds a strong foundation of confidence, crucial for making quick, effective decisions in the intense moments of a match. When you know a champion's abilities, cooldowns, and power spikes like the back of your hand, you can capitalize on opportunities and adeptly counter your opponents' moves. This in-depth knowledge also aids in understanding your champion's limits – discerning the right moments to engage, retreat, or unleash your full arsenal for maximum effect.
Furthermore, dedicating yourself to a champion allows you to transcend the fluctuations of the game's meta. Rather than constantly adapting to new trends, you can focus on fine-tuning your skills, enhancing your mechanics, and deepening your matchup insights. This comprehensive understanding becomes the bedrock of your ability to carry games solo, propelling you to greater heights in the competitive landscape of League of Legends.

Securing a Gold Advantage

At the heart of a successful solo carry in League of Legends lies the art of efficient gold accumulation. It's a skill that goes beyond the mere action of last-hitting minions; it encompasses a deeper understanding of minion wave dynamics, strategic positioning, and impeccable timing to maximize your gold intake.
In the early game, your focus should be on mastering the art of last-hitting while simultaneously positioning yourself to minimize damage from enemy laners. This requires not just quick reflexes but also a keen eye for anticipating the movements and intentions of your lane adversary.
As the match progresses, the significance of adept farming escalates. Each minion wave presents a growing opportunity for gold, and every minion missed is a potential setback in building your strength and purchasing key items. It's essential to understand the nuances of wave management, including when to employ tactics like slow pushing or freezing the lane. This not only ensures a steady flow of gold but also positions you strategically on the map, making you a formidable force that your opponents must reckon with.
The ability to out-farm your opponent lays the groundwork for a power differential that can be leveraged throughout the game. It's a skill that, when mastered, can turn the tide of a match, enabling you to acquire vital items faster and exert greater influence across the map. This gold-focused approach is a fundamental element in the arsenal of any player looking to solo carry in League of Legends.

Keep An Eye On Your Vision Score

In the intricate game of League of Legends, mastering the strategic use of vision through warding is a potent tool in tipping the scales towards victory. Vision is more than a defensive mechanism to prevent ambushes; it's an active strategy for information gathering, orchestrating ambushes, and facilitating game-altering plays.
Wards, often overlooked yet pivotal, serve as the linchpins of effective vision control. By judiciously placing them at critical points and high-traffic routes, they offer a window into the enemy's movements and strategies. For a player aiming to solo carry, such insights are invaluable, allowing you to anticipate enemy actions and plan your moves accordingly.
Beyond mere defense, vision control is an offensive tactic, especially when you're in a position of strength. Expanding your vision into enemy territory, particularly their jungle, can significantly amplify your impact. This proactive approach not only safeguards your advances but also opens up avenues for aggressive plays.
Illuminating the enemy's domain enables you to track their positions, setting the stage for unexpected attacks and advantageous engagements. This level of map awareness puts you in a commanding position to direct your team effectively, seizing objectives and capitalizing on the enemy's missteps. In essence, transforming vision into power, you pave the way not just for personal glory but for your team's triumph.

Focusing on Game-Changing Objectives

In League of Legends, the path to solo carrying often lies not in the pursuit of individual kills, but in strategically prioritizing key objectives like towers, dragons, and Baron. Understanding and capitalizing on these elements can dramatically shift the game in your favor.
Towers form the structural pillars of the map, and their destruction yields critical strategic advantages. Taking down an outer tower not only provides your team with gold but also widens your control over the map. This expanded territory enables deeper ward placement, enhancing your team's vision and paving the way for more calculated movements and ambushes.
Dragons, each offering distinct buffs, are pivotal in amplifying your team's capabilities. Be it enhancing attack power, bolstering defense, or providing unique game-changing effects, securing these dragons bolsters both your individual prowess and your team's overall strength. As a player focused on solo carrying, engaging in and winning dragon soul battles can be a turning point in the game.
The Baron buff, on the other hand, is a game-changer in terms of siege capability. It not only strengthens your minions but also accelerates the destruction of enemy structures. Similarly, effectively deploying The Rift Herald can rapidly dismantle enemy towers, opening up the map for greater control. A skilled solo carrier recognizes the crucial moments to seize these objectives, understanding that their strategic acquisition can decisively tilt the game's balance in their favor.

Exercising Strategic Caution

A hallmark of an adept solo carry in League of Legends is the ability to play with calculated patience, steering clear of unnecessary risks. While bold, aggressive moves can indeed create highlight-reel moments, they often carry the risk of backfiring, potentially placing both you and your team in precarious situations.
Embracing patience in gameplay is about having a nuanced understanding of the game's rhythm and dynamics. It's about knowing the right moments to strike and the times to exercise restraint. Initiating a fight without adequate vision or when your team is not in sync can swiftly transform a potentially advantageous situation into a costly error. The key is to temper the urge for constant action, choosing instead to exploit the errors your adversaries make, rather than forcing high-stakes plays with uncertain outcomes.
Part of this patient approach also involves meticulous resource management, encompassing your health, mana, and cooldown timers. Engaging in combat while at a resource disadvantage can lead to unfavorable skirmishes. Conversely, timing your engagements to coincide with your abilities' availability can significantly tilt engagements in your favor. Understanding when to roam and assist other lanes, based on these factors, is crucial in extending your influence across the map.


In sum, mastering the art of solo carrying in League of Legends isn't solely about mechanical prowess; it's a blend of strategic gameplay, deep champion knowledge, effective resource and vision control, prioritizing objectives, and the wisdom to avoid unnecessary risks. It's about understanding the ebb and flow of the game, knowing when to push your advantages, and recognizing the moments to pull back. By integrating these principles, you'll not only elevate your own performance but also inspire and lead your team to victory, embodying the true essence of a solo carry in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends.

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