Top 7 Best Supports to Synergize with Twitch
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Top 7 Best Supports to Synergize with Twitch

If you're wondering which supports synergize best with Twitch in League of Legends, look no further. Twitch is a unique ADC known for his stealth tactics and explosive late-game impact, capable of single-handedly turning the tide of battle. With the right support, Twitch's potential skyrockets, making him a formidable opponent in the bot lane.

As Twitch stands out in the current meta for his ability to devastate entire teams with well-timed ambushes, selecting the optimal support is crucial to maximize both his sneaky playstyle and substantial late-game contributions.

This guide outlines the top seven support champions that enhance Twitch's strengths and mitigate his weaknesses, ensuring you know what to expect and how to strategically dominate the bot lane.

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#1: Lulu

Lulu stands as the ideal support for Twitch, making the Lulu-Twitch duo a top choice for players aiming to dominate the bot lane. Lulu's kit is perfectly suited to amplify Twitch's capabilities and safeguard him throughout the game.

Lulu's array of protective spells makes Twitch incredibly resilient. Her ability to shield Twitch with Help, Pix! (E), and bolster his survivability with Wild Growth (R) during critical moments are pivotal. Additionally, Whimsy (W) not only disrupts enemies trying to target Twitch but also enhances his attack speed, synergizing brilliantly with his spray-and-pray tactics.

This duo excels due to Lulu's capacity to enhance Twitch's early-game survivability—often his weakest phase—allowing him to safely reach his potent late-game. With Lulu, Twitch's vulnerability to early aggression and ganks diminishes, enabling him to scale effectively into a formidable late-game force.

For players looking to climb the ranked ladder, pairing Twitch with Lulu offers a strategic advantage, turning the tides in your favor as the game progresses. This combination might struggle slightly in early skirmishes, but with careful play and strategic positioning, it transforms into an unstoppable force in later stages.

#2: Milio

When Lulu isn't available due to bans or picks, Milio emerges as a superb alternative for enhancing Twitch's capabilities in the bot lane. As one of the newer champions in League of Legends, Milio brings a unique set of skills that complements Twitch, especially in team fights.

Milio's Cozy Campfire (W) not only boosts Twitch's attack range but synergizes perfectly with Twitch's ultimate, allowing Twitch to safely deal damage from an increased distance. This pairing is particularly effective given Twitch's natural ability to extend his attack range during his ultimate, making him a formidable adversary from afar.

Moreover, Milio's ultimate serves as a protective shield that can safeguard Twitch against immediate threats, ensuring his survival during critical moments of the game. Coupled with the passive benefits that provide additional shields and enhance damage, Milio's supportive abilities make him a close match to Lulu in terms of synergy with Twitch.

Choosing Milio as your support ensures that Twitch can maintain his offensive pressure while staying relatively safe from enemy engagements, making this duo a powerful alternative to the classic Twitch and Lulu pairing.

#3: Janna

For those who prefer a more engaging and assertive support playstyle alongside Twitch, Thresh offers an excellent alternative. Unlike traditional enchanters, Thresh brings a different kind of utility to the bot lane with his formidable crowd control capabilities.

Thresh's toolkit is designed to control the battlefield, making him a crucial ally for Twitch. His Death Sentence (Q) and Flay (E) provide strong crowd control options that can immobilize enemies, setting Twitch up for devastating attacks, particularly in the early game. This makes Thresh and Twitch a formidable duo capable of dominating skirmishes and securing early advantages.

However, success with this pair demands excellent coordination and a deep understanding of bot lane dynamics. Players must be adept at executing precise 2v2 trades and capitalizing on opportunities to snowball their lead. A poor start can significantly hinder their effectiveness, making it challenging to recover as the game progresses. Thus, Thresh and Twitch are best suited for players who can effectively communicate and synchronize their aggressive plays.

#4: Braum

Twitch's kit synergizes exceptionally well with Braum's abilities, making them a potent duo on the bot lane. Twitch can effectively utilize his stealth from Ambush (Q) and the slowing effect from Venom Cask (W) to set up Braum’s Concussive Blows passive. Once Twitch unlocks his ultimate, Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat, extending his attack range, triggering Braum's stun becomes remarkably straightforward, often leading to devastating results for opponents caught in their combined assault.

Braum not only brings crowd control but also excels in protecting Twitch, who lacks reliable escape mechanisms. With his Stand Behind Me (W), Unbreakable (E), and Glacial Fissure (R), Braum can shield Twitch from incoming attacks and disrupt enemy advances, ensuring Twitch can continue dealing damage safely from the backline. This partnership thrives on strategic positioning and mutual protection, making Braum an ideal guard for Twitch’s high-output but vulnerable nature.

#5: Yuumi

Yuumi remains a viable choice for supporting Twitch despite her current vulnerabilities from multiple nerfs. Her strengths as an enchanter are unparalleled, providing substantial healing and shielding that can bolster Twitch's survivability significantly. Recent updates have further enhanced her support capabilities, reinforcing her role as a formidable ally for Twitch.

However, the Twitch-Yuumi pairing is notoriously fragile in the early stages of the game. This duo should prioritize farming and scaling, avoiding unnecessary risks. Opponents might attempt to exploit their early-game weaknesses, so cautious gameplay and strategic positioning are crucial. With Yuumi attached, Twitch can focus on safely reaching his powerful late-game potential, where both can excel in team fights and skirmishes.

#6: Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank's synergy with Twitch revolves around their ability to lockdown and dismantle opponents swiftly. Blitzcrank's signature Rocket Grab (Q) and Power Fist (E) combo set the stage for Twitch to activate Ambush (Q), gaining an attack speed boost, and deploy Venom Cask (W) to slow the enemy, maximizing his damage output during the engagement.

In team fights, Blitzcrank's capability to disrupt enemy formations is invaluable, allowing Twitch to unleash his ultimate, Spray and Pray, across multiple adversaries effectively. With Blitzcrank nearby to peel with his disruptive abilities, Twitch can capitalize on the chaos, safely dishing out high amounts of damage and swinging team fights in their favor.

#7: Karma

Karma rounds out this list as an exceptional enchanter support for Twitch, primarily due to her robust shielding and mobility enhancements. Her Defiance (E) not only shields Twitch but also boosts his movement speed, enabling swift engagements or retreats as needed.

Distinct from other supports in this lineup, Karma brings formidable early game pressure. Her ability to poke and harass the enemy bot lane prevents them from committing to aggressive trades, thereby safeguarding Twitch during his weaker early phases and allowing him to smoothly transition to a more dominant late-game presence. For skilled players, leveraging Karma’s early pressure can facilitate early advantages, potentially snowballing Twitch into an overwhelming force as the game progresses. This strategy can significantly increase your chances of securing victories in your matches.


Pairing Twitch with the right support can significantly enhance his gameplay and impact in League of Legends. From enchanters like Lulu and Karma to the disruptive capabilities of Thresh and Blitzcrank, each support brings unique strengths that can either bolster Twitch's survivability or amplify his already formidable late-game damage. Whether you prefer a more protective playstyle or aggressive lane dominance, choosing the right partner for Twitch is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness in the bot lane. As you experiment with these top supports, consider your own playstyle and the overall team composition to find the best duo synergy that will lead you to victory on Summoner's Rift.

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