Top 10 Best Agents To Play On Sunset in Valorant


Top 10 Best Agents To Play On Sunset in Valorant

Sunset is an intriguing addition to Valorant’s array of maps, introducing a vibrant, Los Angeles-themed battleground that has stirred diverse opinions within the community. While its debut was met with mixed reactions, many players have come to appreciate the dynamic playstyle and tight angles it presents.

Mastering agent selection on Sunset is key to leveraging its unique layout for competitive advantage. The right agent can turn the map’s challenging structure into a tactical playground, enhancing both the fun and strategic depth of your matches.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 agents best suited for the Sunset map, helping you make informed choices to boost your gameplay and increase your win rate on this distinctive map. Whether you’re engaging in close-quarter battles or strategizing over long sightlines, understanding which agents thrive in Sunset’s environment is essential.

#10: Killjoy

Role: Sentinel

Specialty: Area Control and Site Defense

Killjoy stands out as a pivotal choice for the Sentinel role on Sunset, cementing her status as a meta-relevant agent across various maps. Her utility excels in securing and defending key points, particularly effective when guarding B Site. Positioning her Turret facing Main and deploying an Alarmbot at B Market allows for comprehensive coverage against mid-pushes and direct assaults.

Her Nanoswarm grenades add another layer of tactical depth. These can be strategically placed to detonate in sync with the Alarmbot for maximum impact or positioned on common plant spots to disrupt enemy post-plant setups. On the offensive, these grenades prove just as useful, helping to secure planted spikes and control enemy movement during critical phases of the game.

Killjoy’s ultimate, Lockdown, provides substantial strategic value, enabling her to retake sites or secure them during pushes. This versatility makes Killjoy a top-tier agent on Sunset, offering teams a robust toolkit for controlling the battlefield.

#9: Skye

Role: Initiator

Specialty: Reconnaissance and Team Support

Skye excels on Sunset, where the map’s tight angles call for an Initiator with versatile abilities. Her comprehensive kit is exceptionally well-suited to navigating and controlling the complex spaces this map presents. Her Guiding Light flashes are ideal for breaching contested zones like B Main and B Market, allowing her team to clear multiple challenging angles safely and effectively.

Her Trailblazer ability offers invaluable reconnaissance, perfect for scouting ahead in critical areas such as A Main and A Elbow, helping her team gain tactical advantages by knowing enemy positions ahead of time. Additionally, Skye’s Regrowth ability provides sustained healing, keeping her teammates in the fight longer and bolstering the team’s overall resilience.

Skye’s ultimate, Seekers, adds a strategic layer to her gameplay, allowing her to locate the three nearest enemies and provide crucial intel on enemy movements. This ability makes her a formidable force on Sunset, enhancing her team’s capability to make informed decisions and execute precise attacks or defenses.

#8: Phoenix

Role: Duelist

Specialty: Entry Fragging and Self-Sustain

Phoenix emerges as a compelling pick for the Duelist role on Sunset, particularly in the wake of the Jett nerfs. Known for his well-rounded abilities, Phoenix is ideally equipped for aggressive entry plays. His Curveball flashes are perfectly suited for initiating confrontations and safely navigating duels in pivotal areas such as Mid, A Main, or B Main.

Additionally, Phoenix’s Hot Hands ability offers dual benefits: it can clear tightly held positions by enemies and simultaneously serve as a self-healing tool, allowing Phoenix to sustain longer in fights. His Blaze wall is another versatile tool, effectively blocking significant portions of the battlefield to obscure enemy vision and control movement, making it especially useful in strategic locations like Mid Courtyard and B Main.

Phoenix’s ultimate, Run It Back, significantly shifts the momentum of rounds, providing him with the opportunity to aggressively pursue kills without the risk of immediate elimination. This ability not only increases his threat level but also allows for bold plays that can turn the tide of an engagement on Sunset.

#7: Fade

Role: Initiator

Specialty: Reconnaissance and Enemy Displacement

Fade is an excellent choice for the Initiator role on Sunset, with her abilities uniquely suited to mastering this Valorant map. Her toolkit enhances team attacks and can significantly disrupt enemy defenses.

Her Prowlers are perfect for scouting and clearing tight angles, providing critical intel when deployed in key choke points like A Link—a common spot for enemy encounters. This ability not only reveals enemy positions but can also disrupt their setup, giving your team the upper hand.

Fade’s Haunt ability casts a wide net, revealing the location of enemies and setting up potential picks for your team. Meanwhile, her Seize is ideal for rooting out opponents from snug corners, pulling them into the open and making them easy targets for follow-up attacks.

Fade’s ultimate, Nightfall, is a game-changer, enveloping an entire site in darkness and debuffing enemies caught within. When synchronized with teammates’ abilities, it can turn a routine site take into a dominating play, securing crucial round wins with its potent combination of reconnaissance and control.

#6: Omen

Role: Controller

Specialty: Strategic Map Control

On Sunset, Omen’s ability to facilitate aggressive maneuvers can dramatically alter the game dynamics. As a Controller, his capacity to navigate the map and disrupt enemy lines with his Shrouded Step is invaluable, making him a persistent threat in various scenarios.

Omen’s Dark Cover is instrumental in gaining control over critical areas such as A Alley and A Link, enabling his team to assert dominance over the A site. These smokes not only obstruct vision but also create opportunities for tactical plays and safe passage into contested zones.

Additionally, Omen’s Paranoia proves especially effective on Sunset due to the map’s narrow lanes in locations like B Main, where it can blind and disorient multiple enemies at once, setting up pivotal engagements.

His ultimate, From the Shadows, offers unparalleled mobility across Sunset, allowing Omen to teleport to strategic locations, surprise opponents, or orchestrate deceiving plays like fake pushes. This ability enhances Omen’s role as a versatile and dynamic force on the map, capable of swinging rounds in his team’s favor with well-timed repositions and psychological warfare.

#5: Brimstone

Role: Controller

Specialty: Area Denial and Team Support

Brimstone stands out as an exceptional Controller on Sunset, where his three smokes can significantly impact the team’s ability to control key areas. His smokes are perfect for covering vital sightlines, and he can strategically place one towards Mid to support teammates attempting to flank.

His Incendiary is particularly effective on this map, capable of dislodging opponents from entrenched positions, like those commonly found at A Elbow. This ability not only clears critical angles but also secures more manageable entries for his team.

The Stim Beacon adds another layer to Brimstone’s utility, enhancing the combat effectiveness of teammates during rushes or retakes by boosting their firing speed and reload times.

Moreover, Brimstone’s Orbital Strike is a game-changing ultimate, especially valuable in post-plant situations. Its potential to clear out or deter enemies from defusing the spike can decisively secure rounds, making Brimstone a key asset for any team looking to dominate on Sunset.

#4: Raze

Role: Duelist

Specialty: High Mobility and Area Damage

On Sunset, Raze proves to be an indispensable Duelist, especially once players master her dynamic and explosive playstyle. Her ability to navigate the map with quick, agile movements allows her to create substantial openings and opportunities for her team.

Raze’s Boombot is an essential tool for scouting and clearing enemies lurking in close quarters, perfect for preemptively securing areas or initiating pushes. This ability is particularly effective on Sunset where tight spaces abound.

Her Paint Shells are another critical aspect of her arsenal, offering the ability to flush out opponents from confined areas like those found in B Main. The grenade’s high damage output can decisively eliminate foes or severely disrupt their positioning.

Raze’s Showstopper Ultimate adds a layer of lethal aggression, allowing her to deliver devastating rocket attacks against opponents. This ultimate can be a game-changer during team fights or when trying to break through heavily guarded areas, potentially securing multiple kills with a single well-placed shot. Raze’s blend of mobility and firepower makes her a top choice for those looking to dominate on Sunset.

#3: Sova

Role: Initiator

Specialty: Reconnaissance and Tactical Disruption

Sova stands out as the premier Initiator on Valorant’s Sunset map, a vital component in many team compositions for his ability to counteract defensive setups, particularly against agents like Cypher. His Recon Bolt is invaluable, providing critical intel that can shape the team’s strategy and movements. The information it gathers can reveal enemy positions, making engagements more predictable and manageable.

Additionally, Sova’s Shock Darts are not only effective for harassing opponents and softening their defenses but are also instrumental in dismantling Cypher’s tripwires around key choke points like B Main. This dual utility makes him exceptionally versatile in disrupting enemy plans and safeguarding his team from hidden threats.

His Owl Drone enhances Sova’s scouting capabilities, allowing for safe reconnaissance of strategic areas such as Elbow before the team commits to taking control. This advance insight can significantly tilt the scales in favor of his team.

Sova’s Hunter’s Fury ultimate is a game-changer in post-plant scenarios, providing a powerful tool to deny defuses from a safe distance. This ultimate can secure round wins by preventing enemy retakes, making Sova a critical asset in both offensive and defensive rounds on Sunset.

#2: Cypher

Role: Sentinel

Specialty: Site Control and Information Gathering

On Valorant’s Sunset map, Cypher emerges as the quintessential Sentinel for controlling and defending key areas. His array of surveillance tools is particularly effective given the complex layout and multiple angles that characterize this map. Cypher’s Trapwires are crucial for securing choke points such as B Market, Mid Top, or A Main, helping to safeguard these critical passages against enemy incursions.

Moreover, Cypher’s Cyber Cage provides not only a temporary visual block like traditional smokes but also adds an auditory layer that can confuse and slow enemies, allowing for strategic plays and retreats. His Spycam adds another layer of strategic depth, granting persistent vision in high-traffic areas like Mid, ensuring that his team can anticipate enemy movements and respond accordingly.

Cypher’s ultimate, Neural Theft, is invaluable in clutch situations. By using it on fallen enemies, Cypher can reveal the locations of remaining opponents, providing his team with a significant tactical advantage that can turn the tide of the round. This ability makes him an essential pick for teams looking to maintain control and exert pressure across Sunset.

#1: Jett

Role: Duelist

Specialty: Entry Fragging and Mobility

Since Valorant’s inception, Jett has consistently ranked as one of the most popular agents, with players continuing to leverage her unique skill set despite numerous adjustments to her abilities. On the Sunset map, Jett’s toolkit is exceptionally potent, particularly when making aggressive entries on the B site.

Her Tailwind ability allows her to swiftly dash out of precarious situations or into advantageous positions, enabling dynamic plays that can disorient opponents. This mobility is crucial for navigating Sunset’s complex environments and escaping tight spots after engagement.

Jett’s Cloudburst provides vital, albeit temporary, visual cover, allowing her and her team to reposition or secure objectives under the guise of obscurity. Additionally, her Updraft can elevate her to unexpected angles, giving her a vertical advantage that can be difficult for enemies to counter.

Her ultimate, Blade Storm, is especially effective during eco rounds, giving Jett the capability to secure kills without the need for expensive weaponry. This ability not only conserves resources but also significantly increases her team’s chances of winning Thrifty rounds by turning Jett into a formidable, precise threat with her throwing knives.


Selecting the right agents for Valorant’s Sunset map can greatly influence your gameplay strategy and success rate. Each agent highlighted in this blog brings specific strengths that are particularly effective on Sunset, a map known for its intricate angles and unique tactical challenges. From Jett’s unparalleled mobility and entry capabilities to Cypher’s exceptional site control and surveillance, understanding and utilizing these agents’ abilities can transform how you approach each match.

Whether you’re coordinating with a team in a competitive setting or navigating solo queue, the adaptability, and tactical prowess of these top agents provide you with the tools necessary to dominate on Sunset. As you integrate these strategies into your gameplay, remember that the ultimate key to success in Valorant lies in teamwork, strategic execution, and adapting to the dynamic flow of the game. Equip yourself with the right agent, and Sunset could become your stage for some of your most memorable plays.

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