League of Legends Season 14: Briar Can Ward Hop Now!
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League of Legends Season 14: Briar Can Ward Hop Now!

League of Legends has introduced a game-changing update for Briar, the game's thorny huntress. Aimed at addressing her overwhelmingly high ban rate in lower elo, Riot Games has rolled out adjustments that fine-tune her strengths while also enriching her gameplay. A standout feature in this update, shared by Riot designer August, is Briar's enhanced mobility. Players can now use her Q ability to leap over allied and enemy wards, plants, and traps, infusing her with unmatched mobility that opens new paths for engaging in battles, executing swift retreats, and orchestrating unforeseen attacks. Alongside this significant boost, Briar has also undergone necessary adjustments to her healing and damage outputs, aiming to achieve a more balanced state for the champion in the competitive scene. Let's explore these updates in detail and consider their implications for Briar's gameplay dynamics.

The "Lee Syndrome" Buff to Briar's Q

Briar's Q ability, "Head Rush," has received a game-changing update, introducing what many are calling the "Lee Syndrome" buff. This modification allows Briar to target both allied and enemy wards for her dashes, granting her unprecedented mobility on the battlefield. This change doesn't just stop at wards; it also includes interaction with plants and traps, opening a plethora of strategic plays and escape mechanisms.

Such an enhancement dramatically increases Briar's utility and versatility, making her a formidable force in the hands of skilled players. This added layer of mobility not only enhances her ganking potential but also introduces new dimensions to her playstyle, emphasizing the importance of strategic placement and teamwork. With this update, Briar's gameplay depth is significantly enriched, inviting players to explore new tactics and coordination efforts in higher-tier games.

Adjustments to Briar's Sustain and Ultimate Impact

Briar's W ability, known as "Healing Bite," has experienced a reduction in its healing output. The heal percentage, which previously scaled from 25% to 45% based on the damage inflicted, has been adjusted to a scale from 24% to 40%. This tweak, while subtle, marginally diminishes Briar's in-battle sustain, challenging players to strategize their engagements with more caution.

Furthermore, Briar's ultimate ability has undergone scaling adjustments. Initially, the ultimate's base damage kicked off at 150 and could escalate to 300 and 450 at its second and third ranks. The new adjustments bring these numbers down to a peak of 250 and 350 at the subsequent ranks.

This change aims to balance Briar's damage output, ensuring her ultimate remains a tool primarily for crowd control rather than a devastating damage dealer. The modifications reflect a strategic shift in her playstyle, emphasizing her role in controlling enemy movements while slightly dialing back on her damage and healing potency.

Gameplay Dynamics and Strategic Evolution

Briar's enhanced capability to utilize wards, plants, and traps for mobility introduces an exciting layer of strategic depth and playmaking potential. This adjustment opens the door for adept Briar players to navigate the battlefield with unprecedented agility, enabling inventive ambushes and quick getaways.

This evolution in Briar's gameplay highlights Riot Games' dedication to evolving League of Legends into a constantly engaging and strategically diverse battleground. By infusing the game with fresh mechanics, they ensure that the player experience remains vibrant, encouraging players to explore new tactics and keeping the competitive scene lively and unpredictable.


The tweaks to Briar's abilities bring a delicate balance to her power, while the new ward hopping feature significantly enriches her strategic utility. This change is poised to rejuvenate Briar's appeal, ushering in an era of innovative gameplay and high-skill maneuvers that will captivate players and spectators alike on Summoner's Rift.

Posted On: March 14th, 2024

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