Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Ezreal in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Ezreal in League of Legends

Ezreal remains a perennial favorite in the bot lane, celebrated for his ability to deliver damage from a distance and dart away from danger. The effectiveness of Ezreal, while formidable on its own, reaches new heights with the support of a well-matched ally.

This guide delves into the top 6 supports whose abilities not only mesh seamlessly with Ezreal's but also empower him to push his damage output and in-game impact further. We'll explore how each support can amplify Ezreal's strengths, enabling him to dominate both the laning phase and team fights. For those looking to dominate the Rift with Ezreal, understanding these optimal support pairings is key to unlocking his full potential.

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#1: Zyra

Leading the lineup of optimal supports for Ezreal is Zyra, who not only brings an impressive 53.8% win rate when paired with the Arcane Shifter as per, but also offers a synergy that amplifies Ezreal's inherent strengths. Zyra, with her mage support archetype, delivers a potent mix of poke damage and control abilities that dovetail seamlessly with Ezreal’s playstyle.

Zyra’s capacity for lane harassment through her Deadly Spines (Q) and Grasping Roots (E) aligns perfectly with Ezreal’s Mystic Shot (Q) barrages, allowing the duo to progressively chip away at their opponents' health. Beyond just harassment, Zyra’s Stranglethorns (R) offers impactful area control, effectively pinning adversaries in place for Ezreal to capitalize on with his barrage of abilities.

Moreover, Zyra's strategic use of seeds grants not only vision but also territorial control, setting the stage for Ezreal to maneuver safely and land precise skill shots. Together, Zyra and Ezreal create a formidable force in the bot lane, her ability to lock down targets with roots and ultimates complementing Ezreal’s agility and burst potential. This synergy not only enhances Ezreal's poke and skirmish efficacy but also solidifies their stance as a duo capable of dictating the pace of the laning phase and influencing the outcome of team fights.

#2: Xerath

Securing the second place in the roster for Ezreal’s best supports is Xerath, with an impressive synergy that boasts a 52.8% win rate. This artillery mage pairs exquisitely with Ezreal, forming a duo renowned for their relentless poking capabilities.

Xerath, wielding his Arcanopulse (Q) and Eye of Destruction (W), mirrors Ezreal’s poke-heavy style, allowing them to collectively chip away at their adversaries' health from a safe distance. His Shocking Orb (E) and Rite of the Arcane (R) not only provide substantial area-of-effect crowd control but also create opportunities for Ezreal to unleash his full damage potential on stunned or slowed foes.

The strategic harmony between Ezreal and Xerath translates into a formidable force capable of controlling the battlefield. Their combined reach and ability to manipulate space make them a terror in lane, excelling in siege scenarios and adeptly kiting opponents who dare to close in. This duo’s synergy lies in their ability to dictate engagements on their terms, leveraging their exceptional range and crowd control to secure advantages and overwhelm the bot lane.

#3: Janna

Securing the third spot in Ezreal's support synergy list is the dynamic pairing with Janna, which enjoys a notable 52.4% win rate in the bot lane. This partnership flourishes, combining Janna's defensive prowess with Ezreal's agile combat style for a balanced and effective duo.

Janna's Eye of the Storm (E) provides Ezreal with not just a protective shield but also an attack damage boost, augmenting his poking capability. Her Zephyr (W) and Tailwind passive grant Ezreal enhanced movement speed, enabling him to effortlessly evade incoming skill shots and reposition during skirmishes. Moreover, Janna's Howling Gale (Q) and Monsoon (R) offer excellent crowd control, creating openings for Ezreal to capitalize on vulnerable targets with precision.

More than just a shield and speed enhancer, Janna is instrumental in amplifying Ezreal’s agility, allowing him to navigate team fights with ease and keep at an optimal distance to maximize his damage output. Her capacity to disrupt enemy advances with her Q and R not only safeguards Ezreal but also provides crucial moments for him to target and eliminate key opponents from the safety of range. Together, Janna and Ezreal are a formidable force, adept at whittling down adversaries in the laning phase and ensuring Ezreal can exploit his damage potential in team fights through strategic mobility and positioning.

#4: Sona

Landing at number four on the list of Ezreal's best supports is Sona, with the pairing boasting a commendable 52.3% win rate. Sona's harmonious auras sync perfectly with Ezreal's poke-centric and evasive battle tactics.

In both laning and team fights, Sona's Hymn of Valor (Q) and Song of Celerity (E) bestow Ezreal with valuable damage amplifications and swift movement, enabling him to engage in more daring trades and swiftly navigate away from potential threats. Moreover, Sona's Crescendo (R) offers a critical engagement tool that can catch enemies off guard, setting them up for Ezreal's impactful follow-through.

The synergy between Sona's sustaining melodies and Ezreal's agile fighting style makes them a dominant presence in lane, where they can apply relentless pressure on their opponents. Together, they excel at maintaining a commanding position through a blend of poke, mobility, and sustain. This partnership ensures that Ezreal can consistently unleash his damage output while remaining safely out of harm's reach, embodying the essence of a perfectly balanced duo that complements each other's strengths flawlessly.

#5: Rakan

Securing the fifth spot is the dynamic duo of Ezreal and Rakan, who together boast a 51.9% win rate. Rakan's unparalleled agility and knack for initiating perfectly complement Ezreal’s potent burst damage capabilities.

Rakan shines in the heat of battle, weaving through the fray with his Grand Entrance (W) and Battle Dance (E), setting the stage for Ezreal by charming and disrupting the enemy ranks. This enables Ezreal to position aggressively and unleash his full arsenal for maximum impact. Rakan's adeptness at both diving into the heart of conflict and swiftly disengaging ensures Ezreal can capitalize on his offensive potential without overextending.

This partnership thrives on their shared ability to maneuver and control engagements, allowing for precise elimination of key targets through a combination of Rakan's crowd control and Ezreal's high damage output. Together, Ezreal and Rakan form a formidable force capable of commanding the battlefield, their synergy allowing for aggressive plays that can shift the tide of any game.

#6: Karma

Topping off the list as the quintessential support for Ezreal is none other than Karma. Mirroring Ezreal's prowess, Karma dominates with her own remarkable poke capabilities through her Inner Flame (Q), while also offering substantial support with her Inspire (E) shields and Focused Resolve (W) for enemy lockdown. This pairing not only guarantees consistent lane control but also sets a strong foundation for team objective captures and rotations, bolstered by their superior zoning capabilities.

However, the intricacies of this duo's gameplay demand precise coordination to fully unleash their potential. Given their vulnerability due to a lack of innate tankiness, strategic positioning and vigilant warding become crucial to mitigate the risk of being overwhelmed by enemy ganks. Mastering this combo requires a delicate balance of aggression and caution, making the most of their strengths while being mindful of their limitations.

Ezreal and Karma together bring a dynamic force to the bot lane, combining their substantial poke, support, and control to dictate the pace of the lane. Their collaboration offers a formidable challenge to opponents, emphasizing the importance of seamless teamwork and strategic foresight to capitalize on their collective capabilities and navigate the complexities of the laning phase successfully.


Ezreal thrives alongside supports such as Zyra, Xerath, Janna, Sona, Rakan, and Karma, each bringing unique elements like crowd control, enhanced damage, vital healing, and added mobility to augment Ezreal's playstyle centered around poking and bursting down adversaries. By carefully selecting supports that align with Ezreal's strengths, players can craft a bot lane strategy that leverages their synergistic potential to the fullest. These powerful pairings equip Ezreal players with the tools needed to navigate the competitive landscape and ascend the ranks this season effectively.

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