Top 7 Best ADCs to pair with Yuumi in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best ADCs to pair with Yuumi in League of Legends

Yuumi's recent rework in League of Legends has stirred quite a debate among players, leading to significant adjustments aimed at refining her as a powerful single-target enchanter, while also introducing strategic counterplay opportunities. Despite efforts to balance her, opinions like those from pro player Bwipo suggest she might still tilt the scales. Post-rework, Yuumi has been fine-tuned to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience.

Yuumi synergizes best with ADCs that can fully leverage her support capabilities, often defining the strength of the bot lane duo. For players looking to maximize their synergy and climb the ranks, selecting the right partner for Yuumi is crucial. In this guide, we'll explore the top seven ADCs that excel when paired with Yuumi, enhancing your gameplay and boosting your strategic edge.

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#1: Sivir

Sivir stands out as an excellent ADC to pair with Yuumi, effectively compensating for the enchanting cat's vulnerabilities. Yuumi's early-game frailty and limited waveclear can pose challenges in lane, but Sivir's robust wave-clearing abilities with her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet provide a solid foundation. Her Spell Shield is particularly effective against melee and dive supports, protecting both herself and Yuumi during vulnerable phases. This synergy allows them to stabilize and reach their peak performance in later-stage team fights, where they can dominate with their combined prowess.

#2: Zeri

Zeri, a frequent pick in professional League of Legends play, forms a formidable duo with Yuumi, making them an almost invincible pair as the game progresses. Yuumi's abilities magnify Zeri's strengths, enhancing her agility and survivability. While Yuumi may not offer substantial healing, her shields and the added resistances from her kit make Zeri remarkably resilient, significantly reducing the chances of her being quickly eliminated in skirmishes.

This pairing thrives as the game extends, often overcoming early setbacks to dominate late-game scenarios. If Zeri and Yuumi can navigate the early game without significant disadvantages, they become a powerhouse, capable of turning the tides in their favor almost single-handedly.

#3: Twitch

Twitch, when paired with Yuumi, exemplifies the classic enchanter-hypercarry synergy, capitalizing on his stealth to launch unexpected attacks and coordinate cross-lane ganks. Yuumi's supportive capabilities enhance Twitch's ambush potential, allowing them to initiate combat or surprise opponents in other lanes effectively.

Early game may see this duo playing more cautiously, but their power significantly escalates as the match progresses. Provided they remain close in terms of gold and experience with their adversaries, Twitch, with just a couple of core items, becomes a formidable force. The key is positioning—Twitch needs to avoid being prematurely targeted in skirmishes. If he can navigate through the initial burst, Twitch and Yuumi can decimate opposing teams, turning the tide of battles in their favor.

#4: Jinx

Pairing Jinx with Yuumi is ideal for players who thrive in the late game and excel in teamfight scenarios. Jinx's return to the meta complements Yuumi's enchanting support style perfectly. Yuumi's kit, packed with heals and shields, provides Jinx with the necessary sustainability to withstand bursts of damage and prolong her presence on the battlefield.

However, this duo might struggle during the early phases of the game. Both Jinx and Yuumi lack significant early game pressure and wave clear, making them susceptible to aggressive lane bullies. Therefore, choosing this pairing in matchups against dominant early laners is not advisable, as they could suppress Jinx's ability to scale into her powerful late-game form.

#5: Nilah

Teaming up Nilah with Yuumi creates one of the most formidable duos in the bot lane. Their synergistic abilities make them a force to be reckoned with. Yuumi's passive generates a shield that she can share with her attached ally, which is enhanced by Nilah’s passive that boosts the effectiveness of incoming heals and shields. This synergy is further amplified by Yuumi's E ability, Zoomies, which provides significant healing.

Additionally, Nilah's ultimate, Apotheosis, which pulls enemies in close, perfectly sets up Yuumi to unleash her ultimate, Final Chapter, effectively trapping opponents within its wide-reaching area. This potent combination allows them to dominate lane engagements and turn the tides of team fights with their combined crowd control and sustain.

#6: Ezreal

Ezreal's ascent in the current meta as a top marksman coincides well with Yuumi's supportive capabilities, making them a formidable pair in terms of scalability and self-peel. Ezreal's arsenal of poke and long-range abilities, combined with Yuumi's healing and shielding, equips them to effectively handle aggression from adversaries.

Their synergy shines as they can both safely navigate the laning phase while progressively growing stronger. Ezreal's mobility through his Arcane Shift (E) provides an escape mechanism that complements Yuumi’s supportive buffs, ensuring their survivability. As the game progresses, this duo transforms into a significant threat, with Ezreal leveraging the sustained power from Yuumi’s buffs to outlast opponents in extended fights.

However, their safety-first approach means that this duo is less likely to dominate early game skirmishes. Instead, they should focus on whittling down opponents with consistent poke, avoiding risky trades that could compromise their scaling advantage. This strategy solidifies Ezreal and Yuumi as a duo that excels in survival and late-game impact.

#7: Lucian

When selecting Lucian as your ADC, pairing him with Yuumi can greatly enhance his performance. Yuumi’s supportive abilities amplify Lucian’s damage potential, especially harnessing his passive for rapid bursts. Yuumi’s continual buffs while attached help Lucian sustain in lane and increase his output during trades.

Lucian’s shorter range compared to other ADCs means he relies heavily on precise positioning and skillful play to fully exploit his passive’s damage. This duo thrives on aggressive, well-coordinated plays where Lucian can safely engage knowing Yuumi's heals and shields back him up.

However, this pairing demands a high level of skill and confidence due to Lucian’s need to close distance to deal effective damage. It’s best not to opt for this duo unless you are confident in your ability to navigate its complexities and capitalize on its strengths effectively.


Pairing Yuumi with the right ADC can dramatically enhance your gameplay experience in League of Legends. The synergies discussed—from Sivir’s wave-clear capabilities to Lucian’s burst potential—highlight how different ADCs can benefit from Yuumi’s supportive enchantments. Each pairing offers unique strategies and strengths, providing numerous opportunities for dominating the bot lane. Whether you prefer the safety and poke of Ezreal or the all-in burst of Lucian, choosing the right ADC to complement Yuumi’s kit is crucial for maximizing your impact in the game. Explore these combinations to find the duo that best suits your playstyle and helps propel you up the ranked ladder.

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