How Old is my League of Legends Account?
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How Old is my League of Legends Account?

As the years swiftly roll by, it's astonishing to realize that Riot Games unveiled League of Legends to the world on October 27, 2009. Now, over a decade later, this game continues to thrive, captivating millions of players globally. From its modest beginnings, League of Legends has witnessed exponential growth in its community. For those who have journeyed alongside the game from its early days or even joined the fray a bit later, a common question often surfaces: "When exactly did I start my League of Legends adventure?" Discovering the age of your League account not only connects you to your own gaming history but also sheds light on the value and the vast experiences you've accumulated over time. This blog post is dedicated to unveiling the methods through which you can determine the age of your League of Legends account, offering insight into your enduring dedication to this ever-evolving battle arena.

Obtaining Your League Account Details from Riot Support

Navigating the process of finding out your League of Legends account's creation date is straightforward, thanks to Riot Games' dedicated support system. Whether you're delving into your gaming history or need this information for other reasons, Riot's team is ready to assist.

Here's how to proceed with your inquiry:

1) Begin by accessing Riot Games' support portal to submit a ticket. Specify that you're requesting data about your account.

2) Patiently await a response from Riot's support staff, who will acknowledge your request and begin the process of gathering your data.

3) In due course, Riot Games will compile and dispatch a detailed packet containing your account data.
Once received, you will need the latest operating system version for Mac or Windows to access and navigate through the data files using your preferred text editor.

Exploring Your League Account Data
Under the legal frameworks of the California Privacy Act and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), players are entitled to request and receive comprehensive data held by Riot Games on their accounts. This data pack includes an array of information, such as chat logs with timestamps, providing a clear insight into your account's history and thereby determining its age.

This process offers a reliable method for those in California or the European Union to learn the age of their League accounts. Players situated elsewhere might experience variations in the process or the extent of data available to them due to differing local regulations.

Explore Your Email History To Check Your LoL Account Age

For many League of Legends players, the simplest route to discovering the age of their account lies within their email inbox. This approach, straightforward and often effective, involves delving into the past messages received from Riot Games. Here's how to embark on this digital archaeology project:

Start by logging into the email account associated with your League of Legends registration.
Utilize the search function of your email provider and input keywords like “Riot ID,” “Riot Games,” or “Welcome to League” to surface any correspondence from Riot Games over the years.
Should the initial search yield no results, try refining your search criteria. Utilize filtering options such as date range or sender's email address to narrow down potential hits.

This email exploration method stands out for its ease and immediacy, allowing you to potentially pinpoint the creation date of your League account within minutes.
However, it's important to consider its limitations. Regular inbox cleaners or those with accounts spanning over a decade may find this method less fruitful. The oldest accounts, those created in the early years following League's 2009 launch, pose a particular challenge due to the likelihood of email deletion or loss over such an extended period.

Leverage Third-Party Stats Sites for Account Insights

When direct inquiries and email excavations don’t reveal the age of your League of Legends account, it’s time to turn to the treasure trove of information available on third-party statistics websites. These platforms offer a deep dive into your LoL gameplay history, including win rates, K/D/A ratios, and even your most played champions. If you notice your champion pool has been stagnant, spice up your game with a random champion picker for a fresh challenge!

Here’s how to use these resources to your advantage:

Navigate to reputable third-party statistics websites that specialize in League of Legends data.
Search for your summoner name to access your profile and delve into your gameplay history.
Look for the record of your earliest match. While this might not coincide with the exact day you created your account, it provides a close approximation, offering a window into the year you started your journey in Summoner’s Rift.

This method not only offers insight into your account's age but also enriches your understanding of your in-game growth and preferences over time. While it’s a roundabout way of pinpointing your account’s inception, it effectively narrows down the timeframe, painting a clearer picture of your League of Legends legacy.

Alternative Strategies for Estimating Your Account Age

Should the above methods leave you scratching your head about the inception of your League of Legends account, there are still a couple of ingenious ways to get closer to solving the mystery.

Delve into Your Collection: One effective strategy is to sift through your collection for the earliest skins or collectibles you own. Perhaps there’s a specific skin you recall obtaining during a particular event or season, providing a timestamp for your account's longevity. While this might not pinpoint the exact creation date, it serves as a solid ballpark figure for gauging how long you've been part of the LoL universe.

Revisit Past Conversations: For those who seldom clean out their chat history, this method could be a goldmine. Dive deep into your oldest messages within the League client, searching for the earliest interactions. Whether it’s a welcome note from a friend when you first joined or a congratulatory message on your initial victories, these conversations can offer a rough estimate of when your journey began. Though it might not deliver an exact date, it significantly narrows down the timeframe of your account’s birth.


In the vast world of League of Legends, understanding the age of your account can be a nostalgic journey and a practical insight into your long-term dedication to the game. Whether you're sifting through emails, liaising with Riot's support, exploring third-party sites, or diving into your own in-game history, there are multiple pathways to uncovering this piece of your LoL legacy. While the exact date might elude some, especially those with storied accounts or deleted inboxes, the quest to discover your account's inception date highlights the personal milestones and growth you've experienced within the game's ever-evolving landscape. Remember, whether your account dates back a decade or is relatively new, what truly matters is the adventures you've had and the memories you've created along the way. 

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