Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Aphelios
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Top 6 Best Supports to Synergize with Aphelios

Mastering Aphelios in League of Legends requires more than just individual skill; it necessitates the perfect synergy with a support who understands his complex kit. The ideal support for Aphelios isn't just about safeguarding him; it's about amplifying his damage output and maximizing the effectiveness of his diverse arsenal. Together, a well-paired duo can dominate the bot lane, control the pace of the game, and secure victories.

Selecting the right support champion to complement Aphelios can make a significant difference in gameplay. The most effective supports for Aphelios are those that can engage enemies, provide sustain, and offer utility to assist in positioning and executing combos. This strategic partnership allows Aphelios to capitalize on his potential, unleashing devastating attacks while being well-protected.

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#1: Zac

Zac stands out as an exceptional support for Aphelios, primarily due to his unique blend of crowd control, survivability, and engagement capabilities. His Elastic Slingshot (E) provides significant initiation potential, allowing him to dive into the fray and target crucial adversaries for Aphelios to unleash his arsenal upon. This ability to close distances quickly and disrupt enemy formations is invaluable for setting the stage for Aphelios' onslaught.

Moreover, Zac's Stretching Strikes (Q) serves as an excellent tool for peeling and controlling opponents, perfectly complementing Aphelios' need for enemies to remain within his optimal damage output range. The subsequent knock-up effect from Zac's Let's Bounce! (R) ultimate further enhances this synergy, creating opportunities for Aphelios to safely deliver his devastating attacks from a distance.

The synergy between Zac's capacity to absorb damage and disrupt, combined with Aphelios' versatile damage capabilities, forms a partnership that excels in turning the tides of battle. Their combined win rate of 54.8% showcases the potent dynamic duo they can become on the battlefield, making Zac an unparalleled ally for Aphelios players seeking to capitalize on the marksman's high-risk, high-reward gameplay style.

#2: Taric

Taric shines as an unparalleled guardian for Aphelios, boasting a commendable 53.7% win rate together. His versatile kit provides the ideal balance of offense, defense, and crowd control, synergizing seamlessly with Aphelios' needs.

Empowered by his passive, Bravado, Taric's basic attacks inflict additional magic damage, aligning perfectly with Aphelios' diverse weapon arsenal for enhanced damage output. Meanwhile, his Q, Starlight's Touch, offers consistent healing, ensuring Aphelios remains a formidable presence throughout engagements and trades. The recharging mechanism tied to Bravado ensures a steady flow of healing, bolstering their lane sustainability.

Taric's E, Dazzle, serves as a critical control mechanism, offering an area-of-effect stun that holds enemies in place. This opens the battlefield for Aphelios to unleash his payload without restraint, capitalizing on the immobilized adversaries.

The pinnacle of Taric's support capabilities is his ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, which cloaks Aphelios in a temporary shield of invulnerability. This strategic advantage nullifies the threat posed by Aphelios' counters, granting him the liberty to deal uninterrupted damage during critical moments of conflict.

Together, Taric's protective aura and strategic offensive support make him an invaluable ally to Aphelios, enhancing their collective efficacy on the battlefield and cementing their status as a formidable duo with a synergistic win rate of 53.7%.

#3: Annie

Annie emerges as a formidable support for Aphelios, securing the third spot with an impressive 53.5% win rate. Her capabilities in zoning, burst damage, and enemy immobilization make her an invaluable partner for Aphelios.

The core of Annie's support prowess lies in her passive, Pyromania, which, after four spell casts, empowers her next spell to stun her target. This critical feature provides the perfect setup for Aphelios, enabling him to unleash his arsenal on immobilized foes without fear of retaliation.

Her Q, Disintegrate, not only offers a reliable long-range poke that whittles down adversaries but also refunds Mana upon killing a unit. This ensures Annie can sustain her offensive pressure and prepare enemies for Aphelios' lethal strikes. Additionally, Incinerate, her W, excels in both wave clearing and delivering substantial AOE damage during clashes, paving the way for Aphelios to secure turret objectives and dominate skirmishes.

The pinnacle of Annie's utility is her ultimate, Summon: Tibbers. Beyond its raw damage, Tibbers serves as a powerful zoning tool and a beacon for focusing down priority targets, complementing Aphelios' need for control over the battlefield.

With Annie by his side, Aphelios benefits from enhanced zoning control, strategic enemy lockdown, and a potent burst damage ally, solidifying their partnership as a dynamic duo with a formidable win rate of 53.5%.

#4: Renata

Renata Glasc, heralded as an exceptional support for Aphelios, brings to the duo a win rate of 53.0%. Her arsenal, rich in utility, crowd control, and protective measures, makes her a formidable ally for Aphelios.

Her passive, Leverage, amplifies damage on enemies marked by her attacks, aligning seamlessly with Aphelios' relentless assault. Her primary ability, Handshake, extends a long-range root to ensnare priority adversaries, providing Aphelios with clear targets. The ability to recast Handshake for enemy displacement further refines their battlefield positioning.

The pinnacle of Renata's utility comes with her ultimate, Hostile Takeover, which incites chaos among enemy ranks, compelling them to turn on each other. This not only disrupts their formations but also carves out a protective zone for Aphelios, ensuring his safety amidst combat.

Renata Glasc's synergy with Aphelios is underpinned by a shared focus on precision targeting and battlefield manipulation, marked by a commendable 53.0% win rate. Her blend of offensive and defensive capabilities makes her an invaluable partner for Aphelios, ensuring their mutual success on the battlefield.

#5: Braum

Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, completes our selection as the fifth optimal support for Aphelios, offering unique synergy with the Weapon Master.

Through Braum's passive, Concussive Blows, both he and Aphelios can collaboratively accumulate stuns on adversaries via basic attacks. This crowd control capability allows Aphelios to unleash attacks on immobilized foes without hindrance.

Braum's skill, Stand Behind Me, not only facilitates strategic repositioning to target prime adversaries but also augments their survivability with increased defenses. This coordination ensures both Braum and Aphelios remain formidable throughout confrontations.

Unbreakable, Braum's defensive shield, stands out for its ability to absorb incoming damage and crowd control, safeguarding Aphelios. This protective measure is invaluable, ensuring Aphelios' longevity in battles.

Culminating Braum's arsenal is his ultimate, Glacial Fissure, creating a vast area of knock-up and slow effects. This disruption allows Aphelios to effectively engage and potentially decimate enemy formations, capitalizing on the chaos Braum introduces.

In essence, Braum's toolkit, from initiating stuns to offering unparalleled protection and control, aligns seamlessly with Aphelios' needs, solidifying their partnership on the battlefield.

#6: Nautilus

Nautilus stands as an exceptional support choice to accompany Aphelios in League of Legends due to his robust crowd control, tankiness, and aggressive engagement potential. His presence on the battlefield significantly enhances Aphelios' ability to excel in various phases of the game, making them a formidable duo.

Firstly, Nautilus' Dredge Line (Q) skill is a powerful initiating tool that allows him to latch onto enemies from a distance, pulling himself to them and creating perfect opportunities for Aphelios to unload his arsenal. This ability ensures Aphelios can stay at a safe distance while still contributing significantly to skirmishes and team fights.

Moreover, Nautilus' passive, Staggering Blow, applies a root to enemies on his first basic attack, which, when combined with Aphelios' diverse weaponry, can lead to devastating follow-up damage. This synergy between Nautilus' crowd control and Aphelios' damage output can secure kills and apply pressure in lane effectively.

Nautilus' Titan's Wrath (W) offers both durability and additional damage, making him a frontline menace that can absorb damage while Aphelios deals with threats from the backline. This ability ensures that Nautilus can stand between Aphelios and his enemies, protecting the ADC while disrupting the enemy team's formation.

The Depth Charge (R) ultimate from Nautilus is a game-changer in team fights, targeting a single enemy but potentially knocking up multiple opponents along its path. This creates an ideal scenario for Aphelios to use his area-of-effect and high-damage weapons to their fullest potential, turning the tide of battles.
In essence, Nautilus' toolkit is designed to engage, disrupt, and protect, making him an outstanding support for Aphelios. His ability to lock down targets and create safe spaces for Aphelios to operate makes them a synergistic pair capable of dominating the bot lane and having a significant impact on the game's outcome.


Pairing Aphelios with a compatible support can significantly enhance his performance in the bot lane, allowing players to maximize his intricate abilities. The unique synergy between Aphelios and supports like Zac, Taric, Annie, Renata Glasc, and Braum offers a range of strategies to exploit, from engaging and peeling to burst damage and utility. By selecting the right support to complement Aphelios' versatile weapon system, players can create a formidable duo that excels in various game phases, leading their team to triumph. Embrace the strengths of these dynamic pairings to unleash Aphelios' true potential and secure victory in your matches.

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