Top 7 Best ADCs To Pair With Thresh in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best ADCs To Pair With Thresh in League of Legends

Thresh stands out as a quintessential support in League of Legends, known for his game-changing plays and strategic depth. His ability to engage, disrupt, and save allies with his versatile kit makes him a favorite for highlight reels. Whether it’s landing a critical hook to initiate a fight, using his lantern to rescue or position a teammate, or peeling for his ADC, Thresh’s impact on the game is undeniable.

In this guide, we will explore the top seven ADC champions that synergize exceptionally well with Thresh, enhancing both his and the ADC's ability to control the lane and influence the game. From his crowd control to his high damage potential, Thresh can set the stage for these ADCs to unleash their full power, helping them snowball towards victory.

#1: Lucian

Lucian and Thresh form a formidable duo on Summoner’s Rift, despite their adversarial lore. This pair excels in aggressive play, capitalizing on Lucian’s mobility and Thresh’s crowd control capabilities to dominate early skirmishes.

Thresh’s ability to consistently control opponents with hooks and flays perfectly complements Lucian’s rapid burst potential. Following a successful Death Sentence from Thresh, Lucian can swiftly engage using Relentless Pursuit, unleashing a barrage of damage through his Piercing Light and passive-enhanced auto-attacks.

This duo thrives on establishing early lane dominance, leveraging Lucian’s potent early and mid-game prowess. Their strategy revolves around swift, decisive engagements, exploiting their synergy to outplay and overpower their lane adversaries.

#2: Draven

Thresh transforms the bot lane into Draven's personal stage, setting the scene for his spectacular executions. Thresh's mastery in engaging with Death Sentence and Flay perfectly orchestrates opportunities for Draven to capitalize on his Spinning Axes. When Thresh secures a hook, it almost invariably signals a kill for Draven, thanks to the duo's potent combination of crowd control and high damage output.

Draven thrives in conditions where he can freely catch his axes, and Thresh’s ability to lock down opponents ensures Draven faces minimal disruption. The strategy revolves around Thresh initiating combat with his powerful CC tools, allowing Draven to unleash his full damage potential with Stand Aside and Whirling Death. This duo aims to aggressively snowball the early game, exploiting every successful hook to escalate Draven's lead and dominate the lane.

#3: Tristana

Tristana and Thresh form a dynamic duo that excels in aggressive engagements. With Tristana's explosive burst potential through her Rapid Fire and Rocket Jump abilities, she can swiftly eliminate targets caught by Thresh's precise crowd control. Thresh serves as the perfect frontline, setting up plays with his Death Sentence and Flay, while Tristana capitalizes on these openings to leap in and secure kills.

This pairing thrives on creating chaos where Tristana's high mobility and reset potential on Rocket Jump allow her to dive deeper after each takedown. Thresh's Lantern offers an additional safety net, enabling Tristana to escape or engage without hesitation. Ideal for players who favor a bold, assertive approach, this duo can dominate the bot lane through coordinated strikes and relentless pressure.

#4: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Thresh form a formidable lane duo, characterized by their exceptional ability to control space and punish positional errors. Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Traps complement Thresh's crowd control capabilities, setting traps directly under hooked targets to extend the crowd control duration and enhance her damage output with precision headshots.

Thresh's roaming capabilities are augmented by Caitlyn's strong self-peel, provided by her 90 Caliber Net, which allows her to maintain lane safety while Thresh assists other lanes. This strategy emphasizes lane dominance and strategic positioning, making it difficult for opponents to approach without risking significant punishment.

Their synergy shines brightest when chaining their abilities to lock down opponents. Thresh's Death Sentence and Flay draw enemies into Caitlyn's carefully placed traps, resulting in devastating combinations that can swiftly tilt the lane in their favor. This duo excels in maintaining lane pressure and capitalizing on any misstep from their adversaries, ideal for players who enjoy a tactical and controlling playstyle.

#5: Twitch

Twitch and Thresh combine to create a lethal late-game duo, leveraging Twitch's high damage potential and Thresh's protective capabilities. Twitch, known for his ability to melt enemy teams with his ultimate, Rat-ta-tat-tat, benefits significantly from Thresh's crowd control and defensive support.

Thresh acts as the frontline shield for Twitch, engaging enemies and using his abilities to peel for Twitch or initiate fights. This setup allows Twitch to safely position himself to maximize the impact of his Spray and Pray, turning team fights in their favor decisively.

Their strategy revolves around cautious early gameplay, gradually scaling into the late game where Twitch's full potential can be unleashed. Thresh's role is to ensure Twitch reaches this late-game powerhouse state by securing vision, controlling engagements, and safeguarding Twitch during his vulnerable early stages. Together, they form a duo capable of turning the tides of battle with well-timed ambushes and strong team fight presence.

#6: Ashe

Ashe and Thresh form a formidable duo that excels in control and sustained engagement. With Ashe's exceptional range and ability to apply consistent slows through her Frost Shot, she can keep enemies at bay while Thresh secures the area with his crowd control capabilities.

The synergy between Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Thresh's Death Sentence can be game-changing. Thresh’s ability to engage or disengage with The Box and Flay complements Ashe’s need for space to utilize her Volley and Ranger’s Focus effectively. This pairing is ideal for a methodical playstyle that focuses on zoning enemies and capitalizing on well-coordinated crowd control to secure kills or dominate lane pressure.

Together, they not only maintain lane dominance but also contribute significantly to team fights, where Ashe's slows and ultimate can set up Thresh to land crucial hooks, making them a tactical pair well-suited for strategic team compositions.

#7: Kalista

Kalista and Thresh, both shrouded in the lore of the Shadow Isles, form an impressive duo that thrives on synergy and strategic engagement. Kalista's challenging mechanics, characterized by her passive and scaling damage, pair perfectly with Thresh’s arsenal of crowd control tools. As Kalista extends engagements with her escalating damage from martial poise and rend stacks, Thresh can disrupt and control opponents with his hooks and Flay.

When Kalista launches Thresh into the fray with her ultimate, Fate's Call, it sets the stage for a devastating follow-up with Thresh’s The Box and Flay to ensure enemies remain within striking distance. This duo excels in dynamic combat scenarios, leveraging mobility and precise coordination to manipulate the battlefield. 
Perfect for players who enjoy a high-skill cap and aggressive playstyle, Kalista and Thresh together create opportunities for dominant lane control and impactful team fight presence.


pairing Thresh with the right ADC can dramatically enhance your lane dominance and overall gameplay in League of Legends. Each of the ADCs mentioned—Lucian, Draven, Tristana, Caitlyn, Twitch, Ashe, and Kalista—brings unique strengths that synergize well with Thresh's versatile kit. Whether you prefer a lane that excels in burst damage, sustained fights, or strategic positioning, Thresh's ability to initiate, peel, and control the battlefield complements these ADCs effectively. By understanding the dynamics of these pairings, players can exploit their combined potentials to secure leads in lane and carry that momentum into late-game team fights, making every hook and play count towards victory.

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