How To Fix League of Legends Vanguard Error: Van 1067
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How To Fix League of Legends Vanguard Error: Van 1067

Since the introduction of Vanguard, Riot Games' robust anti-cheat system, a number of League of Legends players have been plagued by the "Van 1067" error, which disrupts their ability to launch and play the game smoothly. If you've encountered this error and are searching for a solution, you're in the right place. This article will guide you through a straightforward fix to get you back into the game without hassle.

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What is Error: Van 1067?

Error: Van 1067 is closely linked to the status of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 on your computer. TPM 2.0 is an essential security component required for the operation of Windows 11 and Riot Games' Vanguard anti-cheat system. If TPM 2.0 is disabled on your machine, Vanguard cannot function correctly, leading to the Van 1067 error.

Common Causes for TPM 2.0 Being Disabled

1. Manual Deactivation: Some users may choose to disable TPM 2.0 deliberately after installing Windows, often due to concerns about privacy or hardware compatibility issues.

2. Automatic Disabling: In certain cases, TPM 2.0 may be disabled automatically due to a system update or when new drivers are installed, which might reset security settings without the user’s immediate knowledge.

Regardless of the reason it was turned off, a disabled TPM 2.0 impedes the operational capability of Vanguard, which in turn triggers the Van 1067 error. Ensuring that TPM 2.0 is enabled is crucial for both running the latest Windows operating systems and for proper functionality of applications dependent on this security feature.

How To Fix Error: Van 1067 in LoL?

Encountering the Van 1067 error in League of Legends indicates an issue with the game’s anti-cheat system, Vanguard, which is unable to operate correctly due to TPM (Trusted Platform Module) settings on your PC. Fortunately, resolving this error is straightforward with a few steps to enable TPM 2.0 in your system’s BIOS.

Here’s how to fix the Error: Van 1067 and get back into the game:

1. Identify Your BIOS Key
Before you start, determine the specific key needed to enter your BIOS setup. This is typically the F2 or Delete key, but it can vary based on your motherboard manufacturer. You can find the correct key by looking up your motherboard model along with “BIOS hotkey” online.

2. Restart Your Computer
Initiate a reboot of your PC to access the BIOS.

3. Access the BIOS Settings
As your computer restarts, continuously press the BIOS key identified in the first step until the BIOS menu appears.

4. Navigate to the Security Settings
Within the BIOS menu, locate the tab labeled “Security” or a similar name.

5. Enable TPM
Under the Security settings, find the option labeled “TPM” or “Trusted Platform Module.” It may currently be set to “Disabled.

6. Activate TPM and Save
Change the TPM setting to “Enabled” or select the checkbox next to it. Save your changes and exit the BIOS setup.

By enabling TPM 2.0, you will ensure that Vanguard can function correctly, thus resolving the Van 1067 error. This adjustment allows you to return to your League of Legends sessions without further disruptions.


Dealing with errors like Van 1067 can be frustrating, but understanding the root cause and knowing the steps to resolve it can get you back into your game without much downtime. By ensuring that the TPM 2.0 feature is enabled in your BIOS, you address the key issue preventing Vanguard, League of Legends' anti-cheat system, from operating correctly. This guide has walked you through the process of accessing your BIOS settings and making the necessary adjustments to overcome this hurdle. With TPM 2.0 enabled, you can enjoy a smoother, uninterrupted gaming experience in League of Legends, confident that your system meets the necessary security requirements for Vanguard to function efficiently.

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