Top 6 Best ADCs to Duo With Lulu in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best ADCs to Duo With Lulu in League of Legends

Lulu is a whimsical support champion known for her versatility and protective spells, making her an invaluable ally on the Rift. With her ability to enhance her ADC’s capabilities through buffs, shields, and crowd control, Lulu is the quintessential partner for ADCs who excel in taking over games. Her kit allows her to safeguard her carry while disrupting the enemy team’s efforts to target them.

Lulu’s Polymorph can instantly neutralize threats, allowing her ADC to safely continue dealing damage, and her ultimate, Wild Growth, provides a sudden burst of health and knocks up surrounding enemies, making it a game-changer during team fights. Alongside items like Ardent Censer and Redemption, Lulu can dramatically boost her ADC’s effectiveness, prolonging their durability in skirmishes and major engagements.

In this blog, we will delve into the top 6 ADC champions that synergize exceptionally well with Lulu, ensuring your path to victory is a magical one. From champions who benefit from her Pix-fueled enhancements to those who can capitalize on her crowd control, these are the best picks to dominate the bot lane alongside Lulu.

#1: Zeri

Zeri, designed by Riot Games as an electrifying ADC, synergizes perfectly with Lulu's supportive prowess. Zeri embodies speed itself, making her an ideal match for Lulu, who excels when paired with fast-moving champions.

Known for her rapid attack and movement speed enabled by her Q ability, Zeri's unique tank-focused build makes her a formidable presence in the bot lane. With Lulu by her side, Zeri can effectively withstand aggressive opponents during the laning phase and outpace them as the game progresses.

In team fights, Zeri’s self-sufficiency allows Lulu to focus on enhancing Zeri’s strengths rather than just mitigating damage. Lulu’s Whimsy (W) can be used strategically to boost Zeri’s already impressive speed, augmenting her ability to weave in and out of combat and secure advantageous positions, rather than using it solely for its polymorph capability. This partnership not only survives early game pressures but also scales impressively into late game, where Zeri’s speed and Lulu’s buffs make a significant impact.

#2: Jinx

Jinx stands out as a quintessential hyper-carry in League of Legends, renowned for her ability to decisively swing games in her favor once she secures adequate resources. Her arsenal includes a zoning tool, a snare, and a versatile choice between an AoE rocket launcher and a rapid-fire minigun, capped off by a global-reaching ultimate ideal for concluding skirmishes.

In collaboration with Lulu, Jinx’s choice often leans towards maximizing her attack speed, though her rocket launcher also benefits from Lulu's Pix passive, enhancing each shot's impact. Moreover, Jinx’s inherent passive grants her a significant speed and attack speed boost upon securing a takedown, transforming her into a formidable force in extended engagements.

With Lulu’s support—offering vital shields, whimsical speed boosts, and lifesaving ultimates—Jinx is not only able to reach that critical first kill but can continue to dominate the battlefield. Together, Jinx and Lulu form a duo that not only survives the early game but also thrives in late-game team fights, where Jinx’s ramp-up following a kill can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

#3: Ashe

Ashe embodies a classic ADC whose capabilities are markedly enhanced when paired with Lulu. Renowned for her built-in crowd control, Ashe facilitates seamless kiting that synergizes well with Lulu's supportive prowess. The crux of their synergy lies in Ashe’s Ranger’s Focus (Q), which, when activated, amplifies her attack speed and damage significantly.

Lulu's enhancements mesh perfectly with this ability. Her Whimsy (W) accelerates Ashe's already boosted attack speed, transforming her into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. This combination not only makes Ashe formidable in chasing down opponents but also nearly impossible to escape from, given the relentless slows and the barrage of empowered arrows.

Together, Ashe and Lulu create a dynamic that excels in control and sustained damage, making them a formidable duo capable of dominating lane phases and dictating the pace in team fights. This synergy ensures that any engagement can be turned in their favor, leveraging Ashe's enhanced offensive capabilities alongside Lulu’s comprehensive suite of buffs and protective spells.

#4: Twitch

Twitch, often considered one of the most vulnerable ADCs in League of Legends due to his low defensive stats, finds a robust guardian in Lulu. This synergy is crucial as Twitch's survival often dictates the flow of the game from early skirmishes to late-game team fights.

Lulu's kit complements Twitch perfectly. Her ability to use Whimsy (W) to polymorph attackers disrupts enemy assaults, providing Twitch crucial moments to reposition or escape. Additionally, her ultimate, Wild Growth, not only knocks up surrounding enemies but also grants Twitch a significant health boost, further thwarting attempts on his life.

Moreover, Lulu’s Help, Pix! (E) offers a protective shield and extra poke damage that enhances Twitch's ambush capabilities. This partnership excels not just in providing defensive safeguards but also in augmenting Twitch’s offensive onslaughts. Together, Twitch and Lulu transform into a formidable force, capable of turning the tides of battle with well-timed stealth attacks and strategic saves.

#5: Kog’Maw

Kog'Maw and Lulu form one of the most formidable duos in League of Legends, especially when it comes to scaling into the late game. Unlike with Twitch, where Lulu's role is primarily protective, her synergy with Kog'Maw is about amplifying his already formidable frontline damage. Kog'Maw's auto-attack focused style and superior kiting capabilities, combined with Lulu's buffs and shields, make them a nearly unstoppable force once they acquire their Mythic items. The pair doesn't just survive the late game—they dominate it. Lulu's ability to enhance Kog'Maw turns him into the primary win condition, shielding him and boosting his already significant output, making them a critical threat that can hardly be neutralized even by the most fed opponents.

#6: Vayne

Vayne, known for her ability to deal significant true damage with every third attack, is especially potent against tank-heavy lineups. Pairing her with Lulu enhances both her offensive capabilities and her durability. With Lulu's protective spells, Vayne not only becomes tougher to take down but also receives significant enhancements to her damage output through Lulu’s ability boosts. If Vayne finds herself caught out, Lulu's quick saves with shields and whimsy can buy enough time for Vayne to reposition or disappear into the shadows with her stealth

Mastering Vayne is a challenge due to her high skill ceiling, but pairing her with a supportive enchanter like Lulu simplifies her gameplay, making it easier to dominate late-game scenarios. Together, they form a duo that not only survives the late game but can decisively carry from the bot lane with the right itemization and strategy.


When pairing ADCs with Lulu, the synergy goes beyond simple lane mechanics—it transforms into a formidable partnership that can dictate the pace and outcome of the game. From the relentless assault of Kog'Maw to the elusive maneuvers of Vayne, each ADC brings unique strengths that Lulu’s abilities amplify effectively. This guide has explored various ADC champions that, when combined with Lulu’s supportive prowess, can maximize both survival and damage output, making them ideal choices for players looking to dominate the bot lane and scale powerfully into the late game. Whether you're looking to protect a hyper-carry or enhance an aggressive marksman, Lulu offers the tools to turn your duo into a game-winning force.

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