Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Samira in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Samira in League of Legends

Finding the right support champion to pair with Samira can make all the difference in dominating the bot lane. The flashy ADC relies on supports who can enable her to dash in for quick trades and all-ins. With the right support at her side, Samira can stylishly combo her abilities and score kills with her signature ult.

In this article, we'll break down the top 6 support champions to pair with Samira in League of Legends. These support picks synergize well with Samira's playmaking potential and can help her snowball into an unstoppable late-game hypercarry. Whether you want to set up kills for Samira or enable her to pull off highlight-reel Pentakills, these are the best supports for Samira.

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#1: Thresh

Thresh secures the top spot on our list as the ultimate support ally for Samira. Known for his exceptional playmaking capabilities, Thresh offers a remarkable level of synergy with Samira, enabling her to capitalize on her aggressive playstyle. His Dark Passage not only provides Samira with critical mobility to engage in daring trades but also ensures a swift retreat if needed. Following up with his Flay, Thresh can disrupt enemy positioning, creating the ideal setup for Samira to unleash her devastating combo and escalate her style grade with finesse.

Moreover, Thresh's toolkit, including Death Sentence and The Box, provides a solid foundation of crowd control, essential for securing kills on elusive targets and offering Samira the opportunity to shine in team fights with her impactful ultimate.

This formidable pair complements each other's strengths and mitigates weaknesses, making them a force to be reckoned with from the laning phase to the game's climax. Thresh's ability to both engage and peel opens up the battlefield for Samira, allowing her to exploit her full potential. Thus, Thresh stands unrivaled as the premier support choice for Samira players aiming to dominate their games.

#2: Nautilus

Securing the second spot as Samira's ideal support partner is Nautilus, whose unparalleled ability to initiate and control fights makes him a formidable ally for Samira. Nautilus excels in locking down opponents with his array of crowd control abilities, setting the stage for Samira's high-octane engagements. His Dredge Line offers a long-range engage tool that perfectly aligns with Samira's desire to dive into the fray. Once engaged, Nautilus's Staggering Blow passive and the knock-up effect of his Depth Charge ult guarantee that enemies remain vulnerable long enough for Samira to capitalize on these engagements.

Nautilus's durability is another key asset, with his Titan's Wrath providing him with a substantial shield that enables bold initiations. This toughness allows him to absorb enemy damage, diverting attention away from Samira as she maneuvers through battles, enhancing her style grade with each successful takedown. Furthermore, his Riptide ability offers additional zoning power, essential for protecting Samira and ensuring she can focus on her offensive without undue interference.

In essence, Nautilus lays the groundwork for Samira to excel within pick and dive compositions, offering her the crowd control and frontline durability she needs to aggressively stack her style grade and dominate team fights.

#3: Leona

Landing at the third spot is Leona, the embodiment of frontline aggression, making her a stellar match for Samira’s bold playstyle. Leona’s expertise in initiating combat and securing enemy champions aligns perfectly with Samira’s thirst for engaging fights. With her potent combination of Eclipse and Shield of Daybreak, Leona brings a suite of hard crowd control to the table, enabling Samira to capitalize on these moments with precision and deadly flair.

Leona's intrinsic tankiness, especially through her Solar Flare, not only offers a robust shield for Samira but also paves the way for her to unleash her full damage potential without undue risk. The seamless synergy between Leona’s crowd control capabilities and Samira’s passive allows for swift, stylish takedowns of vulnerable opponents, amplifying Samira’s ability to execute high-impact plays.

This duo excels in orchestrating early-game kills, laying the groundwork for a commanding presence as the game progresses into the mid and late stages. For supports keen on adopting an assertive playstyle that perfectly complements Samira’s strengths, Leona stands out as a prime choice, offering the perfect blend of aggression and protection.

#4: Nami

At number four, we introduce Nami, a pairing with Samira that might seem unconventional yet proves to be highly effective in the bot lane. Diverging from the tank-oriented supports previously mentioned, Nami brings a different dynamic to the duo with her reliance on precision skill shots and her non-tank nature, necessitating a more calculated approach to engagements.

The cornerstone of Nami's lane presence is her Aqua Prison (Q). While it demands accuracy to execute, a successful hit stuns the target for 1.5 seconds—ample time for Samira to unleash significant damage. Nami complements this with her Ebb and Flow (W), a poking tool that extends her influence in the lane. Together, they form a duo that thrives on these interactions, setting the stage for early advantages that can snowball into dominant performances.

Nami's versatility shines when paired with Samira, especially in evenly matched or advantageous situations. Her Tidal Wave (R), combined with Aqua Prison, can serve as a formidable setup for either engaging on foes or disengaging from unfavorable encounters. However, the efficacy of this duo hinges on mastering Nami’s skill shots to avoid becoming a liability. With practice, Nami can be a pivotal ally for Samira, weaving a tapestry of opportunities for the duo to exploit and triumph in the bot lane.

#5: Maokai

Maokai firmly claims the fifth spot, revitalized by a series of updates towards the end of season 12 that not only affirmed his position in the jungle and top lane but also spotlighted his potential as an exceptional support. Particularly for ADCs such as Samira, Maokai has emerged as a formidable ally.

As a tanky support with a knack for initiating confrontations, Maokai shines brightly in the current meta. His Twisted Advance (E) acts as a reliable tool for closing distances, allowing him to then immobilize opponents with his Bramble Smash (Q) or ensnare them with Nature’s Grasp (R). Additionally, Maokai's ultimate briefly boosts his movement speed and boasts short cooldowns, rendering him a constant threat on the battlefield.

Maokai as a support is a personal favorite, especially alongside marksmen who embody aggression, akin to Samira. This pairing becomes particularly lethal post-level six, where their combined prowess in two-versus-two skirmishes is virtually unparalleled. In larger team fights, the synergy between their ultimates can swiftly turn the tide, decimating enemy health pools and securing victory.

#6: Rell

Rounding off our list of top supports for Samira is Rell, a champion who, while bearing some resemblance to the other selections, introduces a distinct dynamic to bolstering Samira's capabilities. Rell's prowess in engaging combats aligns seamlessly with Samira's aggressive tendencies, particularly through her Ferromancy: Crash Down ability, which serves up enemies for Samira to dive in and wreak havoc.

Rell's natural resilience allows her to spearhead assaults with confidence, setting the stage for her and Samira to command the battlefield. Furthermore, Rell's knack for corralling opponents with her Break the Mold passive and Attract and Repel (E) ability renders them vulnerable to Samira's lethal onslaught.

The synergy between Rell's robust initiation skills and mobility with Samira's offensive zeal facilitates their supremacy in prolonged lane engagements. Rell champions Samira's bold playstyle with a flair that's distinct from the conventional support mold, earning her a well-deserved spot as the sixth and final pick in our lineup. This iron-willed duo promises a relentless force, poised to conquer the bot lane with unmatched ferocity.


Selecting the ideal support to pair with Samira can transform a solid performance into an exceptional one. The supports highlighted in this guide are meticulously chosen to complement Samira's dynamic playstyle, characterized by her signature dashing and style-stacking mechanics. Heavyweights like Thresh, Nautilus, Maokai, and Leona bring the essential crowd control that allows Samira to engage with confidence. Meanwhile, champions such as Nami and Rell add layers of mobility and initiation that amplify Samira's aggressive approach.

Choosing any of these supports to accompany Samira sets the stage for dazzling plays that not only captivate but also steer the game towards a triumphant conclusion. With such formidable support by her side, the bot lane becomes less a battlefield and more a canvas for Samira to craft her masterpiece.

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