Valorant Premier: How it works and everything you need to know


Valorant Premier: How it works and everything you need to know

The Valorant community is buzzing with excitement about the introduction of Valorant Premier, a highly anticipated game mode designed for those aspiring to elevate their play to professional levels. Developed by Riot Games, this new competitive format is set to revolutionize how players engage with the game.

Valorant Premier offers an inclusive competitive platform where anyone can sign up to compete in a series of pre-scheduled matches, making it uniquely accessible to a broad spectrum of players. This openness ensures that participants might encounter both local players and burgeoning talents from their region, adding a personal touch to the competition.

In this in-depth exploration of Valorant Premier, we'll cover everything you need to know to participate, from entry requirements to the structure of the competition. Additionally, we will delve into the motivations behind its creation and how it fits into the broader Valorant esports ecosystem. Stay tuned as we unpack the exciting opportunities Valorant Premier has to offer for players looking to make their mark in the competitive scene.

What is Valorant Premier

Valorant Premier is Riot Games' ambitious initiative to enhance the accessibility of competitive play within the game. Designed to bridge the gap between casual players and the competitive scene, Valorant Premier is a robust competitive mode that invites players to participate in a series of prescheduled matches right from their homes.

This mode operates on a season basis, with players competing to qualify for an end-of-season tournament. Success in these matches can catapult a team to the higher stakes of the seasonal finale. It's important to note that Valorant Premier places a strong emphasis on teamwork; thus, participants must enter as a complete squad to compete, underlining the mode's focus on strategic group dynamics.

Riot Games has enriched Valorant Premier with exclusive competitive features to elevate the experience. These include a pick and ban phase for maps, mirroring professional esports environments, and a comprehensive tournament structure where every victory propels players closer to the top. This structure not only fosters a competitive spirit but also smoothens the transition for players looking to venture into the professional Valorant scene.

Valorant Premier Structure

Valorant Premier is structured into three distinct phases to enhance competitive play and engagement: enrollment, weekly matches, and playoffs.

Enrollment Phase

During this initial phase, players form their teams and register to compete. Upon enrollment, each team is assigned a region which determines their match schedule. This organizational stage is crucial for setting the competitive framework for the season.

Weekly Matches Phase

In this phase, teams compete in prescheduled matches against similarly ranked opponents. The aim is to accumulate points: victories earn teams 100 points each, while losses still grant 25 points. This scoring system ensures that teams have the opportunity to progress to the playoffs, even if they don’t win every match, keeping the competition inclusive yet challenging.

Playoff Tournament

Teams that have amassed at least 375 points qualify for the playoffs, a bracket-style tournament that determines the division champions. Those not meeting the point threshold are encouraged to participate in the next season's enrollment. The playoff format is a single elimination bracket, hosting between five to eight teams per division. Teams eliminated in the early rounds have a second chance to compete in a consolation bracket, which offers them the opportunity to secure a third-place finish.

Matches in the playoff tournament are conducted as best of one (Bo1) but begin with a strategic map pick/ban phase, allowing each team to ban maps from the active rotation and select their preferred battlefield, with the opposing team choosing which side to start on. This phase adds a layer of strategic depth to the competition, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and planning.

Overall, the structure of Valorant Premier is designed to provide a rigorous yet rewarding pathway for teams aspiring to demonstrate their skills and achieve recognition within the competitive Valorant community.

Who Can Participate in Valorant Premier

Valorant Premier is open to anyone, truly embodying Riot Games' commitment to making the competitive scene accessible to a broader audience. This inclusivity means there’s no minimum rank requirement for participants. Players simply need to verify their account via SMS and have completed at least five competitive placement matches at any point during their account's history to be eligible.

Teams looking to compete in Valorant Premier must consist of five to seven players, along with a designated team owner. This owner holds administrative responsibilities such as adding or removing players and can adjust the team's competing region if necessary. Should the team owner step down, leadership automatically transfers to the most tenured player remaining on the team, ensuring continuity and stability.

This structure not only facilitates a wide range of players to participate but also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and management within the competitive framework of Valorant Premier.

Valorant Premier represents a significant step forward in democratizing the competitive landscape of Valorant, offering a structured and accessible pathway for players from all skill levels to engage in high-stakes competition. By eliminating rank barriers and simplifying entry requirements, Riot Games has opened the door for more players to experience the thrill of organized play. With its clearly defined phases—from enrollment to weekly matches and playoffs—Valorant Premier encourages strategic gameplay, teamwork, and leadership. Whether you're an aspiring professional or a casual player seeking a more structured competitive experience, Valorant Premier offers a unique opportunity to test your skills, refine your strategies, and potentially rise through the ranks of the Valorant community.

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