Top 6 Best Supports to Synergy with Lucian in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergy with Lucian in League of Legends

Lucian remains a favorite among ADC players in League of Legends, captivating with his high mobility and substantial burst damage. This champion, while straightforward to pick up, demands significant skill and the right support to truly excel and dominate games.

Lucian's kit is all about agility and outputting sustained damage, making him a formidable opponent when ahead. However, his reliance on early-game dominance to scale into a powerful late-game force means his success is heavily dependent on effective support from his lane partner.

To ensure Lucian can reach his peak performance, it's crucial to pair him with supports that complement his playstyle. This guide delves into the top supports that synergize best with Lucian, examining their strengths and how they can help propel Lucian to victory.

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#1: Milio

Milio and Lucian form one of the most formidable bot lane duos in the current meta, making them a top pick in professional play. With Milio's enhancements, he brings exceptional late-game teamfight capabilities that mesh perfectly with Lucian's aggressive playstyle.

Milio’s ability to provide sustained heals and shields through his Cozy Campfire skill not only boosts Lucian’s survivability but also enables Lucian to frequently utilize his passive for additional bursts of damage. This synergy allows for aggressive, short trades during the laning phase, setting the stage for more substantial engagements once Lucian’s ultimate is available.

For players who excel in mechanical skills, leveraging this duo's potential to snowball early advantages into a dominant mid and late game can be particularly effective. Ensure you capitalize on their combined strengths to control the pace of the game and secure victories.

#2: Nami

If Milio is off the table due to bans or being picked by the opposing team, Nami stands out as a reliable alternative for pairing with Lucian. Although she has seen some declines in effectiveness with the new season changes, her synergistic potential with Lucian remains potent.

Nami enhances Lucian’s lane aggression significantly, ideal for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle. Her skill set allows Lucian to rapidly deplete an opponent's health bar through synchronized spell rotations. This combination shines particularly as they level up and unlock their ultimates, amplifying their ability to secure kills.

Nami's Tidal Wave offers dual utility, initiating or disengaging fights, thus providing flexibility in both offensive and defensive maneuvers. This duo demands a degree of coordination, so practice is key. However, once mastered, Nami and Lucian can be a formidable force in solo queue or Clash, delivering impactful early-game pressure and scaling effectively into late-game team fights.

#3: Braum

Braum is an ideal pick for a tank-support role when an enchanter doesn't suit the team composition. Among the warden champions, Braum stands out as a superb ally for Lucian due to their synergistic passive abilities. Lucian's rapid attack capability pairs perfectly with Braum's Concussive Blows, enabling them to stun opponents quickly and effectively. This synergy is pivotal for initiating skirmishes, setting up ganks, or controlling the pace in team fights.

Furthermore, Braum excels in protecting Lucian with his Unbreakable (E), which blocks incoming attacks and abilities, ensuring Lucian's safety during critical moments. When more crowd control is necessary, Braum's ultimate ability, Glacial Fissure (R), provides a substantial knockup that can disrupt enemy formations, allowing Lucian to reposition and maximize his damage output.

While this duo was once a dominant force in the bot lane, the absence of healing and shielding abilities means that their combined damage output might be lower than expected. Therefore, it's best to approach this pairing with a focus on utility rather than relying solely on Lucian as the main damage dealer. This strategic shift turns the bot lane into a zone of control and support, enhancing the team's overall effectiveness in engagements.

#4: Thresh

Lucian and Thresh not only share a rich lore connection through Lucian's wife, Senna, but they also exhibit a strong synergy on the battlefield. Thresh's diverse skill set makes him a flexible and formidable partner for nearly any champion in the bot lane, particularly with someone as dynamic as Lucian.

Thresh's ability to control the battlefield is unmatched. His crowd control capabilities allow Lucian to effectively use his abilities, maximizing damage output. With tools like Flay (E) and the Dark Passage (W), Thresh can peel for Lucian, ensuring his safety while also setting up aggressive plays. The lantern offers an escape route, enhancing their survivability and strategic positioning.

Playing this duo to its fullest potential involves a defensive, kite-back approach, where Thresh neutralizes threats diving at Lucian, who can then freely unleash his full damage repertoire. Opting for Lucian and Thresh demands a high level of trust and coordination, making it crucial to ensure both players are in sync. This pairing is not just about their shared lore, but about crafting a seamless, tactical partnership that can dominate the bot lane through smart, reactive gameplay.

#5: Nautilus

Nautilus pairs exceptionally well with most AD carries, thanks to his arsenal of crowd control abilities. For Lucian, in particular, Nautilus serves as an exemplary front-line enforcer. His ability to hook, root, and knock up enemies provides Lucian ample time to effectively utilize his arsenal. Lucian, equipped with the right items, can trigger his Vigilance passive repeatedly in a teamfight, capitalizing on the openings created by Nautilus. As Nautilus absorbs the brunt of the enemy's aggression, Lucian can focus on delivering sustained damage, making this duo highly effective in controlling and dominating team engagements.

#6: Senna

If Nami or Milio aren't viable picks, consider Senna, Lucian's canonical partner, as another excellent ranged support option. This duo excels in wave management, often outmatching their lane opponents in pushing power due to their combined abilities. Senna's toolkit not only scales well into the late game but also offers substantial support to Lucian, including heals and shields that enhance both their survivability and damage output.

However, it’s crucial to maintain careful positioning when playing Senna and Lucian together. Both champions lack robust defenses, making them vulnerable to enemy ganks and burst damage. Playing this duo successfully requires a strategic balance of aggression and caution, maximizing their offensive capabilities while avoiding situations where their fragility could be exploited. This makes Senna and Lucian a potent but nuanced choice for the bot lane, rounding out your options for support in this analysis.


Pairing the right support with Lucian in League of Legends can significantly enhance your bot lane effectiveness and impact the game's outcome. From the protective prowess of Braum and the versatile utility of Thresh, to the crowd control capabilities of Nautilus and the strategic wave management offered by Senna, each support brings a unique set of strengths that can complement Lucian's aggressive playstyle. Understanding the synergies and nuances of each pairing is key to mastering the bot lane and maximizing Lucian’s potential as a carry. Whether you're looking for crowd control, sustain, or sheer damage output, this guide provides a solid foundation for selecting the ideal support to side with Lucian, ensuring you can adapt to and dominate in a variety of game scenarios.

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