Top 5 Best ADCs To Synergize With Nautilus in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs To Synergize With Nautilus in League of Legends

Nautilus stands out as a formidable support in League of Legends, armed with a robust arsenal of crowd control abilities that make him a versatile asset on the battlefield. Ranking second in terms of CC among all champions, Nautilus offers immense flexibility, whether peeling for the ADC, initiating skirmishes with his iconic hook, or serving as a steadfast frontline.

His kit is particularly well-suited for ADCs that excel in poke, possess strong all-in capabilities, or bring significant area-of-effect (AOE) damage to team fights. During skirmishes, Nautilus not only provides stellar peel but can also engage effectively, leveraging his tankiness to absorb incoming damage and protect his team.

Nautilus’s self-peel and shielding abilities are crucial for mitigating burst damage, while his AP-scaling abilities allow him to hold his own in trades. His Q ability is especially versatile, enabling disengagement by hooking to walls, which also speeds up his movement around the map due to a reduced cooldown when used in this manner. This mobility makes him an exceptional roamer, capable of impacting other lanes and securing advantages across the map.

In this guide, we will explore the top five ADC champions that synergize best with Nautilus, enhancing each other’s strengths and creating a dominant duo in the bot lane.

#1: Caitlyn

Caitlyn consistently ranks as a top ADC choice across various support pairings, largely due to her exceptional range and her ability to snare opponents. When paired with Nautilus, the duo’s crowd control capabilities become especially daunting. Together, they can chain their abilities to extend the immobilization of an enemy for over five seconds, creating significant opportunities for securing kills.

Moreover, Caitlyn’s kit is equipped with long-range abilities that deliver significant burst damage, making her an ideal partner for Nautilus. As Nautilus engages and holds the frontline, Caitlyn can utilize her range to provide effective artillery support. This allows her to safely deal damage while Nautilus disrupts the enemy lines and absorbs incoming attacks. This synergistic interaction between Caitlyn’s ranged prowess and Nautilus’s tankiness and crowd control makes them a formidable duo capable of dominating the bot lane.

#2: Jhin

Jhin thrives when paired with champions who can immobilize opponents, as this setup greatly facilitates the accuracy of his skill shots. While Jhin possesses the ability to predict enemy movements, his performance is significantly enhanced when his targets are securely rooted or locked in place, minimizing the likelihood of missed opportunities.

Nautilus, renowned for his extensive crowd control capabilities, is an excellent partner for Jhin. His ability to consistently lock down opponents not only complements Jhin’s need for precision but also maximizes the effectiveness of Jhin’s devastating four-shot sequence and skill shot-based arsenal. Together, Nautilus’s reliable CC and Jhin’s calculated damage output make them a lethal combination in lane, capable of controlling engagements and punishing opponents with coordinated strikes.

#3: Ashe

The pairing of Ashe with Nautilus brings a relentless barrage of crowd control that can be exceedingly frustrating for opponents. Ashe’s ability to continuously slow enemies pairs seamlessly with Nautilus’s robust suite of lockdown capabilities. Together, they can extend crowd control durations to upwards of six seconds, making escape nearly impossible for their targets.

This duo’s synergy is profound, as their combined abilities enhance both their engagement effectiveness and staying power throughout all phases of the game. From early lane dominance to late-game team fights, the strategic application of their combined slows and stuns can decisively swing engagements in their favor. The persistent utility they bring ensures that their impact remains significant, offering consistent value that does not diminish as the game progresses.

#4: Draven

Draven is the ideal ADC to capitalize on Nautilus’s aggressive initiations, equipped with the damage output necessary to decisively conclude skirmishes. When Nautilus dives into the fray, Draven’s ability to execute an all-in offensive ensures that any target caught is swiftly dealt with. His capacity to deliver high burst damage is particularly effective at exploiting the openings created by Nautilus’s control abilities.

In addition to his raw power, Draven’s E, Stand Aside, adds another layer to their combined assault. This ability not only disrupts opponents with its knock-aside effect but also slows them, further enhancing their ability to control enemy movement. This complementary dynamic between Draven’s aggressive damage potential and Nautilus’s crowd control prowess makes them a formidable duo, capable of dominating their lane and securing kills with a well-coordinated attack strategy.

#5: Ezreal

Ezreal is an exceptional choice for playing a weakside lane, renowned for his ability to maintain safety while farming, even when positioned defensively under his own tower. This characteristic makes him highly suitable for scenarios where the support, such as Nautilus, needs the flexibility to roam and provide assistance across the map.

While Ezreal does not excel in wave clear, his precision in last-hitting is impeccable. This proficiency allows him to effectively gather resources and scale into the mid-game, even as the opposing bot lane duo may find themselves inefficiently splitting experience and gold. This strategic positioning enables Ezreal to focus on accumulating strength quietly while NaIt is roaming, setting the stage for a powerful late-game presence. Thus, Ezreal and Nautilus together create a dynamic where Nautilus can impact broader map objectives while Ezreal safely builds his power, making them a versatile and adaptive duo in the bot lane.


Pairing Nautilus with the right ADC can significantly enhance the duo’s effectiveness and control in the bot lane of League of Legends. Whether it’s the extended CC chain with Caitlyn, the perfect setup for Jhin’s deadly shots, the relentless crowd control with Ashe, the raw damage output of Draven, or the safe scaling strategy with Ezreal, Nautilus offers a versatile support role that complements a variety of ADC playstyles. Each ADC brings unique strengths that synergize with Nautilus’s ability to engage, control, and protect, making them formidable opponents in their respective lanes. Choosing the right ADC to pair with Nautilus not only maximizes the strengths of both champions but also provides strategic flexibility to adapt to different game dynamics and opponent strategies. This guide outlines top choices that can help players make informed decisions to dominate their games through superior synergy and tactical collaboration.

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