Top 12 Best Pickaxes in Fortnite


Top 12 Best Pickaxes in Fortnite

In Fortnite, with its expansive arsenal of over 900 pickaxes, players can arm themselves with stylish melee weapons that are crucial for harvesting resources and engaging in close-range combat. Not only are these pickaxes functional for demolishing structures and dealing damage to opponents, but they also come equipped with special sound effects, animations, and visual flair, allowing players to express their style uniquely.

If you’re on the hunt for the top pickaxes that Fortnite has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the 12 best pickaxes in Fortnite, highlighting those that combine aesthetic appeal with unparalleled functionality. Join us as we delve into the world of Fortnite’s most impressive melee tools.

#12: Frostbite Cane

The Frostbite Cane, a pickaxe adorned with winter motifs, debuted alongside seasonal skins, presenting a striking design with a frosted metal bird perched atop a wooden cane. This elegant tool not only adds a regal frostiness to your character’s appearance but also resonates with crisp, icy sound effects as it strikes buildings or terrain. The sound of shattering ice accentuates its theme, making the Frostbite Cane an excellent choice for players who want to infuse a touch of icy nobility into their arsenal.

#11: Star Wand

The Star Wand, an iconic pickaxe in Fortnite, stands out with its oversized pink handle, embellished by a spiraling blue ribbon, and crowned with a radiant golden star that features a cheerful smiling face. This pickaxe brings a delightful charm to the battlefield, enhancing your gameplay with special sound and visual effects that activate upon impacting terrain.

Not only does the Star Wand elevate the adorableness of any character it adorns, but its starry visual effects also ensure that players sparkle with every swing. Perfect for those who wish to blend fierce combat with a dash of whimsy, the Star Wand makes every strike a whimsical moment.

#10: Harley Hitter

The Harley Hitter pickaxe, derived from Harley Quinn’s signature style, is a classic wooden baseball bat infused with her unique flair. It features intricate decorations that include nods to iconic Harley Quinn quotes and her contemporary color palette.

Equipped with authentic sound effects that mimic a real baseball bat, the Harley Hitter enhances the immersive experience of resource gathering in Fortnite. Every swing not only harvests materials but also resonates with the distinctive crack of wood, embodying the spirit of Harley Quinn with every strike.

#9: Slasher

The Slasher pickaxe, a nod to the iconic Halloween series, mirrors the chilling knife wielded by Michael Myers. Known for his haunting visage and relentless pursuit with a kitchen knife, Michael Myers is a staple in horror cinema, and this pickaxe brings that terror into Fortnite.

Beyond its cinematic homage, the Slasher pickaxe enhances gameplay with special sound effects that echo classic jump scare cues from horror films. These sounds activate with each hit on a structure, deepening the horror ambiance and making every strike feel like a scene from a thriller, perfect for players who love to blend fear and fun.

#8: Muramasa Blade

The Muramasa Blade pickaxe, drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese katana, transcends its historical roots by featuring prominently in Marvel’s X-Men comics. This fusion creates a unique item in Fortnite’s arsenal.

Distinguished by its vibrant red blade and ornate golden hilt, the Muramasa Blade stands apart in visual style from other swords in the game. Accompanied by distinct slicing sound effects, each swing of this pickaxe not only cuts through materials but also immerses players in the aura of a samurai, enhancing the gameplay experience with every strike.

#7: Axe-tral Form

The Axe-tral Form pickaxe, tied to the Raven and Beastboy skin releases, channels pure purple energy, reminiscent of Raven’s powers from the Teen Titans series. It emerges directly from the player’s hand, embodying mystical force in each swing.

Accompanied by striking visual effects, this pickaxe leaves behind vibrant purple traces with every slash, enhancing its ethereal quality. If you’re drawn to pickaxes that not only transform the appearance but also amplify a character’s mystical presence, the Axe-tral Form is an exemplary choice, merging aesthetics with the energy of a supernatural entity.

#6: Reaper

The Reaper pickaxe, with its straightforward scythe design, draws direct inspiration from the iconic tool of the Grim Reaper. This pickaxe is less about flashiness and more about delivering a subtly ominous presence on the battlefield.

Featuring distinct, eerie sound effects, each swing of the Reaper pickaxe carries a threatening aura, making it an ideal match for any of the game’s skeleton-themed skins. It stands out not for its visual complexity but for its effectiveness in completing a menacing ensemble, enhancing both the thematic and auditory experience of wielding a classic symbol of doom.

#5: Phantasmic Pulse

The Phantasmic Pulse pickaxe distinguishes itself in Fortnite’s arsenal by offering exceptional customization options, aligning perfectly with the superhero skins that frequently appear in the shop. This energy-based pickaxe captivates with its adaptable aesthetic, allowing players to tailor the dual-color scheme and the visual appearance of the energy it emits.

Upon acquiring this pickaxe, players are granted the ability to modify it extensively, ensuring it can complement any character outfit flawlessly. This level of personalization makes the Phantasmic Pulse not just a tool but a versatile accessory, essential for players who value coordination in their cosmetic collection.

#4: Hot-Cold Hitters

The Hot-Cold Hitters pickaxe emerged from Fortnite’s dynamic collaboration with the anime “My Hero Academia,” introducing a unique dual-wielding feature that captivates with elemental fury. This pickaxe uniquely embodies two contrasting powers, with one hand channeling a sharp, icy blade and the other wielding a blazing lance.

As players wield these elemental forces, each strike against the environment triggers distinct animations and sound effects that enhance the user experience. The icy side glistens and crackles, while the fiery side roars with flames, making every interaction with the game world visually striking and audibly distinct. This pickaxe not only serves as a practical tool but also as a spectacular display of elemental energy in action.

#3: Soulfire Chains

Ghost Rider’s Soulfire Chains bring a touch of Marvel Comics’ fiery intensity to Fortnite, making them a standout choice for players craving a dramatic flair. These chains, famously wielded by the comic book antihero, blaze with fire at their tips, casting a fiery glow with every swing.

As you demolish terrain or engage in combat, the Soulfire Chains animate with striking swinging motions, enhancing the visual spectacle. This pickaxe is not just a tool but a statement piece, perfect for players who want to imbue their gameplay with the fearsome presence of Ghost Rider. If you aim to captivate and intimidate on the battlefield, the Soulfire Chains are your go-to accessory.

#2: The Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe, a cornerstone of the God of War series, made its way into Fortnite as part of a special collaboration, allowing players to grasp Kratos’ fearsome weapon. This hefty axe is not just a tool but an extension of the Norse adventures, complete with chilling icy effects that activate with each strike.

Its formidable size and distinctive freeze animations, accompanied by crisp sound effects, set the Leviathan Axe apart from other fantasy-inspired weapons in Fortnite. This pickaxe isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about bringing a piece of mythic warrior spirit into every match.

#1: Breaking Waves

Introduced in Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 2 battle pass, the Breaking Waves pickaxe stands out as a unique and highly coveted item. Unlike any other pickaxe in the game, this one boasts a distinctive fan shape that sets it apart from more conventional designs.

Featuring special animations, the Breaking Waves pickaxe spins elegantly around your hands, unfurling gracefully to interact with the terrain. Additionally, this pickaxe offers a customizable element, allowing players to choose between gold or blue color schemes to perfectly complement their character’s outfit. This combination of rarity and aesthetic flexibility makes it a prized possession in any player’s collection.


The diversity and creativity of pickaxes in Fortnite continue to enhance the gaming experience, allowing players to express themselves uniquely on the battlefield. From the chilling touch of the Leviathan Axe to the fiery swing of the Soulfire Chains, each pickaxe offers something special that goes beyond mere functionality—they add flair and a personal touch to your gameplay. Whether you’re a collector seeking the rarest finds or a player looking to optimize your aesthetic in-game, these top 12 pickaxes are sure to elevate your Fortnite arsenal. Dive into the game with any of these exceptional choices and carve your path to victory with style!

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