Top 7 Best Supports to Play with Kog’Maw in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best Supports to Play with Kog’Maw in League of Legends

Discover the ultimate supports to pair with Kog'Maw in League of Legends, enhancing his combat abilities and safeguarding this formidable but fragile marksman. Kog'Maw, known for his high output but vulnerable nature, benefits immensely from specific support champions that can augment his strengths and mitigate his weaknesses.

As Kog'Maw makes his way back into the competitive scene thanks to recent buffs, it's crucial to pair him with the right supports to unlock his full potential. Whether you're aiming to dominate the bot lane or secure late-game victories, choosing the right support is key.

In this guide, we'll explore the top seven supports that synergize perfectly with Kog'Maw, providing detailed insights into how each duo works together on the Rift. Each pair has been carefully analyzed to ensure you get a comprehensive understanding of their dynamics and strategic benefits.

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#1: Lulu

Always prioritize Lulu when pairing with Kog’Maw—her synergy with him is unmatched. Lulu excels in safeguarding Kog'Maw, boosting his survivability with robust shields and enhancing his damage output with her companion Pix.

Enemies often target Kog’Maw due to his high damage potential; Lulu can disrupt these assaults effectively with her polymorph ability and her ultimate, Wild Growth, which provides substantial health and knocks up nearby enemies. This makes her indispensable for keeping Kog’Maw alive in critical moments.

Early game, the duo should play conservatively, focusing on farming safely rather than engaging. Kog'Maw's power escalates with each item he acquires, turning him into a late-game powerhouse. For those aiming to climb the ranks in solo queue, Lulu's protective capabilities make her an ideal partner for Kog’Maw, promising a significant boost to your win rate with proper teamwork and strategy.

#2: Milio

When Lulu is unavailable due to bans or picks, Milio emerges as a stellar alternative for pairing with Kog’Maw, especially in higher ELO games.

Milio’s support style complements Kog’Maw’s needs closely, albeit through different mechanisms than Lulu. Instead of directly disabling attackers like Lulu, Milio enhances Kog’Maw’s capabilities, boosting his attack range significantly with Cozy Campfire (W) and providing a crucial cleanse with his ultimate (R), which can remove crowd control effects.

This adjustment in attack range can be a game-changer in late-game scenarios, allowing Kog’Maw to unleash havoc from a safe distance, essentially untouched by enemies. Milio's proactive shielding and crowd control cleansing ensure Kog’Maw’s survivability, making this duo exceptionally formidable as the game progresses.

#3: Janna

If Lulu and Milio are out of reach, Janna emerges as a viable enchanter alternative to support Kog’Maw. While she may not enhance Kog’Maw’s offensive capabilities as effectively as Lulu or Milio, Janna excels in providing top-tier peeling and disengagement with her Howling Gale (Q) and Monsoon (R).

Janna is particularly effective against teams with heavy engage or melee champions who pose a direct threat to Kog’Maw. Her ability to disrupt enemy advances and protect Kog’Maw makes her an excellent safeguard for him during team fights.

However, this duo is more about survival and scaling rather than dominating the early game. With Janna, the strategy should be to play defensively, avoid risky skirmishes, and focus on reaching Kog’Maw’s powerful late-game phase.

#4: Morgana

Morgana serves as an invaluable ally for Kog'Maw, primarily due to her potent crowd control and protective abilities. Her Dark Binding ("Q") can immobilize an opponent long enough for Kog'Maw to unleash his full damage potential.

Her Black Shield is particularly crucial for Kog'Maw, safeguarding him from disabling effects that prey on his lack of mobility, such as hooks or snares from popular champions like Blitzcrank or Lux.

Mastering Morgana requires a thorough understanding of her kit, as her effectiveness hinges on precise ability use. While she is highly regarded in solo queue, her win rate can be misleading, reflecting the skill required to maximize her impact alongside Kog'Maw.

#5: Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank and Kog'Maw form a formidable duo in the bot lane, capable of dismantling opponents with well-coordinated plays. Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab (Q) is a game-changer, pulling enemies directly into Kog'Maw's lethal range, setting them up for quick elimination.

Blitzcrank's role as a tanky initiator complements Kog'Maw's high damage output perfectly. His presence alone can deter enemy advances, providing Kog'Maw the space he needs to farm and scale into the late game.

For optimal effectiveness, prioritize leveling Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab to reduce its cooldown, allowing for frequent and decisive engages that capitalize on Kog'Maw's damage capabilities. This synergy not only disrupts the enemy's positioning but also secures a dominant lane presence.

#6: Nami

Nami stands out as an exceptional support for Kog’Maw, effectively enhancing his capabilities and covering his mobility shortcomings. Her toolkit is superbly designed to synergize with Kog'Maw, providing heals, buffs, and crowd control to safeguard and amplify his damage potential.

This season, Nami's popularity has surged, a testament to her effectiveness and a solid win rate that underscores her utility in the current meta. Her ability to sustain Kog'Maw in lane and during team fights, coupled with the strategic use of her ultimate to control engagements, makes her an indispensable ally for Kog’Maw.

For support mains who have yet to explore Nami's potential, she is a strong pick worth considering for your lineup. Her impactful playstyle can decisively influence the flow of the game, making her a worthwhile addition to any team composition.

#7: Soraka

While enchanters like Lulu and Milio significantly boost Kog’Maw's damage capabilities, Soraka's unparalleled healing sets her apart as the ultimate late-game companion for him. Soraka's capacity to deliver substantial heals can frustrate enemies and turn the tides in prolonged engagements.

Provided Soraka is positioned safely and not targeted early in team fights, her consistent and powerful heals can keep Kog’Maw in the fight significantly longer, allowing him to continue dealing damage and surviving enemy bursts. For those looking for a robust late-game strategy, Soraka emerges as an optimal choice to support Kog’Maw.

However, this duo faces challenges early in the game. Despite Soraka's ability to mitigate some of the early pressure against Kog’Maw, they generally struggle in direct 2v2 confrontations. It’s advisable to play defensively, focusing on farming and scaling while relying on occasional jungle support to secure the lane. This approach ensures that Kog’Maw reaches his formidable late-game potential effectively.


Pairing Kog'Maw with the right support champion can dramatically enhance his effectiveness on the battlefield. From the protective enchantments of Lulu and Milio to the unparalleled healing powers of Soraka, each support brings unique strengths that can amplify Kog'Maw's late-game impact. Whether you prefer a defensive playstyle or an aggressive approach to dominate the laning phase, selecting the appropriate support is crucial for maximizing Kog'Maw's potential. Remember, the synergy between Kog'Maw and his support not only influences the laning phase but also dictates the overall tempo of the game, making the choice of support a strategic decision that can lead to victory.

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